Waterproof Socks

What are Waterproof Socks?

Waterproof Socks are specially designed socks with one function in mind: being completely Waterproof and protecting you from wet feet.

They work by being multi layered and having a central layer that consists of a waterproof membrane.

This membrane is porous enough to allow water vapour to escape, but not porous enough to allow water/moisture inside the sock.

They have a fantastic application to many different sports to help prevent wet feet and keep your feet dry, such as Wild Camping Trips, Hiking, Cycling, Running, Kayaking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Golf, Fishing and much more. They are perfect for Men, Women & Children.

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How Do You Wash Waterproof Socks?

You don’t need special waterproofing treatment, waxes, waterproof sprays or any other chemical.

Due to the Waterproof Membrane being located in the central portion of the sock, you can wash the inside and the outside thoroughly with no risk of damage to the membrane.

Step 1:

Fill a bowl with lukewarm soapy water. It’s important not to use boiling hot water (no matter how smelly you think your feet are) as you don’t want to damage the product.

Step 2:

Turn your socks inside out, and thoroughly wash them in the lukewarm soapy water. If you don’t have soap at hand you can even use a body wash type product, none of these will damage the waterproof lining.

Step 3:

Turn them inside out and repeat the process. Allow them to air/hang dry and do not dry on a radiator or heater. Ideally just keep them outside and let them dry in the open air.

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