What's The Smallest Sleeping Bag When Packed? (UPDATED)

What's The Smallest Sleeping Bag When Packed? (UPDATED)

The smallest sleeping back when packed..


When setting off on a camping trip one of the most essential parts of your hiking/camping gear should indeed be a cosy sleeping bag!

So, to make your load as small as possible while hiking, it is important to choose a sleeping bag that packs down to a tiny size.

This will not only help to reduce the bulk of your load but also facilitate organising your other gear as efficiently as possible.

In this post, we'll consider the smallest sleeping bag when packed, for a trouble-free camping experience. If you're looking for Down Sleeping Bags, check out our guide on the Best Down Sleeping Bag Under £100

Sleeping Bags Buying Guide


What Factors Should You Consider in the Best Sleeping Bag?

The following factors will come in handy whenever you are looking for the ideal sleeping bag to bring along on your camping expedition:


The main reason why campers purchase sleeping bags is to protect themselves from the extreme cold at night. A warm sleeping bag will guard you against hypothermia and other cold-related injuries, especially while out camping.

You also get to enjoy your night’s sleep and feel well-rested for the next day’s activities.

On the other hand, a poor-quality sleeping bag makes for a pretty gruelling outdoor experience and leaves you at the mercy of mosquitoes and creepy crawlies at night


weight of a sleeping bag

There is a good reason why people are too much concerned with weight when shopping for a sleeping bag.

A heavy sleeping bag will just add to the weight of all the other hiking goodies you've bought over the years.

It gets even worse when you have to ascend a hilly terrain; the weight really does add up! As such, you want to find a lightweight sleeping bag that will help reduce the burden of carrying your backpack on a treacherous hike in the woods.

This will ensure that you don’t have a sore back when you lay down to rest at night and make your adventure more fun and comfortable.

Packed Size

Size also helps to determine the level of comfort when carrying your sleeping bag. You want a big enough sleeping bag that covers you cozily when you sleep at night but also one that will fold to a compact size when packed for easy carrying.


Look for a down sleeping bag that comes with lightweight materials for the most compact sleeping bag when packed.
Also, compression sacks tend to reduce the packed size of the bag by almost two thirds.


The right fit of a sleeping bag ensures that you remain comfortable during your sleep and that the insulation in the bag is not compressed. Both synthetic and down fills should be able to loft up so as to trap warm air pockets. A bag that is too tight will compress the insulation and end up creating cold spots.

Get a nice-fitting sleeping bag such as the rectangular-shaped ones that are narrower in the shoulder and widen as you extend to the hip and knee. It is always good to first check the dimensions of the bag before buying to see if it is the right fit for you.

External Layer

The external layer on your sleeping bag needs to be made of toughened material that is flexible and strong enough to cope with the rugged ground surface without suffering any tears.

Whether you’re camping on rocky terrain or thorny territory, the sleeping bag should survive the night without losing its shape.

Extra Features

There are several extra features on sleeping bags that help to make them more practical and comfortable to use. These will include aspects such as ventilation which makes the bag breathable so that you remain at ease even when the conditions are humid.

Pockets also come in handy when you want to safely store accessories such as phones when you’re sleeping. Finally, a zip coupling feature enables the sleeping to be paired with each other in the event you want to sleep close to your partner at night.


Insulation on your sleeping bag can be down or synthetic. The down design proves crucial when you want to protect yourself from cold, as well as hot conditions as you sleep.

Meanwhile, synthetic models are more ideal when it comes to protection against rains. You may also find blended insulation sleeping bags that offer safety from all these three elements.

So..What is the Smallest Sleeping Bag when Packed?

Rab Ascent 900 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag

Ascent-900-Hydrophobic-Down-Sleeping-Bag The Rab Ascent 900 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag is a top performing sleeping bag that belongs on this list because there aren't too many Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bags that have a packed size of 24x45cm.
There are smaller packs on this list, but when you factor in the hydrophobic down qualities and the fact its a Rab Sleeping Bag, it's well worth the investment.
Made from Rab® fluorocarbon free Hydrophobic Down and coupled with Nikwax®, it's a super high quality 650FP European Duck Down bag and is the perfect blend of size, performance and weight. Hydrophobic Down Nikwax Coating Wide Foot Area Not the cheapest

Teton Sports Ultralight Sleeping Bag

teton-ultralight-sleeping-bag Buy on Amazon UK

The TETON Sports Leef sleeping bag might not be the lightest option in the market, but it is surely one of the most compact-sized you can find.

The bag weighs 29 pounds, although it can be compressed to measure 14 by 6.5 inches, which is conveniently small to carry on your journeys.

Unlike other mummy-shaped bags, this model comes with a three-piece hood that contours your face while still offering enough room for movement. You also get a drawstring to tightly cinch down for additional warmth.

The bag is made of 100% high-grade polyester with soft lining, as well as a double-layer offset stitch construction that enhances warmth and comfort. A draft tube with padding along the zipper helps to keep drafts out while making you feel even warmer.


