The Best Luxury Camping Beds and Mattresses for Camping (UPDATED)

The Best Luxury Camping Beds and Mattresses for Camping (UPDATED)

The Best Luxury Camping Beds and Mattresses


Let's get this clear....everybody loves their sleep, right?

For those going on a multi-day camping trip, bringing along a camping bed or an air mattress will be a great way to achieve this, as opposed to sleeping on the unforgiving terrain!

A good quality camp bed could be the difference-maker on a week-long hiking and camping trip.

However, there are so many camping beds and mattresses in the market; finding the best among all these can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

It’s a good thing we’re saving you all that trouble by reviewing the best luxury camping beds and mattresses available on the market today!

Let's get started with a camping bed guide firstly, grab a coffee and enjoy the article! :D

Best Luxury Camping Bed Buying Guide


With so many products on the market, how the heck are you meant to know what to look for? Well thankfully we have compiled a mini guide for you to have a skim over.

Type of Camping Bed

Different types of gear can make the perfect camping bed, depending on your needs and preferences. This article is mainly about Luxury Camping Beds, but as a rough guide, the possible options may include the following:

Foam Roll Mats


These fall into the basic end of the market.

If you’re not a frequent camper, you might find them to be a good solution for a night or two of camping. It doesn’t get cheaper and simpler than foam roll mats and even though you won’t get the ultimate comfort, you’ll sufficiently be sorted for the night.

Besides, it will be a nice way of getting yourself acquainted with sleeping under the open skies if you’re still new to camping. But for those who do it regularly and are willing to invest in a more comfortable and supportive bed, there are better alternatives in the market.

Air Beds


An air bed will take you higher in the luxury and comfort scale as far as camping beds are concerned. They generally have a simple operation; just inflate the bed with a foot, hand, or even an electric pump in a matter of seconds and you’ll be good to go.

The air bed is a little smaller compared to the bed you have at home but provides you with an even surface above the rugged camping floor, decent comfort level, easy-to-store, and budget solution to your night's rest during a hiking trip.

On the flip side, if your tent does not come with a floor, the air bed can easily be rendered useless with a slight prick by a twig or sharp stone.
Also, a double air bed causes weight adjustment every time a person shifts on the bed, which can be discomforting to the bedmate.

Self-inflating Mats


Self-inflating mats employ clever mechanics that allow them to expand into a fully-functional sleeping mat from practically nothing after opening a valve. You might have to top it up towards the end by blowing into the valve, although the hard part is done for you.

These mats prove to be a popular option for campers because of the small and lightweight design.

Today, you can find all budget levels for self-inflating mats, with some featuring a foam layer inside that allows for a level of degree insulation.

The only downside to these mats is that there is no enough padding for those sleeping on either side to feel comfortable.

Camp Beds


This can traditionally be referred to as a “bed”. It comes with a foldable design and allows you to get some height from the floor, ideal for people who don't want to camp amongst the creepy crawlies.

Camp beds can either be bought as single or double-sized; they’ll require more storage space inside your car but can be very rewarding when you finally lay down to sleep at night.

They are a comfortable option that keeps bugs and other crawlers from getting to your sleeping bag.
Also, they find a good balance between comfort and cost. On the other hand, they can’t fit inside smaller tents given their width and height.

Ready (All-in-One Beds)


When using an inflatable air mattress, these models feature an attached sleeping bag. They are the ideal models for kids today since sleeping bags can easily be zipped away from the base. As an all-in-one solution, these beds save you the trouble of packing everything individually.

Also, they have straps that make them easy to transport. When it comes to drawbacks, the sleeping bag you get is not as comfortable as the one you would buy separately and can be a little restrictive for those who like to fidget in their sleep.

Double-Height Air Mattress


These mattresses do exactly what their name suggests; they allow you to sleep higher from the ground compared to a standard air bed. It is a great option for people with back conditions who find it troubling to stand up and sit down.

It feels more like an actual bed since you are a safe distance from the ground.

Also, the mattresses are available in a range of sizes, including king, queen, double, and single. For added insulation, you can address this with extra blankets. On the other side, these mattresses take their time to inflate and can be too cold to sleep on for some.

Your Needs and Preferences

Your needs will always remain the most crucial part of the equation when it comes to shopping for a camping bed. Whereas some campers go on regular adventures on the trail, others take their time before they can go on a camping trip. Additionally, some people prefer to go camping in the warmer months of the year while others have no problem doing it with the cold to worry about.

