The Best Hiking Boots Under £100 [UPDATED]

The Best Hiking Boots Under £100 [UPDATED]

What are the Best Hiking Boots Under £100?


For anyone who spends a good share of their free time exploring the outdoors on foot, a hiking boot is the ultimate purchase.

Whether it is navigating your way through the dense forest or taking on the rough mountainous trails on a camping trip, an all-weather, do-it-all hiking boot ensures that you have the best of experience.

The ruggedness of these boots not only protects you from the elements but also ensures that you feet are safe from blisters as you tread on the unforgiving outdoor terrain. These boots make a great addition to anyone who likes to do cold water therapy cold water immersion, then hike afterwards.

So, if you are searching for a practical footwear that you can wear on your next hiking trip, the following are the best walking boots under £100

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Leather Mid GTX High Rise Hiking Shoes

merrell-mens-moab-2 Buy Here

This super-comfy hiking boot from Merrell is available for both men and women. It is well-cushioned and offers a stable grip to ensure that you remain comfortable and upright as you wade through the slippery terrain.


With its lightweight design, it will be long time before fatigue starts creeping in, which is perfect for those looking for a lengthy outdoor adventure. The shoe still maintains a rugged profile fit to take on the rough outdoor trails.

The manufacturer designed this boot with a wipe-clean ballistic mesh, as well as a full-grain leather upper for a unique and functional look. A rubber toe cap and bellow tongue protect your feet and toes from debris and any other tiny particles that may harm you on the trail, and is actually one of the best hiking boots for wide feet

You also get Gore-Tex material in its construction for waterproofing in wet conditions while a Vibram Megagrip sole provides the needed traction every step of the way. The flat heel design is also comfortable to walk on and keeps you from getting easily fatigued while hiking.

Finally, a breathable lining on the Moab 2 hiking boots ensures that you won’t be standing in sweat-drenched shoes every time you go on an intense hike. This is a hiking boot you can count on for a successful camping trip!

Salomon Ultra Mix 3 GTX

SALOMON-Men's-X-Ultra-3-Mid-GTX-Climbing-Shoes Buy Here

If you’d love to go on a little jog during your hiking trip, these multi-functional outdoor boots from Salomon provide the perfect fit for you. Apart from being conveniently lightweight, their soles have excellent grip to keep you up and running in the slippery and loose terrain.


The boot features water-resistant fabric to ensure that you stay dry and warm when hiking in wet conditions.
Its quick laces are extremely easy to slip on and off, so you won’t waste time on the trail.

They don’t need to be broken into like other hiking boots and this makes them such a convenient accessory for your different outdoor expeditions. Their minimal and sleek design enhances the level of comfort when wearing these boots and making your hiking trip quite fulfilling.

If you are an avid hiker who appreciates a fun time on the trail, we would highly suggest that you try out these functional trainers!

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Gtx High Rise Hiking Shoes

Merrell-Women's-Moab-2-Hiking-Shoes Buy Here

These shoes will not only keep you at ease throughout your long trek, but also ensure that you look great while at it. They have a sleek design with charming colours to go with an incredibly supportive footbed for the ultimate comfort.


A protective toe saves your feet unnecessary injury while a patented Vibram traction will give you needed traction on all sorts of terrains.
The boots are constructed using waterproof material to ensure that you remain dry and comfortable in case of an unexpected storm that catches you on the trail.

The Moab 2 Mid GTX hiking shoes are quite versatile. You can use them on rocky, muddy, sandy, as well as icy terrains and still expect the same level of performance. Their nice and comfortable fit ensures that your feet won’t be sore and numb after a whole day of hiking.

This is reinforced by the flat sole to give you a cozy and practical trail boot that won’t disappoint you!

KEEN Men's Targhee Iii Mid Wp High Rise Hiking Shoes

keen-mens-targhee-hiking-boots Buy Here

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hiking boot that will extend your hiking season well into the winter temperatures, this versatile shoe will offer you the fit and performance we’ve come to expect from the Targhee footwear.

The shoe comes with a waterproof leather high rise that will keep your feet wet on icy and snowy trails. Winterized traction on the sole ensure that you maintain your footing on these slippery surfaces while breathable insulation surfaces provide warmth in sub-zero temperatures without overheating.

Inside the shoe, the footbed comfortably cradles your heel and toes to offer the needed arch support, which is reinforced by a compression-moulded EVA. This shoe will ensure that you don’t stay confined in your house during the cold season and provides you with the opportunity to explore what the outdoors have to offer.

Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid Walking Boots

lightweight-boots-Lowa-Renegade-GTX-Mid Buy Here

The Renegade GTX Mid Walking Boots by Lowa are the perfect example of a lightweight walking boot coupled with high quality Nubuck leather, Goretex Waterproof Protection and a Comfy Vibram Sole.


For boots that average a cost of £150 January to December, you can't beat the performance they offer, compared with other brands of hiking boots that are £250+

Timberland Women's Gore-tex Boots

Buy on Amazon UK

For the ladies who like to step out into the outdoors and explore what Mother Nature has to offer, these are just the shoes you need to take on any kind of trail. The Chocorua trail boots will come in handy in muddy, wet grass, puddles, and sandy terrain; you can even don them when going out for dinner.

