The Best Stylish Waterproof Jackets for Women (UPDATED)

The Best Stylish Waterproof Jackets for Women (UPDATED)

The Most Stylish Womens Waterproof Jackets!

stylish-waterproof-jacket-womens Lets be honest, for men sometimes fashion sense is optional, especially in the great outdoors, but ladies are clearly the more elegant species, and for many like the finer things in life, in this case, a waterproof jacket that doesn't look like a bin bag! In this article we'll go over some of the most stylish waterproof jackets for women, from some well known brand names, and what features they have. If you're after the best jackets for hiking for women that actually look halfway decent, then this is the article to read! Lets start with the Buyer's Guide first.

Stylish Waterproof Jackets - Buyer's Guide

buyers-guide Before splashing your cash on waterproof jackets, several pertinent features should be considered to ensure you’re getting the right product for the job. So, when you finally decide to go out shopping, try to have the answers to the following questions figured out beforehand”

Is a Water-resistant Jacket Waterproof?

wild-camping-waterproof-jacket This sounds like a dumb question, but here us out.... This is one of the major pitfalls for women looking to buy jackets to shield them against the rain. There’s a fundamental difference between these two words that, regrettably, many people don’t seem to realise. A waterproof raincoat will block 100% of the water, no matter how hard it pours. Going for a quality brand, as opposed to a cheap brand, offers better performance because of the aspect of breathability. A cheap waterproof raincoat may protect you from getting wet, but you might end up feeling hot and sweaty underneath, which is not good for personal comfort. On the other hand, a water-resistant coat will only guard against light showers to medium rainfall, but when the heavens decide to really open up, it is practically useless.
On the flip side, water-resistant coats tend to be more lightweight and breathable than their waterproof counterparts.
So, when contemplating between the two, you have to keep in mind the level of rainfall your area experiences. If you anticipate a light shower as you run a few errands in town, then a water-resistant jacket will do. But if you see the dark clouds gathering on the horizon as a clear indication of a serious storm, then you want nothing less than a high-quality waterproof jacket!

What Type of Waterproof Coat Should I Get?

The are various types of waterproof jackets to consider. Depending on your style preferences, you might have to choose between a few options. For instance, the classic waterproof shells are typically the go-to layer for most women when venturing outside in rainy conditions. These are relatively lightweight jackets and do a great job of shielding you from the showers. They are also more versatile and can be worn in various contexts.
You can also opt for a 3 in 1 waterproof jacket. This comprises a waterproof outer shell, as well as a detachable inner fleece that can either be worn separately or combined with the outer shell using an interactive zip.
This creates an all-in-one weather-friendly layer. It proves to be the best choice when you’re dealing with unpredictable weather that keeps on changing.
Lastly, there’s the Parka, which goes a long way back with British design. This classic long-length insulated jacket mixes snow and rain protection with cozy warmth underneath. It is best suited for winter and autumn adventures, as well as expeditions on the cold mountainsides. Parkas are loved for their stylish long silhouettes, which not only fully cover you but also enhance your figure. They also come with other useful features like a hood and patch pockets.

What is the Right Fit for My Waterproof Jacket?

A right fitting jacket will feel better and perform much better than an ill-fitting one! Jackets are generally cut differently depending on the body shape, gender, and the activity they are meant for. So, to choose the best fit for you, try to consider the shape and size of your body. The right jacket should remain covering your lower back when both your hands are lifted while the cuffs should cover your wrists.
This way, there will be little chance of draught getting underneath and making you feel cold. Better yet, find a jacket with adjusters so that you can tailor it to your body shape.
A drawcord particularly fastens the jackets around your waist so that it is not blown in windy situations. If you plan to have other layers under the jacket, then try going one size up when choosing your waterproof raincoat.

Do I Need Pockets on My Waterproof Jacket?

Pockets are an essential feature that will come in handy when you venture into the outdoors. They play a vital role in storing any small items and accessories you might want to bring with you. For example, you can stow away your car keys, wallet, or even a penknife inside your jacket pockets.
Additionally, if you want to keep your phone from getting wet, a zippered waterproof pocket will prove to be an invaluable asset.
Some jackets are even designed with inner pockets that are meant for delicate items such as credit cars. Aside from storage, jacket pockets also come in handy when you want to protect your hands from the cold. If you forgot to carry your pair of gloves on an extremely chilly day, you can conveniently bury your hands inside the pockets to try and stay warm.

