The Top 10 BEST Wood Burning Tent Stoves (UPDATED)

The Top 10 BEST Wood Burning Tent Stoves (UPDATED)

Whats the Best Wood Burning Stove for Camping?


BEST Wood Burning Tent Stoves Rating Link
Winnerwell Woodlander Deluxe Cook Tent Stove 5/5 Buy Here
Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
NJ Wood Burning Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
Winnerwell Nomad View Large Tent Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
Outbacker Portable Wood Burning Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
Camp Chef CS14 Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
EcoZoom Rocket Stove - DURA 4.5/5 Buy Here
Danchel Outdoor Portable Tent Wood Burning Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
Tomshoo Camping Stove Lightweight Wood Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here

Going camping in the depth of the woods is not for the faint-hearted! It gets very cold at night, especially during the winter months and your preparedness for the circumstances may either make or break your adventure. While most campers opt to dress as warmly as possible, it may not be enough to keep the cold at bay.

Luckily, there are various essential camping gear you can bring along to ensure you stay extra toasty and cozy!

A nice example of a device you’d want to add to your camping equipment is a tent stove. This does a great job of shielding you against frostbite when you pitch a tent and it’s practical enough not to be a nuisance during your getaway.

A wood burning tent stove is not only lightweight but also packs down effortlessly for easy transportation. It also allows you to make a quick cup of coffee whenever you feel like it. So, if you’re planning to go on a long hiking trip with your friends, here are the 10 best wood burning tent stoves for camping you might want to consider.

Why Do I Need a Wood Burning Tent Stove?

wood-burning-camping-stove Several benefits come with having a tent stove for camping. The obvious one is that it can be used for heating. Generally, tents aren’t great insulators and the cold tends to sneak inside, making you feel uncomfortable. It gets even worse in a large tent but having a tent stove helps to keep you warm. Another main use of wood burning tent stoves for camping is cooking.
Some of these stoves are designed with a flat cooktop where you can position a small pan.
Furthermore, you can use the stove to dry any wet pieces of clothing you have. If it rains when you are in the woods and your clothes, socks, or gloves get wet, it will be easy for you to get them dry when you have a wood burning tent stove. You only need to hang them above the stove overnight and by morning they’ll all be good to wear.

What is the Ideal Weight for a Tent Stove?

wood-burning-camping-stove-2 Tent stoves come in a variety of sizes and weights! Essentially, there are two types of stoves that you can get in the market. The first one is referred to as backpack-portable stoves, these have a relatively small frame that can easily fit inside a large backpack. They are also quite lightweight stoves in comparison to other types of stove and can be carried for a long distance without wearing you down. The second group of stoves is one that requires a car for transportation. They’ll only be a practical pick if your campsite is accessible by car.

Are Wood Burning Stoves Safe to Use in a Tent?

Your wellbeing should be at the top of your priorities when using a tent stove. Remember that burning fuel typically produces carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.
Even though wood burning tent stoves come with an exhaust pipe to dispose of the carbon monoxide safely, you still want to check the quality of the pipes and ventilation as a leak can easily be fatal.
Carbon monoxide is not easily detected since it's odourless and colourless, and breathing it in may result in nausea, dizziness, and even death in the worst-case-scenario. So, be sure to buy a stove with a high-grade exhaust tube.

What Features Should I Look for in a Tent Stove?

Various extra features in a tent stove for camping help to enhance the practicality of the device. While cheaper models will only offer the basic function of heating, some premium models boast built-in features such as a cooktop, a water-heater, and a damper.

You may even find integrated fuel storage or chimney ovens. For your safety, one feature you might want to look for is a spark arrestor-this serves to stop sparks from causing a fire inside the tent.