It also features anti-snag zippers to prevent dragging the delicate lining, which ultimately prevents any kind of damage to your precious sleeping bag for long-lasting performance.

A great distinguishing feature on the TETON sleeping bag is the interior storage pocket, which allows you to store essential accessories such as phones, wallets, keys, iPads, etc. that you can’t afford to be too far from.

Hyke & Byke Quandry Sleeping Bag

hyke-and-byke-quandary-sleeping-bag Buy on Amazon UK

Lightness and a highly portable compressed size are just some of the highlights you get on the Hyke & Byke Quandary sleeping bag. It measures 10” in length, with a 7.5” diameter and is available in three lengths, including short, regular, and long.

Whichever option you decide to go with, you can expect an addition of fewer than 3 pounds to your luggage. The down used in these bags is sourced from reliable suppliers and IDFL certified, which prevents the birds from being live-plucked or even force-fed.


The bag features a hydrophobic 650 FP Duck Down that offers you small compressibility, as well as exceptional warmth. It also maximizes the amount of down in each chamber to enhance the size and loft of the bag for your ultimate comfort.

The outer layer features a 400T 20D ripstop nylon fabric liner with a silky-texture and is water-repellant. This will not only be comfortable on your skin but also ensure that you develop no allergies.


Overall, the Hyke & Byke is a small pack size, lightweight sleeping bag with a high-grade construction.
This 3-season classic mummy sleeping bag has all it takes to keep you warm in every season that comes.

Camtoa Ultralight Sleeping Bag

camtoa-sleeping-bag Buy on Amazon UK

Camtoa offers you three new regular lightweight sleeping bags that are designed with a polyester coating sheet. This waterproof bag makes for a comfortable night’s sleep, regardless of the weather.

It is ultra-delicate and keeps you warm and comfortable as you sleep. The zipper on the bag is made with strong ABS material that winds up with Velcro for ease of use. This functions quite easily and has the sturdiness to remain in top condition despite repeated use.

The Velcro tape keeps the double zip from scratching on the skin, which ensures your comfort while side pockets on the sleeping bag will safely provide storage for any accessories such as phones and keys that you may be carrying.


The vast size of this amazingly structured bag makes it a great choice for regular users.
It comes in a range of sizes and hues and you'll have an easy time cleaning the stains off it. Just throw it in a washing machine and let it do the job for you!

The only downside is that the polyester material this bag is made of heats up quickly which causes the bag to get heated as soon as the season changes.

Snugpak Insulated Jungle Blanket

snugpack-jungle-blanket Buy on Amazon UK

This a well-specified and keenly-priced synthetic blanket (which acts as a sleeping bag) that has been designed to be part of a "system" alongside other Softpak items. It comes with a smock to offer you additional insulation, as well as a bivi bag with a waterproof shell. However, the Snugpak can still be used on its own and offers you a great bang for the buck!


The outer layer is a water-repellant Paratex Micro to protect you from the elements and requires a good amount of care.
Its ¼ length YKK zip does well to maintain heat inside the bag so that you remain warm and cozy throughout the night.

Being one of the cheapest and most lightweight bags you can find, this will make for a great option when you want to travel small and light. And despite the little compromise on comfort, you still get a functional sleeping bag that you won’t regret having.

OutdoorsmanLab Sleeping Pad

outdoorsmanlab-sleeping-pad Buy on Amazon UK

This light sleeping pad (which gets a special mention here due to its lightweight capabilities) can be compressed to 9 by2.75 inches when you pack it and only weighs 15oz, which is just the right load for a person on the move. It offers great quality and comes with a friendly price tag that many campers can afford.


The bag features high-grade ultralight rip-stop 20D nylon material and an extruded TPU to offer you great durability, abrasion-resistance, and waterproofness.
This leaves you with a rugged sleeping pad that will last through multiple camping cycles.

High elastic Velcro on the bag’s neckline keeps the zipper from erroneously pulling open and letting in the cold wind, which ensures that your sleep will not be interrupted.

Equinox Sleeping Bag

equinox-sleeping-bag Buy on Amazon UK

This is among the warmest sleeping bags you can find in the market. It offers the best protection and comes with a design that aligns with the shape of your body. It is thin at the feet and broadens towards the shoulder while a hood conveniently surrounds your head as you sleep.

You won’t have to worry about insufficient sleep or mental exhaustion when using this sleeping bag. Expect the best camping experience and worry less about irritable experiences during your adventure.

The bag is light, not very cumbersome, and offers an incredible weight-to-warmth ratio. It has enough wriggle room to free up your feet and shoulders when you are turning in your sleep to find the perfect resting position.

The straightjacket feel of this mummy-style bag may not be for everyone, but it does offer great insulation and warmth retention.


Everyone will have their own preferences when it comes to searching for a small sleeping bag to take on a hiking trip. However, the best models always tend to come with the same features.

The above options are some of the smallest sleeping bags when packed that you will find today. They will make a good starting point for you if you are looking for a practical sleeping bag that will enhance your outdoor experience!

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