All these are aspects that should influence your decision when you want to choose a camp bed. If possible, you can even note down a list of all your requirements to find a bed that ticks them all. This way, you won’t have to regret buying a bed that doesn’t meet all your needs.

Your Budget

For anything that you’re ever going to buy, it is always wise to ensure that it will fit within your budget. The same applies when it comes to investing in a camping bed. If your budget is limited, go for something affordable but make sure that it offers you the best value for your money at that price range.

On the other hand, if your budget is unlimited, then why not make the most of it by getting the best offer on the market?

The Best Luxury Camping Beds:


Outwell Posadas Foldaway


This is the perfect option for a couple searching for a lightweight double camp bed. The Outwell Posadas Foldaway comes with a simple folding design that allows the bed to be erected and collapsed effortlessly; it will only take you a matter of seconds.

A combination of aluminium and high-strength steel has been employed to deliver an impressively formidable frame for the camp bed while still keeping the bed conveniently lightweight at 13kg.


The collapsible design allows for easy packaging when you want to transport it and is economical on space. A carry bag has been provided to assist in keeping it dry and enhance the convenience of transporting it.

The bed also features a polyester upholstery fabric that is sturdy and durable. Padded cushions help to add comfort when sleeping on this bed, as well as a pleasant headrest.

There is enough space to comfortably fit two average-sized individuals and plenty of support to hold their weight with a max load of 2 x 125Kg
Overall, the Outwell Posadas Foldaway camp bed offers you a strong, durable, ad lightweight option that you can carry along on your multi-day camping trips. It also comes with a decent price tag that any camping couple will be lucky to get.. As far as luxury camping beds go, it's not going to break the bank!

KingCamp – Ultralite compact folding camp cot


The is a decent piece of camping kit from KingCamp that you’ll be glad to take on your adventures. The Ultra-lite luxury camping bed is an extremely efficient model that offers easy installation and can pack down small. The bed will also surprise you with the amount of load it can carry.

It will comfortably hold user weights of up to 120kg.

There is also a range of outstanding features such as anti-slip elastic straps, as well as a pillow bag that can be stuffed inside the carry bag to make a snug pillow.
kingcamp-foldaway- This ensures that you get all the comfort to allow for a good night’s sleep.

If you’re an avid camper looking for a functional camp bed and willing to spend extra to get the best; look no further than the KingCamp Ultra-lite foldable cot.

Jay-Be Value Folding Bed


Compact, lightweight, foldable; these are just some of the convenient features that the Jay-Be camp bed boasts. It will be a great alternative for someone looking for a price-friendly and easy to use camping bed.

It comes with a rugged frame and a fine breathable mattress that will keep you comfortable throughout the night. There’s a lot that you’ll like about this bed.

Among the main shortcomings of using a camping bed for sleeping is that it can be very cumbersome. Compared to a sleeping bag, they are bulkier and heavier, not to mention that they can be quite a nuisance when you want to transport them.

Fortunately, this won’t be an issue with the Jay-Be camp bed, it has a lightweight and collapsible frame that allows for easy storage and transportation. The mattress also consists of breathable fibres that make it more comfortable than a sleeping bag.


The bed is also well elevated above the ground, which is something that you look for in a camping bed.

This shields you from the cold floor and prevents bugs from getting into your sleeping bag. A J-Tex spring base system on the bed delivers strong support that is durable enough to last several camping trips.

Furthermore, the bed is safe and secure, exceeding European safety standards while the frame features a lifetime guarantee.

Kid-O-Bunk – Kids Bunk Set


If you’ll be bringing the little ones along on the camping trips, this is a great way to ensure that they get the best of sleep out in the wilderness. The Kid-O-Bunk Kids Bunk set is a great offering that can be used as a bunk bed, two single beds, or a couch. This leaves you with a variety of options to cater to the amount of litter that you came with.

The bed is quite easy to set up; it requires no tools to assemble and will take you a matter of minutes. It also fully collapses for easy storage and transportation whenever there is a need.


The polyester fabric used on the bed is durable and strong enough to support your kids. Side organisers and carry bags have also been included to make the bed more functional and convenient when it comes to storing things such as toys.

The design of the bed is invaluable for those who want more space to sleep, especially when you consider that you can separate it into two single beds. Overall, the Kid-O-Bunk camp bed is a practical camping accessory that offers a lot of fun to your kids during a hiking trip.

Coleman Comfort Airbed


Camping with your child or spouse can make for a great experience, as long as you have a comfortable place to lay your head. This just what the Coleman Comfort Air bed offers you!

It is an affordable and cozy airbed that you’ll have a lot of fun with on the camp site. With the help of an electric pump, you can inflate the airbed in a matter of minutes.