Best Wood Burning Tent Stoves - Reviews

BEST Wood Burning Tent Stoves Rating Link
Winnerwell Woodlander Deluxe Cook Tent Stove 5/5 Buy Here
Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
NJ Wood Burning Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
Winnerwell Nomad View Large Tent Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
Outbacker Portable Wood Burning Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
Camp Chef CS14 Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
EcoZoom Rocket Stove - DURA 4.5/5 Buy Here
Danchel Outdoor Portable Tent Wood Burning Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here
Tomshoo Camping Stove Lightweight Wood Stove 4.5/5 Buy Here

Winnerwell Woodlander Deluxe Cook Tent Stove

winnerwell-woodlander-deluxe-camping-tent-stove The Winnerwell Woodlander is a 5-rated tent stove that is popular among campers and other outdoor adventurers. It is designed to suit a range of camping scenarios, including canvas wall tents, teepees, yurts, and backpacking shacks.

For all your cooking and heating needs, this tent stove comes with all the essentials to keep you covered. These include a stove body with 5 sections of a 3.5” diameter chimney pipe.

When fully assembled, the setup measures 25 x 25.5 x 109” to make for a conveniently compact build. However, the chimney sections can be dismantled and stored inside the stove’s body, resulting in an even more compact bundle measuring 18 x 10 x 9.5”.

Weighing only 30lbs, the Winnerwell Woodlander is a portable package that you can comfortably hike with, although not for long distances.
There is plenty of space inside the firebox to effortlessly store enough wood to keep you cozy through the night. Other useful features include a transparent glass viewing panel for easy fire management, a spark arrestor, an ash scraper, dual-dampers for managing burn rate, folding side shelves for drying or cooking, as well as a removable cooktop plat.

The stove stands on tripod legs that can be folded to minimise its size when you pack it. Its drying racks can also be flipped upwards to act as a carry-handle for convenient portability. Another noteworthy aspect of the Woodlander is the 304 stainless steel construction, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-proof for durable service.

This also means that the stove requires very little maintenance to remain in optimal shape. Highly portable Ideal for various tent scenarios Good for cooking while on a camping trip.

Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove

Winnerwell-Nomad-Medium-Tent-Stove The Winnerwell Nomad tent stove for camping comes with a flashy modern look that may not befit a survival gear. However, it performs tremendously when you put it to the test. It is a highly portable unit, measuring 15 x 8 x 8” when packed and 15 x 20 x 90” when fully assembled.
The stove works best when used in small to medium-sized tents but may be overwhelmed in a large tent.
A durable 304 stainless-steel design allows the Nomad to be pretty efficient and produce pleasant radiant heat without compromising your safety. Its exhaust pipe features five sections and measures 2.5” wide.

On one of these sections is a wire spark arrestor that prevents fires inside the tent while the bottom one provides you with a damper, as well as a steel control handle. The rectangular firebox comes with two airtight doors and stands on four collapsible legs.

You even get drying racks attached to the sides of the stove, just in case you have a wet pair of socks or gloves. But aside from drying, you can use these racks as a carry-handle when you’ve folded down the stove for easy portability. Highly portable Nice-looking design Stainless-steel build Lightweight and portable A little bit costly

NJ Wood Burning Stove

_NJ-The-right-choice-Comfort-Portable-Wood-Burning-Stove-Cooker The NJ wood burning stove is the ultimate cooking device for all sorts of outdoor scenarios. It comes with a highly portable design, weighing only 24lbs for easy carrying. It measures 45 x 25 x 30 cm, but can easily be collapsed to fit inside a backpack and be carried like a suitcase. Although you’ll have to purchase the carrier-bag separately.
The NJ will be perfect for sites that don’t permit open fires. It takes a short time to set up and is held up by three lockable legs for a stable tent stove.

The legs are long enough to provide you with a convenient working height, you won’t have to bend too low to get to it. This also means that your floor is protected from getting burned.

You get 5 sections of the flue that can be removed and fitted inside the stove for compact packing. One section features an adjustable baffle plate that helps to regulate airflow and the burning speed. The flue also goes through your tent roof, allowing the stove to occupy a more central position for efficient heat distribution. Finally, the NJ wood burning stove for camping can be locked in two different positions to manage the heat. Great for outdoor scenarios Collapsible design for easy carrying High and efficient heat output Great value for money Prone to rust

Winnerwell Nomad View Large Tent Stove

Winnerwell-Nomad-View-Large-Tent-Stove- The Winnerwell Nomad Large is a great choice for heating or cooking in medium-size spaces such as a canvas wall tent, a shed, teepee, or even tiny homes. The tent is pretty durable, a credit to the 304 stainless-steel material it is constructed with.

