The Best Ladies Cycling Shoes (UPDATED)

The Best Ladies Cycling Shoes (UPDATED)

The Best Ladies Cycling Shoes


Nothing improves a ride quite like a new pair of ladies cycling shoes. A good pair of shoes can make you feel like a kid riding her bike again.

Who does not fondly remember those long summer holidays riding bikes with your friends? Nothing but you, your wheels, and the open road as you explore the great wide world. There are few rushes better than that feeling of the wind in your face as you go racing down a trail.

But maybe you've noticed you feel a bit rougher than usual after a particularly vigorous ride?

It might not just be the effects of father time but a lack of proper equipment that is to blame.

We put in the leg work researching so you can get the most out of your rides. Shoes are a girl's best friend, after all. A good pair of ladies cycling shoes can help you get the most out of your rides.

The right shoes can improve power transfer to the pedals, enhances comfort, and keeps you riding longer.

Best Ladies Cycling Shoes - Buyer's Guide


Even though cycling shoes are not inherently a gender-specific product. Plenty of women wear "men's" cycling shoes or unisex shoes with little to no problems. But, women usually have slimmer heels and tinier feet than men, and women's shoes begin with smaller sizes.

Consequently, if you have small feet, it makes sense to look for ladies cycling shoes specifically. And to be honest, men's fashion, particularly when it comes to shoes, can be a bit bland, so if you want that splash of colour, ladies cycling shoes are superior!

But how do you know that you are choosing the right cycling shoe for you? Well, here are some things to consider before you buy.



We've all been there; you find the most beautiful shoe, and you can't wait to show them off. Then after you try them on, and you either feel like Cinderella's bigfooted stepsisters or like you're trying to put on a giant's shoe.

All that to say that sizing is incredibly important when it comes to ladies cycling shoes because unlike other types of shoes, cycling shoes don't usually break in after continued use.

That's why it is vital to find the ideal fit that isn't too tight or too loose so you can begin and end every ride with confidence.

Being sure you have toe room, for example, is critical as there are few things worse than your feet falling asleep while riding.

Laces / Straps


Typical road bike shoes can have several different kinds of closure systems, and some use a combination of several of these. A few entry-level shoes may have laces though they aren't always ideal for outdoor cycling because loose laces can get snagged at the worse possible moment.

The next shoe tier generally has Velcro straps, and while they get the job done, they don't always provide the same level of support as more expensive systems. The best ladies cycling shoes will either have "BOA" dials or ratcheting straps as they ensure a tight fit that you can count on time and time again.

Sole Material


What your shoe is made of is another critical factor to consider before you make a purchase. Think about it; you wouldn't wear canvas trainers on a rainy day nor rain boots on the dancefloor. So why should your cycling shoes be any different?

Cycling shoe soles need to be stiff in order to provide the best transfer of power from your legs to your pedals.
If you are going to exert significant effort on your rides, doesn't it make sense to own a pair of ladies cycling shoes that give you the most boost possible?

A carbon fibre shoe has the strongest and lightest soles, which helps you preserve energy, but they are also the most expensive.
Other common sole materials are different forms of composite material and nylon, and while they are perfectly adequate, they don't offer the same support as carbon fiber.

A necessary trade-off to remember is the higher the price, the better the material, and the superior the shoe. That's not to say there aren't quality budget price shoes, but this is you get what you pay for situation.

Cleat Holes


Like anything in life, you want to make sure you've found a perfect match before you settle on something. You can have as many Type-C charging cables, but without a converter, you're not going to be able to charge your iPhone. The same rules apply when it comes to ladies cycling shoes, so make sure you check before you buy, less you need to purchase additional attachments.

When shopping for a pair, you really need to keep an eye on which kind of shoe pattern your current pedals have. 
It's also important to look into what type of cycling you plan on doing, whether indoor, outdoor, or a combination of the two. That will help you determine which shoe pattern will be the best for your needs.

With those key factors out of the way, we can focus on some of the most important aspects of a ladies' cycling shoe: how they look and how they feel.

Below is a list with links to some of the best Ladies Cycling Shoes you can buy.