The bed also easily deflates, thanks to a double lock valve system, when you want to store it. It is firm and provides you with a stable bed that will support your body weight.


It is manufactured using ultra-thick and puncture-resistant PVC material that protects it from easy damage. However, a repair kit has been included in the kit for when the repair needs arise.

You also get a carry bag on a weight that weighs just 3.6kg. It is not only comfortable but also lightweight and fun to use.

King Camp Luxury Camping Bed


Whatever kind of tent you’re using for your camping, you’ll need to get something lightweight that will allow you to install it easily. However, you don’t want to be too tall or big so that it fits inside the tent comfortably.

The King Camp offers you that and more. This bed packs down easily with and measures 36 by 13 by 13cm in dimensions.


It only weighs around 2.2kg, so it shouldn’t be a problem when you have to carry it to your camp spot on foot.

However, it doesn’t have thermal insulation and you’d want to add a roll mat on top if you’re camping in the colder months of the year. The bed remains comfortable even without a roll mat and promises that you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep.

It sits low and comfortably inside your tent and comes with a price tag that makes it feel like an absolute bargain.
It is also available in an array of exciting colors that you can choose from to satisfy your preferences.

Terra Hiker Ultra-Lightweight Camp Bed


The Terra Hiker Ultra-Lightweight Luxury Camping Bed is a simple camp bed that has a lot to offer and serves as a great example of why less is more when you’re buying a camping bed. Firstly, it features a super lightweight design that would be ideal for those distant adventures. Whether you’re hiking, camping, hunting, or backpacking, the bed collapses into a small size that will effortlessly fit most kits.

It only weighs 1.3kg, so you have to worry about an extra weight burden on your luggage. Despite being so lightweight and compact when folded, this bed will surprise you with the ample space it offers once it has fully been installed.
It can easily accommodate one person for a comfortable sleep and its frame construction is strong enough to support a maximum user weight of 250kg. This is more than the weight of an average hiker.

Durability is another high point of this bed.

The frames are made using high-grade aluminum alloy, which assists to keep the bed stable without pushing the overall weight of the bed too high.
The Oxford fabric used on the bed is also stretch-resistant and waterproof to provide you with all the support you need even when the bed is elevated from the ground.

Also, you can easily stow it away at home when you’re not using it for camping so that you have a comfortable extra bed for those friends who like to pop in unannounced.

Active Era Air Bed


Air mattresses can make for exciting camp beds and the Active Era Air Bed is a good example of why you should consider getting one on your next purchase.

It comes with an appealing price tag and offers a great level of support, making it a go-to accessory for campers who enjoy a good night’s sleep. It comes with a built-in electric pump to make everything so much easier for you.

The pain and effort of inflating an air mattress with a hand pump won’t be an issue here. The electric pump can fill up the mattress in just two minutes, although you’ll need a power source to use it since its mains powered. But if you can’t access a mains power, there is a manual air-valve that you can use to inflate the mattress.

We can’t deny that comfort is one of the priorities that campers have when shopping for a camp bed.

With the Active era Air bed, you get a comfortable camp bed that will guarantee you a great night’s sleep.
It features 21 structured air coils that offer ample support and a built-in pillow provides you with a comfortable place to rest your head.

Furthermore, the top of the mattress is covered by a durable, waterproof fabric, as well as puncture resistance, providing you with a camp bed that can cope with the rough and tumble associated with camping.

Campart Travel – BE-0641 Field Bed


This smart and folding camp bed from the Dutch manufacturer Campart Travel proves to be a favorite in the market. It comes with nice navy and gray colors to make it one of the most stylish camp beds in our list, if not the most. The camp bed ticks when it comes to ease of use and comfort, thanks to its fold-out out mechanism.

A 600D polyester fabric offers a solid sleeping surface that will easily support the weight of the average camper.
It can support as much as 120kg and it 190-cm length when folded out means taller campers will have no trouble fitting on it. The camp bed’s steel frame has been powder coated to discourage rusting and this quality will come in handy when you have to camp in a rainy or dewy camping ground.

The self-adjusting legs help to enhance the user-friendliness of the bed which packs down to a 14 by 14 by 96cm size when folded. This means it will easily fit in its included carrier bag and the 7.9kg weight should ensure that you have no trouble carrying it.


So, the next time you’re are planning a multi-day camping trip, make sure that you have the right gear to guarantee yourself and your loved ones a comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep. The above brands are some of the best luxury camping beds and mattresses you can find in that market; why not give them a try!

Enjoy your Camping!

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