Best Mens Full Length Waterproof Raincoat (UPDATED)

Best Mens Full Length Waterproof Raincoat (UPDATED)

Best Full Length Waterproof Coats


Best Mens Full Length Waterproof Raincoat Rating Link
Mountain Warehouse Glacier Extreme Mens Long Waterproof Jacket 5/5 Buy Here
Helly Hansen Waterproof Rigging Men's Outdoor 3-in-1 Jacket 5/5 Buy Here
Helly Hansen Womens Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
VAUDE Unisex Hiking Backpack Poncho 5/5 (top pick!) Buy Here

Let's face it, here in the UK it rains alot.. According to meteorological data, it rains at least 130 days of the year in the UK and what’s even worse is that the rain is spread throughout the year; it's hard to accurately predict when it's going to rain.

You might easily get ambushed by a torrential downpour when you least expected it to rain. To avoid getting caught up in all this, you must invest in a decent full-length waterproof jacket.

Whether you are travelling, hiking, or commuting to work, the right type of raincoat may be the difference between getting absolutely soaked and escaping the rain entirely!
There are plenty of options to choose from, especially from some of the more well known brands, however, not all big outdoor hiking brands offer full length waterproof coats, and even when they do, sometimes they are just large bomber jackets or down jackets, and not fully 100% waterproof.

What is the Right Length and Fit for a Raincoat?

The length of a winter raincoat is a sensitive topic that you cannot overlook when shopping for the right outdoor gear. If you pick too short a raincoat, it may not cover the full length of your body & protect you fully.

On the other hand, if the coat is too long, it can restrict your movements and even trip you while walking and end up irritating your mid layers on the trail. So, before you choose a brand, be sure to look for the right size for you. The right design for a raincoat should be longer at the back and shorter at the front.

This way, you get optimal coverage without necessarily impeding your movements while walking. The right fit is another aspect that cannot be overemphasised.

You have to factor in whether you’ll want to add some layers underneath the raincoat when shopping for a practical fit. Also, look at the length of the sleeves so that you don’t end up with the arms exposed to the cold breeze when you wear the raincoat. Finally, you don’t want something too tight that it undermines your comfort.

Also see our article on the best womens waterproof jackets with hoods.

Should My Full-Length Raincoat be Breathable?

Ideally you should look for a brand with a breathable fabric so that your comfort is not compromised when the rain ceases and the temperatures begin to rise.
Try to find the right balance between waterproofness and breathability.
Usually, a lower rate of breathability implies that the raincoat will sustain the warmth much better but lead to an unpleasantly humid feeling underneath. On the flip side, a higher breathability rate means that you will need more layers under the coat to stay warm and toasty.

Full Length Waterproof Coats - Reviews

Best Mens Full Length Waterproof Raincoat Rating Link
Mountain Warehouse Glacier Extreme Mens Long Waterproof Jacket 5/5 Buy Here
Helly Hansen Waterproof Rigging Men's Outdoor 3-in-1 Jacket 5/5 Buy Here
Helly Hansen Womens Jacket 4.5/5 Buy Here
VAUDE Unisex Hiking Backpack Poncho 5/5 (top pick!) Buy Here

Mountain Warehouse Glacier Extreme Mens Long Waterproof Jacket

Mountain-Warehouse-Glacier-Extreme-Mens-Long-Waterproof-Jacket The Mountain Warehouse Glacier Extreme long waterproof jacket for men is a high-performance piece of outdoor gear that will cover you in the roughest weather. It has a nice long design that sits just above the knees, ensuring that most parts of your body are fully shielded against the elements. The jacket uses IsoDry technology in its construction to offer a waterproof yet breathable membrane, which stops raindrops from getting inside. The outer shell fabric boasts a 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head value, which means it can stave off torrential downpours that ambush you in the middle of the trail.
This is further reinforced by taped seams across all the stitched areas. Despite the strong waterproofing performance, the Glacier Extreme remains breathable enough to keep you at ease in case of a slight hike in temperature.
You also get a detachable hood to protect your head and hair from the cold breeze and wetness respectively. You can easily conceal it in the collar when it stops raining and take it back out if necessary.
The collar is lined with fleece to leave you with a warm and cosy feeling when you wear the jacket. Meanwhile, the zipper running down the middle of the jacket allows for fast and easy fastening when you are running late for an appointment. Finally, plenty of pockets are incorporated into the raincoat, leaving you with more than adequate storage space. There are two front pockets, two inner pockets, as well as a map pocket in the left breast area; making it one of the best hiking jackets for space on this list. These provide you with secure storage for smaller accessories such as a torch, keys, a compass, etc. Whether you want to go hiking, camping, or mountain climbing, this versatile offering from Mountain Warehouse will serve you exceptionally on any adventure you settle on. Highly waterproof Fleeced line collar Plenty of pockets Detachable hood Breathable IsoDry membrane A little bit oversized

Helly Hansen Waterproof Rigging Men's Outdoor 3-in-1 Jacket

Helly-Hansen-Voss-Rain-Coat Helly Hansen are a world renowned outdoor clothing manufacturer, and are known for the quality of their outdoor gear. Their Waterproof Rigging Men's Outdoor 3-in-1 Jacket is no exception! Coming in at only 660g it is extremely lightweight and versatile. It comes with two pockets either side and has a waterproof hood with drawstring, perfect for when it starts pouring it down with rain. Lightweight Waterproof Effortless button fastening Certified according to EN 343 protective clothing Issues with Breathability

Helly Hansen Womens Jacket

In the unpredictable UK weather, having a reliable jacket is not just a matter of comfort, but a necessity. The Helly Hansen Women's Waterproof Jacket proves to be a worthy companion for those venturing outdoors, come rain or shine.

