The Best Mens Waterproof Winter Coats (UPDATED)

The Best Mens Waterproof Winter Coats (UPDATED)

The Best Mens Waterproof Winter Coats


The Best Mens Waterproof Winter Coats Rating Link
Rab Kangri GTX jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
Berghaus Men’s Hillwalker Interactive Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
North Face Men's Fornet Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
Berghaus Deluge Pro Waterproof 4.5/5 Buy Here
North Face Men’s Resolve 2 Winter Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
North Face Men's McMurdo Parka III 4.5/5 Buy Here
Jack Wolfskin Men's Glacier Canyon Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here

The summer season is almost gone (In the UK more like the summer "Week") and so is the hot sun that allowed us to dress a bit more chilled and go for a casual dip on the weekend!

For those who like to spend most of their time in the outdoors, there is no better time to prepare for the bitter UK winter season. A great winter coat will keep you dry, warm, and cozy but still ensure that you look good if you want to go hiking!

Whether you are a hiker, mountaineer, or skier, it is wise to start updating your winter clothing when you still have time.
While there is no shortage of awesome winter jackets in the market, finding the best among them might require more than a little due diligence. So, to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for when you go shopping, let's take a look at the best mens waterproof winter coats in 2020. If you're in the market for a cheaper coat, then check out our recent article: The Best Waterproof Jacket Under 100

Best Mens Waterproof Winter Coats - Buyers Guide

mens-waterproof-winter-coats-buyers-guide Certain factors help to separate a bargain-basement jacket from a fully-fledged winter outdoor gear. The right winter coat stacks a variety of features that make it practical to use when temperatures fall to unbearable levels and even when there is precipitation. Below are the features to look for if you've ever asked: What are the best mens waterproof winter coats?


weight Some winter jackets can be too bulky and become a burden for cold-weather expeditions. They not only make you appear bloated but also weigh you down and take up too much of your luggage space. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now find lightweight winter coats that pack down easily. This leaves you with a more practical accessory that allows you to keep on hiking comfortably without compromising the cold-weather protection you require.


Different materials and fabrics are used when manufacturing high-quality winter jackets. These may range from cotton and polyester for the interior lining while the exterior typically features water-resistant fabrics such as Gore-Tex and HyVent. Make sure you consider the materials used to make the coats when searching for the ideal winter gear.


Your search for the perfect winter jacket shouldn’t be based on quantity, rather on quality. Some coats come with several layers, including an outer layer for additional insulation but this may not be enough. When looking for the best mens waterproof winter coat, you need one that allows you to throw on a couple of layers underneath. This means there should be enough space to wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt without making you feel suffocated.


Three major types of insulation are used when it comes to winter jackets. These include down feathers, synthetic fibers, and synthetic fleece. Insulation is meant to trap the heat your body is releasing so that you continue staying warm in the cold temperatures.
While all three insulation types have the same effect on your jacket, there is a certain degree of difference as far as effectiveness is concerned.
Generally, down feathers are the gold standard for jacket manufacturers. The down comes from either ducks or geese and can maintain its initial loft volume for years on end with the appropriate care and maintenance. On the other hand, synthetic insulation is artificially made to mimic the properties of down using plasticized fibers. Although not as effective, the advantage of synthetic fibers is that they don’t clump up the way down feathers do when exposed to wetness.


To get the most out of your winter jacket, you must find a jacket that fits your body size perfectly. Wearing too big a jacket will add too much bulkiness and make you uneasy during your adventure whereas too small a coat will undermine layering underneath the jacket and even impede the free movement of your arms.
In short, the right fit of a winter jacket helps to enhance and maintain your level of comfort throughout the adventure!

Water-resistance and Wind Protection

Waterproofness is a crucial feature that any winter coat should offer and essential when thinking about the best mens waterproof winter coats. This will come in handy when it starts to precipitate without warning and there is no shelter in sight. In most cases, fabrics such as eVent, Gore-Tex, and H2NO are used to waterproof jackets. These allow you to continue walking in the rain without getting wet or cold. The jacket should also be wind-resistance to protect you from the cold winter wind. Its seams should be tight enough not to let any air sneak inside and make you feel cold.


This is another critical feature on a jacket that many people tend to overlook. The hood helps to protect your face and head from the ice-cold winds. Why would you want to keep your abdomen warm and cozy when your face is exposed to the cold? The hood further adds to the jacket’s aesthetics.
When choosing a winter jacket, make sure that the hood is adjustable!
Some have elastic edges that can be cinched to tightly fit against your face so that there is no wind getting through.


The degree of warmth offered by winter jackets is determined by the fill power rating and this usually relates to the down quality used for insulation. This rating is generally dependent on the weight of the down used inside the jacket. Lighter feathers will offer a higher fill power rating because they can be compressed to a higher degree. Another way to determine the warmth of a jacket is by checking the down fill weight. You can do this by looking at how thick the coat is. Considering both the fill power and weight allows you to get a better idea of how much warmth you can expect from the winter coat you’re about to buy!