Their versatility ensures that you can use them for different activities and you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. The shoes have a rugged construction that allows for continuous use and enables them to retain their shape despite being exposed to the toughest outdoor conditions.


These waterproof ankle boots will protect you from the irritating wetness when it starts to rain unexpectedly.
A Gore-Tex membrane ensures this is o whereas a rubber lug outsole has been included to provide you with the needed traction when walking on slippery surfaces.

If you are searching for a rail-ready boot with a high-performance and sense of style, look no further than the Chocorua Trail ankle boots from Timberland!

XPETI Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

xpeti-hiking-boots Buy on Amazon UK

These hiking boots are not only stylish but also come with a functional design that will enable you to walk through various types of trails. They are also rugged to ensure that you get top performance on unforgiving terrains.

The XPETI hiking shoes come with a waterproof mesh upper to protect you from the wet snowy conditions while a moisture wicking mesh lining assists to keep your feet warm and dry as you plough through mud and snow.


A rubber toe cap shields you from unnecessary injury and a rubber outsole provides maximum grip when you have to trek on slippery surfaces.
You also get an integrated EVA midsole, as well as moulded TPU ankle support for your hiking comfort.

These boots are lightweight and sturdy you don’t have they don’t end up being a burden when you have to carry some weight. You’ll be able to hike up rocks, snow, hills, etc. with very little trouble. The aggressive sole grab on rocks and provide you with the required stability for the ideal hike.

Hi-Tec Men Storm Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots

the-best-hiking-boots-under-100-reviews Buy on Amazon UK

The Hi-Tec Storms come with a waterproof and breathable membrane that keeps your feet dry and warm in wet, as well as hot weather. A mesh ensures that fresh air gets to your covered feet to ensure that your feet breathe and remain comfortable despite hours of continuous hiking.

These shoes have a rugged construction that is fit for the rough backcountry trails. The hardy leather material remains intact even after using them on various treacherous surfaces. A removable compression molded EVA insole keeps you comfortable by offering underfoot cushioning.


This enables you to hike on rocky and mountainous regions without getting sore or easily fatigued.
The EVA midsole also helps in shock absorbing to reduce the impact felt when hitting those hard and pointy surfaces.


Meanwhile, a multi-directional rubber outsole provides grip and durability to help you maintain your footing on various kinds of unstable terrains. You’ll have a great time with this exciting footwear accessory throughout your time in the outdoors.

Regatta Bainsford, Men’s High Rise Hiking Boots

regatta-bainsford-hiking-boots Buy on Amazon UK

This is one of the most popular outdoor boot brands you can find. You can always count on Regatta to produce a practical shoe that offers the ultimate level of comfort at an affordable price, and this is exactly what you get in the Bainsford high rise hiking shoe.

The manufacturer has employed water-shedding hydropel technology on this boot featuring a waterproof and breathable ISOTEX membrane that helps to keep your feet warm and dry in wet conditions. The lightweight rubber sole, as well as EVA shock pads provide comfort to your underfoot so that your hiking experience doesn’t turn into a struggle.


The Bainsford also features a classical design with an easy lacing system that makes the shoe pretty practical.
This reinforced by a deep padded collar which offers extra support. The shoe has been seam sealed and an internal membrane liner offers underfoot protection to reduce fatigue on the trail.

You can this charmingly designed hiking boot in either brown or black which are easy to pair with your outdoor outfit.

Jack Wolfskin Men's High Rise Shoes

the-best-hiking-boots-under-100-reviews-2 Buy on Amazon UK

This shoe falls under Jack Wolfskin’s Vojo Hike footwear range that has proven to be quite popular among outdoor enthusiasts. The Texapore is a waterproof shoe that comes with a sporty look and feel. You’ll like its rugged design which features aggressive lugs and anti-slip tread for maximum grip when trekking on slippery terrain.

Their versatility enables them to be used on muddy paths, wet rocks, as well as loose scree while offering the same high level of performance. The Texapore’s O2+ membrane is a Gore-Tex-like material that has been developed in-house by the brand to deliver a waterproof and breathable outdoor warrior.

These two properties ensure that your feet will stay warm and dry in case of a slight shower or when the sun is scorching. This shoe can comfortably be worn straight out of the package. You can credit this to the cushioned insole and stabilising pads placed in the heel and mid.

The Texapore features a top hook and webbing lace loops that make for additional fine tuning of the laces to provide the perfect fit. You also get stitched overlays that offer added protection for the heel and toes. The boot’s composition of mid-cut suede leather and light synthetic upper delivers a supple and extremely comfortable feel.

However, the synthetic soft upper may not offer solid enough ankle support like some people would prefer. For the average hiker, the Jack Wolfskin Vojo Hike Texapore is the perfect choice for a satisfying outdoor expedition on the hiking trail.


We hope you enjoyed this list of some of the best hiking boots under £100. It's a difficult decision when weighing up the pros and cons of each hiking boot, but we hope this list helped you in some way to decipher which one was the best for your own personal needs! :D Until next time!

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