Stylish Jackets for Women - Reviews


Columbia Women's Arcadia II Jacket

Columbia-Women's-Arcadia-Ii-Jacket-Rain The whitened pink on the Columbia Women's Arcadia Ii Jacket Rain is a warm and cute colour for a stylish waterproof jacket for women. This jacket will not only protect you from the cold and rain but also keep you looking fashionable while at it. The best part is that it comes at a practical price range that won’t dent your pockets.
One of the noteworthy features of the Ex Reign is the application of Columbia’s Omni-Tech technology. This offers reliable 100% waterproof protection and breathability when it starts to rain. An adjustable hood is included to ensure the protection extends to your face and hair. Thanks to its fully sealed seams, you get adequate breathability when the weather gets warmer.
The jacket's fit is a little bit on the snug side. So, if you plan to wear any clothing items underneath it, then you better go one size up.
Its adjustable sleeves help to keep the cold breeze from getting inside while the hip-length of the jacket ensures that your upper body is fully protected from the cold. Furthermore, you get zippered waterproof pockets that will safely store small items like phones, maps, wallets, etc. Fully sealed seams Waterproof technology Good price for the performance Waterproof pockets High breathability Adjustable hood and sleevesLittle room for inner layering

Berghaus Highland Ridge

Berghaus-Women's-Highland-Ridge-Interactive-Waterproof-Shell-Jacket The Highland Ridge comes with a simple yet smart design that will appeal to most women. You won’t get too many bells and whistles on this jacket, and this is what makes it such a functional outdoor gear for a casual walk during the rainy season.
Equipped with a waterproof Gore-Tex material, the coat holds up well in the rain to ensure you remain dry and warm.
This also offers a breathable performance that serves to keep you comfortable when the temperatures rise a little bit. A concealed hood, as well as adjustable cuffs, are included to stave off the raindrops. If the weather gets too cold for comfort, an inner Berghaus fleece is available, which you can zip to the outer shell for greater insulation.
You’ll also appreciate the inclusion of an adjustable waist cord that not only enhances the fit of the jacket but also traps the body heat inside and keep the draught from getting in underneath the jacket.
Meanwhile, two zippered pockets on the sides come in handy when you have small items to store while a third outer chest map pocket prevents the rain from doing damage. On the downside, the Highland Ridge doesn’t offer much room to add many layers underneath. Waterproof Gore-Tex fabric Flexible design with inner removable fleece Adjustable waist cord Hood and pockets Available in multiple coloursLittle room for layering underneath

Columbia Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket

Columbia-womens-Heavenly-Long-Hooded-Jacket If you’re looking for a lengthy raincoat that will cover you when it starts to rain hard, this classic trench from Columbia fits the profile almost perfectly. On our list of stylish waterproof jackets womens edition this is a fantastic choice. The Heavenly Long is not only gorgeous but has the build to offer full-body protection against torrential rains threatening to spoil your day in the outdoors.
This is a credit to the waterproof outer shell that’s been designed with an Omni-Heat 100% polyester lining. The technology works by reflecting your body heat so that it’s not lost to the outside environment, meaning you get protection from wetness and still get to enjoy being warm and toasty underneath. For a waterproof jacket, you won’t believe just how lightweight the Heavenly Long feels. Add to this to the fashionable long-line classic fit with a defined silhouette and you fancy the jacket for outdoor winter adventures.
You’ll have plenty of storage options when wearing this jacket with the incorporation of zippered hand pockets on the side, as well as an interior security pocket for more delicate items.
Furthermore, the thumbholes and cuffs do a great job of enhancing the dry vibes on this raincoat while the hood helps to keep your hair dry in the face of persistent raindrops. Full body rain protection Omni-Heat polyester lining technology Lightweight Inner insulation for warmth Plenty of pockets Classic trench styleA little bit bulky

Helly-Hansen Women's Boyne Parka

Helly-Hansen-Women's-Boyne-Parka This waterproof jacket will do more than merely shield you from the rain; it is easy on the eyes and comes with a range of practical features that come in handy whenever you step out in the rain. The Helly-Hansen Parka boasts versatile functionality thanks to the use of Helly Tech Protection. This means the jacket is waterproof, breathable, as well and windproof to ensure that nothing interrupts your autumn adventures.
The jacket adequately insulated for warmth and comfort, enabling you to cope with the cold polar winds. The Âľ length of the jacket covers your whole upper body and the better part of your legs for enhanced cold-weather functionality.
A fixed hood with cinch adjustment is also provided to safeguard your hair and face from the cold and rain. However, the hood is removable and allows you to let your hair free when the rain stops.
You also get adjustable cuffs that help prevent the cold breeze from getting inside through the sleeves. Plenty of pockets on the Helly-Hansen offer you unlimited storage options for any small items you might be carrying so that your hands are free all the time. Overall, this stylish waterproof jacket for women is warm, functional, and will suit a variety of autumn activities. In case you want to incorporate it into your outfit, you can find it in black, graphite blue, brown, and many more colours. Waterproof and insulated Versatile Helly Tech construction Maximum cold-weather protection Multiple storage options Nice colour choicesToo snug through the chest and waist