Price can never be overlooked when you’re making a buying decision. You want to make sure that the coat you choose is within your budget. Remember that the most expensive products don’t always offer the highest quality. The best decision should be based on matching the right features against the price range you’re comfortable with.

Best Mens Waterproof Winter Coats - Reviews

The Best Mens Waterproof Winter Coats Rating Link
Rab Kangri GTX jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
Berghaus Men’s Hillwalker Interactive Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
North Face Men's Fornet Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
Berghaus Deluge Pro Waterproof 4.5/5 Buy Here
North Face Men’s Resolve 2 Winter Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
North Face Men's McMurdo Parka III 4.5/5 Buy Here
Jack Wolfskin Men's Glacier Canyon Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here

Rab Kangri GTX jacket

rab-kangri-waterproof-jacket If you have more than enough to spend on a winter jacket, the Rab Kangri GTX is a nice choice that will offer value for your money. It will come in handy on those multi-day expeditions in the wilderness during the rugged UK winter.
This men’s version comes with all the warmth features to protect you from the cold, as well as keep you looking stylish on the trail. The outer Gore-Tex shell is not only hard-wearing but also waterproof to keep moisture away. Despite this, it still maintains a breathable design to keep you comfortable when the temperatures rise underneath the jacket. Water-resistant YKK zippers further ensure that there is no moisture seeping in while the main zip at the centre features a storm flap to keep the inner of the jacket dry.
The manufacturer included large internal pockets to provide plenty of storage space for all the tools and accessories you might want to carry.
You still get additional pockets on the outside for unlimited storage for items like maps and a flashlight. Breathability in the Rab Kangi GTX coat has been enhanced by a big under-arm zip. This allows fresh air to flow in without having to take off the jacket. There is also a hood to protect your face from the cold winds and these come with a cinch and hemline to provide a tight fit around your face. Furthermore, Velcro cuffs and an adjustable waist hemline ensure that there is no draught sneaking in. Pros
  1. Plenty of storage space

  2. High-quality YKK zippers

  3. Waterproof Gore-Tex material

  4. Comfortable to wear

  1. Expensive

Berghaus Men’s Hillwalker Interactive Jacket

berghaus-mens-hillwalker-waterproof-jacket The Hillwalker Interactive Waterproof Jacket is a nice offering from Berghaus that will allow you to cope with the winter more comfortably. It has a simple and plain design with a seamless fit to keep you comfortable. A fabric overlap conceals a unique interactive zip element that lets you zip in any compatible mid-layers to enhance warmth inside, as well as waterproofing abilities. The outer layer features a hard-wearing rip-stop fabric that makes for durable use in tough environmental conditions. It is a high-grade clothing accessory that will withstand high levels of abrasion without suffering damage. A Gore-Tex fabric on the outer layer enhances the water-resistance abilities of the Hillwalker.
This will fully shield your body against raindrops and other forms of precipitation while remaining completely breathable for continued comfort when the temperatures are a little high inside.
The sleeves of the jacket can be tightened around the wrists to keep the cold breeze at bay so that you continue enjoying the warmth. You also get a roll-away hood that offers needed protection to your face and head. However, you can conveniently pack it away when the sun comes out to enjoy some warmth on your head. Two hand-warmer pockets on either side further ensure that you keep warm even when you don’t have gloves on.
Finally, the Berghaus Men’s Hillwalker winter coat is lightweight and packs down easily when you want to store it.
My only wish is that the manufacturer would have included inner pockets for safe storing of delicate items one might want to bring on the adventure. Otherwise, this heavy-duty winter jacket has all it takes to earn its place in the best mens waterproof winter coats list! Pros
  1. 2L Gore-Tex outer shell

  2. Abrasion-resistant for durability

  3. Roll-away hood

  4. Water and windproof

  5. Interactive zip element

  1. No inside pocket

Berghaus Deluge Pro Waterproof

berghaus-deluge-pro If you’re on a restrictive budget, the Berghaus Deluge Pro is a nice option that ensures you won’t spend a fortune on a winter jacket. The coat is fully waterproof and allows you to brave the wettest of days. This is a credit to the double layer waterproof hydro shell fabric that keeps the raindrops at bay. A fully adjustable hood has conveniently been included to shield your face against the cold winds. The Deluge Pro is lightweight jacket and won’t be burdensome no matter how long you wear it. It also packs small, which makes it easy to carry when you’re not wearing it. Its adjustable hem allows you to get a versatile fit while making sure that no draught sneaks in.
Two-zipped pockets on the left and right will be useful when you have small items to carry, such as keys or a phone.
You can also bury your freezing hands inside when the temperatures become unbearable. The most notable grievance from users, however, is that the jacket is not as breathable as you may expect. This can be a drag when it gets a little hot. Overall, the Berghaus Deluge Pro is a stylish and functional outdoor gear that is aptly engineered for UK weather. It is perfectly suited for those long outdoor adventures like a hike or a trek in the mountains and one of our favourites in this list of best mens waterproof winter coats. Pros
  1. Slim-fitting design