The first thing you notice is its sleek design, embodying a modern yet functional aesthetic. The quality of craftsmanship is evident, living up to the Helly Hansen reputation. It's not just about looks; the functionality is where this jacket truly shines. The waterproof feature ensures you stay dry, while the breathability aspect ensures comfort even during rigorous activities.

One of the standout features is its durability. This jacket is built to withstand the harsh elements, making it a long-term investment for outdoor enthusiasts. The fit is flattering yet allows for ample movement, ensuring you are not restricted during your outdoor adventures.

In conclusion, the Helly Hansen Women's Waterproof Jacket is a blend of style, functionality, and durability, making it a worthy investment for those seeking a reliable outdoor jacket.

Vaude Unisex Hiking Backpack Poncho

VAUDE-Unisex-Hiking-Backpack-Poncho If you’ve had enough of the non-stop rain on the trail whenever you go hiking in the winter months, this poncho will offer just the solution you need to stay dry. It helps to keep you focused on the hike in the face of a torrential downpour and ensures that your adventure is not prematurely interrupted.
This waterproof hiking poncho from Vaude allows excellent weather protection and will be a great option for adventurers who don’t let the winter weather confine them to the indoors.
The raincoat is made using 100% polyamide fabric with a water-repellent Eco finish. This is applied over the surface of the outer shell and ensures that raindrops slide down the fabric without getting through. If you care for the environment, you’ll appreciate that no harmful fluorocarbons were used in the manufacture of the poncho, so you can rest easy knowing that you are playing your part in keeping Mother Nature safe when you buy this raincoat. VAUDE-Unisex-Hiking-Backpack-Poncho2 This jacket impresses with a reliable waterproof and windproof performance, which serves to offer you great bad-weather protection. However, the coat is still pretty breathable to keep you comfortable when the temperatures begin to rise. The lightweight construction allows for practicality on the trail, ensuring that you remain mobile without feeling weighed down. There is also an adjustable hood included, protecting your hair and face from the rain and cold. At the back of the poncho is a zipper that you can use to create more space to comfortably fit a backpack. This should ensure that none of the camping gear you’re carrying gets wet or damaged by the wetness. For easy carriage, the poncho features its own small pocket in which it packs down easily when you want to transport it.
If you feel the coat is too long and hindering your walk on the trail, it is possible to adjust its length and secure it between the legs so that the wind doesn’t keep blowing it around.
Overall, this is a durable waterproof poncho that will be invaluable when the weather gets rainy during an outdoor expedition in the wilderness. When paired with waterproof rain trousers and boots, a heavy downpour will be the least of your concerns. Another thing to note is that the material used to make the poncho is Bluesign certified, so you know you’re investing in an environmentally-friendly product. The only thing is that for a tall person, the sleeves might feel a little bit too short. Waterproof and windproof Eco finish for environmental sustenance Lightweight and comfortable Great for rainy hikes Breathable fabric Comes with a built-in carry pouch Bluesign certified Short sleeves


Buying the right type of long waterproof raincoat can be a daunting task. There is a long list of brands to asses if you hope to find the perfect product for you. Luckily, you don’t have to go through all that trouble. The above review of the best men’s full-length waterproof raincoats provides you with a wonderful starting point in your search for the best that the market has to offer.


Are Raincoats good for Winter?

The majority of raincoats on the market are designed as basic shells that simply shield you from the rain without overheating. As such, the material is relatively light and may not do a great job of keeping the cold at bay. Nevertheless, some manufacturers design their products with snug inner linings that help to reduce the cold. Fleece lining is one of the popular additions in raincoats that want to deliver some degree of warmth.

Can you wash a raincoat in a washing machine?

Before you wash your raincoat, be sure to go through the manufacturer’s care instructions. This is usually printed on the coat’s tag and spells out precisely how you should care for the raincoat. Usually, most rain gear needs to air dry, and throwing it in a machine tends to peel off the waterproof coatings. So, if your coat can be put inside the dryer, make sure you add a towel to pad it in the spin cycle. Washing your raincoat in a washing machine could end up spelling trouble for your brand new piece of kit, especially if it has a DWR, Durable Water Repellent Coating, it may affect the integrity of this covering.

How Should I Store My Raincoat?

Before you store your coat, ensure that it is completely dry to keep any mould and mildew from forming. Find a well-ventilated area in the closet to hang it and keep it from direct light to prevent fading. In case of wrinkles, don’t iron the raincoat. Rather, simply lay it on the bed to get rid of the wrinkles.

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