North Face Arctic Parka

The-North-Face-Women's-Arctic-Parka The North Face Arctic Parka jacket for women is what you go for when you want to venture into the snow. It offers great protection against the cold winter protection but also features a noticeably charming look that doesn’t take away from your sense of fashion. This winter jacket is built to deflect all kinds of adverse elements, including heavy rain, cold winds, sleet, as well as dense snow.
This makes it a suitable option for diverse winter adventures such as mountain climbing, hiking, snowboarding, etc. The outer shell is made out of a seam-sealed Dry Vent 2L material that is not only fully waterproof but also breathable to keep you warm and comfortable at all times.
The fabric is also 100% windproof and a removable hood is included to ensure that the elements don’t get to you.
The faux-fur adds to your sense of style when wearing the North Face Parka and this pairs well with the lengthy silhouette of the dress. An adjustable elastic waist helps you to achieve the optimal fit for your comfort and two side pockets provide you with storage room for small accessories. You get to choose from eight different colours that you can blend in with your overall outfit when you decide to don this fashionable winter jacket from North Face! Multiple colour options Waterproof and breathable Stylish faux-fur hood Adjustable and removable hood Nice standard fit Impressively warm for extreme winter weatherOn the higher range of price

Marmot Montreal Down Coat

Marmot-Montreal-Down-Coat Marmot is a highly respected brand when it comes to the manufacture of outdoor cold-weather gear. They come with a reputation of high-quality workmanship and impressive functionality, which is what you find on the Marmot Montreal down coat. The jacket is pretty popular among ladies who like to bring out their sense of fashion, thanks to its style-forward appearance. This is the ideal outdoor gear when you want protection against rain and icy winds. Its reliable construction features durable water-repellent technology on the outer shell, and the fabric is completely windproof. Equipped with 700-fill goose down, the jacket offers adequate insulation to keep you warm and toasty when the temperatures drop to unbearable figures. A fleece lining on the torso helps to enhance the feeling of warmth while a fake fur hood protects your face and hair against the elements.
Fleeced jacket pockets offer your hands a warm and smooth-feeling refuge and a zipped inner pocket offers storage for important items that you can’t afford to lose.
The regular fit of the jacket also makes it suitable for different body shapes and sizes. Overall, this is a practical piece of outdoor gear that you can go hiking, trekking, or backpacking with during autumn. Zippered pockets Fleece lining for warmth and comfort Stylish Anorak and fake fur wood Windproof and waterproof 700-fill goose downNot great for extreme winter weather

Jack Wolfskin Women's Astana Coat

Jack-Wolfskin-Women's-Astana-Coat Unlike the majority of shell jackets in the market, which usually feel rather light and plasticky, Jack Wolfskin’s Astana comes with a cosier and softer feeling. Thanks to light insulation, it delivers impressive warmth underneath aside from the waterproofing abilities of the outside shell.
The fabric is made out of 100% polyester, which makes it both waterproof and windproof for the perfect cold-weather performance.
Despite this, the jacket doesn’t compromise on breathability, meaning you get to remain comfortable even when the weather turns a little bit warm. A straight zipper runs through the middle of the coat, which allows you to open and let in more fresh air if need be. You can also get this jacket in two versions; the long parka style will be more ideal for chilly weather while the shorter version is better suited for warmer and rainy weather.
You also get a fixed hood on the Astana to protect your hair when it starts to rain whereas two side pockets offer a shelter for your freezing bare hands.
So, if you are in the market for a cross between a warm winter jacket and a mountain-ready shell coat, the Jack Wolfskin Astana will be a comfortable choice to wear day after day. 100% polyester fabric Windproof and waterproof Two different length versions Interior insulation BreathableZipper is not as watertight as others on this list

BGSD Women's Whitney Waterproof Down Puffer Coat

BGSD-Women's-Whitney-Waterproof-Down-Puffer-Coat This is one of the most stylish waterproof jackets for women you can find out there. It is cute, comfortable, and warm to wear. It is the kind of outdoor gear you want to have on when setting out on an adventure in chilly weather conditions.
The Whitney down jacket from BGSD is designed to provide warmth and shield you against the rain but make sure that you remain fashionable while at it.
You can buy either the mid-thigh or knee-length version depending on which suits your height better. The two-zip front that ensures you’re fully protected from the cold winds, unlike most average winter jackets where you can’t close the zip all the way.
Two vertical zip pockets offer reliable storage options with no risk of items fall out when you sit down. According to the manufacturer, the Whitney can cope with temperatures as low as -5 degrees F.
This is thanks in part to the 600-fill power, consisting of 80% down and 20% feathers. The jacket’s large hood is great for protecting puffy and curly hair while the high-quality YKK zippers operate smoothly without getting stuck, as well as offer durable performance. You’ll also appreciate the stand collar that protects your neck from the cold wind and the knit inset cuff, which keep the cold draught at bay. Overall, the BGSD Whitney waterproof jacket for women will be invaluable if you have to step out in winter weather. 600-fill power High-quality YKK zippers Appealing design with cute colours Warm and comfortable to wear Great cold-weather functionalityA little bit pricey

