My Order hasnt arrived, how can I contact you?

Please email us immediately at info@arcticdry.co.uk and we will contact the couriers we use to get an update.

Worst case scenario is that the item doesn't get delivered or is lost in transit, in which case we will offer a refund OR a replacement which will be sent out

What sports can I use Waterproof Socks for?

Most of our customers use their socks for the following sports and hobbies: Cycling, Hiking/Trekking, Snowboarding, Skiing, Fishing, Mountain Biking.

However, there is an almost endless list of sports and hobbies that you can use our product for, essentially any endeavour which could leave you with soaking wet shoes or boots could benefit from ArcticDry Waterproof Socks.

Are Waterproof Socks good for Hiking?

Not only are ArcticDry Waterproof Socks good for hiking, but they are also suitable for an array of different sports and activities, such as Golfing, Running, Cycling, Boating, Skiing, Snowboarding and much more.

Due to the fact they have a waterproof membrane, they are inherently a product that has a wide application of uses, for many different sports and hobbies.

How do I wash Waterproof Socks?

They can pretty much be washed like any other normal sock. Ideally wash them at a temperature below 40 Degrees, and the same goes for drying.

Quick Tip: Turn them inside out when drying, as the merino wool layer will dry faster, and avoid drying on a radiator.

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What Size Waterproof Socks do I need?

If you are a UK size 8-11 (EU 35-38) you will be perfectly fine with our Medium ArcticDry Waterproof Sock.

Due to our socks being slightly stretchy, even if you are a 7 or 12, you will fit into the Medium, but it just depends how tight you like your fit.

Do ArcticDry Socks need any special waterproofing treatment?

The simple answer is no, ArcticDry Waterproof socks have a special waterproof membrane layer which prevents water from getting through and making your feet wet.

You are not required to waterproof these socks in any other way, they are rugged enough on their own to cope with the elements!

Do You Make Ladies Waterproof Socks?

Our waterproof socks are inherentlyunisexby design and can be used by men, women and children.

However, we are currently working on newer designs for women that are more subtle than our typical black & blue ArcticDry branded colours.

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