  2. Lightweight construction

  3. Waterproof Hydro-shell fabric

  4. Adjustable hood and hem

  5. Affordable

  1. Not breathable

North Face Men’s Resolve 2 Winter Jacket

northface-mens-resolve-jacket North Face is a brand that made its name from producing outdoor gear that come in handy in the unforgiving winter weather. The Northface Resolve 2 winter jacket is just one of the quality offerings you can find on their endless product line. The coat is available in numerous sizes, from S to XL, ensuring that you get just the right fit for you.
It comes with waterproof outer fabric to shield you against the rain yet still maintains a breathable functionality with its well-ventilated mesh lining.
The DryVent shell features a polyurethane coating that keeps out water droplets while at the same time promoting ventilation. The jacket boasts a lightweight build that fits true to size. A secure zip runs down the middle to keep you warm and protected from the cold wind. The fabrics used on the torso and arms are both wind-resistant, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable hike even when the temperatures fall to uncomfortable levels.
Its adjustable hood features an elastic lining that helps to hold the hood tightly around the face so that you are safe from the freezing winds.
Its taffeta sleeves also allow for stretchability for those who prefer a tighter fit. However, some people have complained about the high collar on the jacket, which can be a little irritating. Furthermore, the Resolve 2 winter jacket has a seamless design with the “North Face” logo on the left chest area, so you can’t miss it when you go shopping. It is also lightweight and will prove practical on long winter walks or hikes in the mountains. You’ll have an easy time carrying it in a bag because it packs small, leaving lots of room for other luggage you may want to carry. Pros
  1. Easy to store and carry

  2. Waterproof yet breathable fabric

  3. Adjustable hood and sleeves

  4. DryVent mesh liner for breathability

  1. High collar

North Face Men's McMurdo Parka III

northface-mcmurdo-3-jacket If you’re bracing for a cold winter ahead, then you need a jacket that will make it easy for you when push comes to shove! The McMurdo Parka III from North Face is just what you need for the job. It has the relevant features to ensure that you remain warm when temperatures fall below freezing point. This well-insulated jacket comes with a super-waterproof outer shell that will keep any precipitation from getting inside. It is also durable and will serve you diligently on multiple expeditions in the outdoors. All the features you find on the McMurdo have specifically been designed to keep the elements out.
For instance, the jacket incorporates 550 down fill that has been humanely sourced to ensure that you don’t lose body heat to your surroundings.
The high down rating allows you to remain warm and cozy in sub-zero temperatures. A DryVent double layer system on the outside is highly waterproof but remains breathable enough not to make you feel suffocated. The hood has been appropriately designed with adjustable cords to cinch close to your face and protect from the cold wind. This is emphasized by faux fur around the hood, which is a useful anti-wind feature. Both the fur and hood are removable, so you can stow them away on the occasional times the sun comes out. Multiple pockets have been included on this jacket to make sure that you have more than adequate storage space. These will also be relevant when you want to keep your hands warm in very cold conditions.
The Velcro cuffs cinch close around the wrists while the waist cord help to keep the cold breeze outside.
This ensures that you remain warm and comfortable at all times. The only downside is that this jacket is quite huge. It may not be the right choice for small-bodied individuals, who might find it a little bulky and weighty on the trail. All in all, you’ll fall in love with the practicality of the North Face Men’s McMurdo Parka III. Pros
  1. Multiple pockets for unlimited storage capacity

  2. Waterproof and comfortable

  3. 500 down fill

  4. Velcro cuffs and waist-cord

  5. Removable hood

  1. Large and heavy

Jack Wolfskin Men's Glacier Canyon Jacket

jack-wolfskin-glacier-waterproof-jacket This is a great choice for those who travel a lot and those who participate in active winter sports such as skiing. The Jack Wolfskin Men's Glacier Canyon Jacket is extremely comfortable to wear. It is made out of a flexible fabric that allows for a nice fit. A well-designed detachable hood serves to shield your hair from the rain but you can always stow it away when the sun comes out. Two roomy pockets on either side have been included to offer storage space and these are zippered for safekeeping. The Jack Wolfskin Men's Glacier Canyon Jacket features underarm zips that can be opened to enhance ventilation when it gets hot underneath. It also allows you to zip in fleeces when the temperatures drop. Overall, this is a versatile winter jacket that should be in your winter wardrobe! Pros
  1. Nice sporty design

  2. Underarm zips for ventilation

  3. Extremely comfortable

  1. High collar


Winter is coming! But that doesn’t have to send a shiver down your spine. With the right jacket by your side, you’ll be able to stave off the cold. The products above are just some of the best mens waterproof winter coats 2020 that you should have in mind the next time you want to update your winter wardrobe.

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