Patagonia Women's Torrentshell 3l Jacket

PATAGONIA-Women's-W's-Torrentshell The Patagonia Women's Torrentshell 3l Jacket is made from 100% recycled Econyl nylon fibers, which should be welcome news to the environmentally conscious. Most of the material is sourced from fishing nets. Patagonia chose a mid-range 2.5layer H2NO shell that boasts waterproofing, breathability, as well as comfort attributes to keep you fully protected from the undesirable elements. At only under 300g, the Patagonia Women's Torrentshell is a relatively lightweight jacket that won’t slow you down if you decide to hike with it.
It comes with a zipped pocket where it can be stuffed and soft, cozy feel, unlike other waterproof raincoats. The fabric is also noticeably stretchy so that you don’t feel suffocated underneath it. A DWR (Durable Water Resistance) layer is applied to the outer shell, ensuring the raindrops don’t get through. Furthermore, there is no waterproof lining on this jacket to enhance its packability, as well as breathability. This makes it a nice choice to have on a damp summer day where it gets wet but remains relatively warm.
The outer shell ensures that rainwater flows down the outer shell without infiltrating to get to the layers underneath. Furthermore, it features a relatively loose fit that allows you to throw on a couple of layers underneath.
Otherwise, it would appear a little oversized with nothing inside. This may not be the most fashion-forward waterproof jacket out there, but its Balkan Blue is a nice shade that you can match with most of your winter outfits. But style aside, the Rainshadow shines the most with its amazing balance between waterproof and lightweight attributes. Lightweight and packs down easily Waterproof and breathable Recycled nylon fibers Windproof Enough for extra layers underneathA little dull to look at


Most people dread the autumn and winter weather, choosing to stay grounded in the outdoors and only watching the snowfall from their windows. But there is so much to experience outside and this will be comfortable for you when you have the right clothing gear. This article lists some of the most stylish waterproof jackets for women in the market. They will make the perfect rainy weather outfit for those who like to step out in style.


What Makes a Jacket Waterproof?

Essentially, two types of “waterproof” jackets are sold in the market. These are water-resistant or showerproof jackets and fully waterproof jackets. One of the aspects that makes a resists water in a jacket is its coating. In this case, the fabric used is treated with a DWR (Durable Water-Resistant Repellency) coating. You’ll be able to tell a material id DWR treated when you see raindrops pooling on the surface before running off. The major benefit of water-resistant jackets is that they are more price-friendly compared to their waterproof counterparts. Nevertheless, they are also less durable and may require reproofing constantly to maintain their performance in the rain. A raincoat can be treated with DWR and be fitted with a waterproof membrane but this may not be enough to make it 100% waterproof. For this to be possible, it has to be reinforced with taped seams. These are typically heat sealed to prevent water molecules from infiltrating through the stitching. That is why is important to select a waterproof jacket with taped seams if you plan to venture into heavy and persistent rain zones.

What is a Hydrostatic Head Test?

A hydrostatic head test is done to determine the waterproofing capabilities of a fabric. It shows whether the product meets the British Standard (at least 1500mm). The waterproofing ratings are expressed in mm with the help of a Hydrostatic Test. During the test, the material is tightly pulled under a 1” diameter sealed container of water. It is then left to sit for over 24hrs to ascertain how many mm of water the material can hold before the water soaks through. The Hydrostatic Head value is determined at the point when the water starts to seep through and is usually measured in mm.

Can I Wash a Waterproof Jacket?

Yes! It is actually recommended that you wash your waterproof jacket. The common misconception out there is that waterproof jackets can’t possibly be washed since the water will simply run off the surface or it may damage the ability of the jacket to resist water. But this is not really the case. The thing s frequent use of your jacket leads to the accumulation of sweat, dirt, and other compounds that may eventually impede the breathability of the fibres. The implication here is that the functionality of the jacket is undermined, especially in hot and sweaty situations. Generally, you should find time to wash your waterproof jacket every once in a while; the frequency will depend on how much you use it. However, there is a special process on how to how to wash your waterproof jacket that you should adhere to.

Are Waterproof Jackets Gender Sensitive?

Typically, most of the generic waterproof raincoats you find in the market are unisex and don’t discriminate when it comes to gender. However, some brands design their products with a specific gender in mind. This involves considerations in sizing, colour, design, and fit, which means that the other gender may not feel quite comfortable in them. This might even be incorporated into the name of the product, with the word “Men’s” or “Women’s” present!


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