Why Hikers Should Invest in Transition Glasses

Why Hikers Should Invest in Transition Glasses

Why Invest in Transition Glasses?

Hiking and backpacking have become two of the most popular outdoor activities in the UK. Even staycation goers now prioritise walking and hiking routes when booking their holiday, with 71% saying they specifically look for outdoor recreation for their trips. Among them, 48% rank hiking and walking as their go-to pastime throughout the staycation.

Besides the diverse trails across coastlines and natural parks here in the UK, this trend can also be explained by the health benefits of hiking outlined in a previous post, which range from heart and bone health to mental health and stress management. Therefore, it’s no surprise that plenty of people are also investing in several must-haves for their trips.

Out of all these, one of the most important things to have is sun protection. Aside from sunscreen and protective clothing, you also need eye protection via glasses if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. For hikers, this is especially critical for maximum visibility. While some may opt for sunglasses, people already wearing glasses may benefit from transition glasses. Below, we visit some reasons why hikers should invest in transition glasses:

Protection from UV

As aforementioned, having protection from the sun is a critical part of hiking. Much like our skin, the eyes are at risk when ultraviolet (UV) radiation through UVA/UVB waves can penetrate tissue and damage it. Exposure to UV light can modify lens proteins, leading to cataract formation and worsening eyesight. In the long term, cataracts can blur vision and make things less vivid, with worse-case scenarios leading to cancers of the eyelid and macular degeneration.

Wearing transition lenses can help you avoid these eye problems, as they are equipped with 100% UV protection. These filter most of the UV rays from the sun, ensuring that your eyes are protected. The added benefit of wearing transition glasses is that they safeguard the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, allowing you to avoid premature ageing caused by UV.

More streamlined packing

For easy travel, hikers should only bring essential equipment. Glasses are important for protection but can become bulky if you switch between multiple eyewear. To avoid this problem, hikers should consider having a sturdy pair of transition glasses that adjust according to different UV exposure levels. Optical retailer Glasses Direct offers various designer sunglasses, which can be fitted with transition lenses that accommodate your vision needs to prevent having to switch between glasses. To better ensure portability and easy storage, you can choose lightweight frames like the oversized Gucci cat-eyes or the classic, minimalist RB7066-54 from Ray-Ban.

Minimise eye strain

Depending on the outdoor activities you’ll be performing, you may need extra protection from the glare bouncing off the environment around you. To protect consumers' eyes in the summer, when sunlight is at its peak, ophthalmic lens technology developer Hoyavision has expanded its sun lens line to include Sensity Fast. These photochromic lenses can provide 77% faster fade back than the original Sensity lens, streamlining the user experience in indoor, urban, or outdoor environments. Having automatically dimming glasses eliminates the need to squint while providing sharper vision, minimising overall eye strain.

Provide physical protection

Eyewear can protect you physically from the elements, preventing sand or small rocks from entering your eyes. However, it’s critical to have durable eyewear as your glasses may scratch against the environment, like trees and branches. Unlike regular glasses, transition lenses are typically more durable and can come in shatter-resistant form, scratch-resistant coatings, and anti-reflective (AR) coating. These protective features make transition glasses well worth the investment.

While glasses may not be the first item you think of when hiking, having transition glasses is a great way to maximise comfort and protection. This eyewear provides convenience, safeguards your eyes from UV, minimises eye strain, and offers overall protection, ensuring your trip is as smooth as possible with no risk of eye injury.

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