This makes the stive both corrosion-resistant and rust-proof, meaning you can use it for years with very little maintenance needed. It is built to survive any harsh camping conditions you expose it. The package includes 1 stove body a 3.5” diameter chimney pipe with five sections, a spark arrestor, as well as an ash scraper.

You get a rectangular-shaped firebox that is fitted with dual glass windows for easy viewing and nests on four stable legs.

This four-leg design reduces the footprint of the Woodlander compared to other Nomad tent stoves. The five sections of the chimney pipe can also be dismantled and stowed inside the firebox while the side shelve can act as carry handles when you want to transport the unit.

The side shelves also come in handy when you want to cook with the stove. Weighing just 34 pounds, this stove won’t slow down your adventure. You’ll also appreciate the dual dampers on the stove that you can use to regulate the flow of air and rate of burning. Multipurpose design Compact and easy to carry Durable construction Clean and user-friendly make Expensive

Outbacker Portable Wood Burning Stove

Outbacker-Portable-Wood-Burning-Stove The Outbacker wood burning stove is a nice option that you can take on your camping trips. It features a simple cuboid design with dimensions of 49 x 29 x 28 centimetres, that can easily be carried wherever you want to go. Weighing just 10kg, this tent stove for camping is highly portable and comes with a carry bag for hassle-free storage and transportation.

The small footprint of the stove allows it to fit inside small indoor spaces like a tent or shed to provide you with warmth on those freezing nights in the wild. Apart from being a heating device, the Outbacker can easily cook or boil water, thanks to two cook plates on the top where you can position a small pan. You won’t have to worry about setting your tent ablaze; the stove features a built-in spark arrestor that keeps any stray sparks from landing on your tent material and causing a fire.

The chimney of the stove can be disassembled into small sections while the legs are removable to allow for easy packing down of the unit.
On the downside, the small size of the stove reduces the overall heat output, which means it may not be efficient when used in larger tents. Whether you want to go on a camping trip or find a way to heat your small cabin in the woods, the Outbacker Firebox portable wood burning tent stove will make a great option! Small and portable Packs down easily Side racks for cooking Rusts when exposed to moisture

Camp Chef CS14 Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove

Camp-Chef-CS14-Alpine-Heavy-Duty-Cylinder-Stove The Camp Chef Alpine Cylinder stove is a great universal option that will serve you diligently in pretty much any situation. It comes with the capacity to serve larger shelters comfortably, thanks to various essential features.

Firstly, this tent stove features a heavy-duty steel construction that guarantees durable service down the line. The cylinder-style unit offers efficient heat dissipation, as well as a flat cooktop that you can use for cooking. Detachable drying racks have also been integrated to get your wet clothes dry and warm. The chimney pipe on the Alpine cylinder stove rises 10 feet high, which allows for the effective exhaust of harmful gases.

You also get adjustable legs that help to stabilise the stove during use, an incorporated damper for efficiency, as well as brackets for any additional accessories you might want to add.
Other extra features you will appreciate on this package include a wire spark arrestor, which is paired with a fire grate to make sure there are no fire accidents. On the downside, the steel construction makes this stove slightly weighty than most options on our list.
Nevertheless, the stove has a collapsible design, whereby most parts can be detached and fit inside the box. If you can access the camping site by car, this should be a nice option for a large group of campers. High-grade steel construction Adequate safety features Nice heat generation Collapsible design Pretty heavy

EcoZoom Rocket Stove - DURA

_EcoZoom-Rocket-Stove If you’re looking for a simple stove for camping that won’t give you a headache when setting it up, the EcoZoom Rocket stove comes with the profile to match. The only thing is that it can’t be used inside the tent since it doesn’t have a chimney or flue.

Nevertheless, it is a practical outdoor stove that will use your fuel efficiently. Its cylindrical firebox is manufactured from refractory metal and features a large opening for feeding the wood. You also get a detachable metal rack that can hold larger pieces of firewood to ensure that you never run out of fuel supply.

At the top of the unit is a layer of cast iron that features three prongs to hold your pots during cooking.
The flat surface provides a stable platform where you can place any size and shape of cooking pots. Overall, this a fuel-efficient and portable outdoor wood burning tent stove with a cheap price tag. It will be a nice fit for those searching for an entry-level option for a cooking or heating facility. 

Danchel Outdoor Portable Tent Wood Burning Stove

_DANCHEL-OUTDOOR-Portable-Tent-Wood-Burning-Stove If you have a flexible budget, this portable camping stove will be more than capable of covering your heating and cooking needs throughout your adventure. It features a stainless-steel make, which keeps it both rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Aside from its extremely solid build, the Danchel wood burning stove offers other essential features that will impress many campers. The firebox is pretty large, with a tight door at the front. A glass window is incorporated to let you keep an eye on the burning fuel inside. The glass is also heat-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it shattering over time.
Another important feature is the ashtray collector that is hidden below the firebox to keep the stove clean and your tent ash-free.
Lastly, the stove boasts a portable design that can be carried anywhere. The housing can comfortably all the chimney sections and the legs fold up nicely. Meanwhile, the drying racks fold up to provide you with a carrying handle during transportation of the stove. Large cooking platform Rugged stainless-steel construction Easy to use Expensive

Tomshoo Camping Stove Lightweight Wood Stove

Tomshoo-Camping-Stove-Lightweight-Wood-Stove Our last pick for the best wood burning tent stoves is this lightweight stove from Tomshoo. It boasts an upgraded design with foldable handles for convenient portability, and makes a great addition to your wild camping kit list.

It also features a small footprint that makes it suitable for confined tents and other indoor spaces. The body is made out of strong stainless steel to ensure durability despite exposure to high heat.

A windproof serrated cross stand provides you with a platform to position your cookware while wide openings on the front let you feed in wood easily. It also boasts a double-wall structure that results in clean gasification, as well as secondary combustion.
Meanwhile, air vents towards the bottom make for enhanced air circulation so that the fuel burns without smoke.

Another great thing about this stove is that it accommodates all kinds of fuels. You can feed it dry leaves, twigs, branches, wood, etc. and it will burn without interruption.

Furthermore, it is compact and collapses into a portable package that can fit easily inside your backpack, perfect to keep your hands free while checking your top hiking apps


Wood burning camping tent stoves are an essential piece of equipment that you can’t afford to leave out of your camping gear list. They will not only help to keep you warm on a freezing night but also come in handy for cooking and drying wet clothes. So, the next time you are planning an overnight camping trip in the middle of nowhere, consider the above best wood burning tent stoves for a satisfying experience.


Should I Get a Wood Burning Stove or a Multi-fuel Stove

Before buying a tent stove, it’s important to decide what type of fuel you want it to be using. Generally, most people tend to opt for a wood burner since it’s a carbon-neutral fuel that is more eco-friendly. Others appreciate the flexibility of having various fuel options, thus opting for multi-fuel stoves.

These can run on anything from wood to smokeless fuel and even coal. The only thing with some of these stoves is that they may not be optimised to burn all the compatible fuels with the same efficiency. Overall, both stove options offer unique advantages and disadvantages. It all boils down to the preference of the buyer.

Is Steel a Better Wood Burning Stove Material than Cast Iron?

Both these materials are great options but each features unique advantages and disadvantages. Cast iron tends to heat up slower compared to steel, however, it also maintains the heat long after the fire has fizzled out.

On the other hand, while steel is more prone to warping, cast iron cracks a bit more easily.

The important thing to note is how great the quality of the stove is. As long as the stove well-maintained, both cast iron and steel can provide you with years of reliable service. Alternatively, you can a stove that combines both materials to get the best of both worlds.

How Does a Chimney Fire Work?

A chimney fire happens when creosote builds-up as a result of combustion in your wood stove. When there is a chimney fire, this ignites and burns any materials inside of your chimney. You’ll realise that there is a chimney fire when there is a loud sound of air rushing such as a train comingor a tornado. Smoke will back up in your home as well.

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