Ladies Cycling Shoes - Reviews


Shimano Womens RP2W Cycling Shoes


The Shimano RP2W SPD-SL Ladies Cycling Shoes have an adjustable fit thanks to its three durable hook & loop straps, which spread tightening force across the top of the foot. The straps also relieve tension at the highest point of the foot, which helps you prevent foot cramps that will force you to end the ride early.

An extra cushioned tongue for added comfort makes them feel like a dream to wear while it's lightweight glass fibre reinforced nylon sole gives you optimum pedalling efficiency.

The Shimano Women RP2W SPD-SL Ladies Cycling Shoe is both outdoor and indoor cycling-friendly because they are SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible.

  1. Adjustable fit with three touch and close fastening straps

  2. A lightweight ladies cycling shoe

  3. Indoor and Outdoor cycle friendly

  4. Built for comfort

  1. ou can get it in every colour as long as that colour is black

Shimano RP3 Women's Road Biking Shoes


The Shimano RP3 ladies cycling shoe is a comfortable, efficient shoe for recreational riders. It comes with pro-level features, perfect for the club and recreational cyclist, wherever the winding road takes them.

Thanks to its secure closure system, a two hook & loop straps plus a buckle for a firm fit, you can tackle even the roughest terrain with confidence.
An Off-set Strap relieves tension at the highest point of the foot while a malleable padded tongue feels fantastic on foot and adds to the all-day comfort.

You're also getting a great deal of power thanks to its lightweight glass fibre reinforced nylon sole. Not only is it an excellent choice for outdoor rides, but they are also indoor cycling-friendly and are SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible.

  1. Outdoor and Indoor cycling friendly

  2. Secure Closure System to ensure safety and fit

  3. Off-set strap to relieve foot tension

  4. Lightweight ladies cycling shoe

  1. White color design dirties easily in outdoor conditions. Wet cloth is recommended.

Giro Women's Chamber II Cycling Shoes


Giro Women's Chamber II Cycling Shoes are built with water-resistant microfibers, rubberized toe and heel reinforcements all designed to give you the power and flexibility you need on the trails.

It uses traditional laces but comes with a power strap closure system to keep the laces from getting snagged and disrupting the ride. Thanks to the molded DH EVA footbed, the ladies' cycling shoe helps to limit foot fatigue to keep you pedaling longer.

Its full Vibram Megagrip high-traction lugged sole doesn't only sound like something Black Panther would wear but gives you the power you need to push through and give each ride your all.

For that extra bit of protection, they are cleat compatible because of its two bolt-compatible shanks with a 10-millimeter setback. More setback permits you to place the pedals further back under the arch of the foot to ease weariness and enhance positioning for technical terrain.

The internal shank utilizes a Tri-Mold construction that optimizes stiffness and flex for each zone of the foot. The result is the right amount of flex for uphill pushing, incredible pedaling efficiency, and a better connection to the pedals.

  1. Compatible with multiple cleat types

  2. Arch Support for comfort

  3. Tri-Mold Construction for optimal flex

  4. Water-Resistant material for enhanced durability

  1. A reasonably heavy shoe at over 520 grams.

Giro Women's Petra Vr MTB Cycling Shoes


The Petra VR Cycling Shoe by Giro is a versatile ladies cycling shoe that is an excellent choice for any cycling enthusiast. It's supple, breathable microfibre and mesh and matches it to an injected inner shank to help power transfer to the pedals.

This is a cycling shoe that doesn't compromise the flexibility you need when you're biking or walking o the trail.

  1. Compatible with pedal cleats

  2. Arch support

  3. Breathable material

  1. Runs small, suggested to buy a half size up

Giro Unisex Adults' Savix Road Cycling Shoes


 While technically a unisex cycling shoe, Giro Unisex Adults' Savix Road Cycling Shoes were too good to leave off our list. The Savix women's road shoe offers the comfortable, supportive fit you'd expect from Giro with the quick adjustment provided by a Boa dial.

You can instantly get in your shoes and get on the road because of the single dial and a set it and forget it front strap. The Boa L6 dial offers you uber specific customization thanks to its ability to make micro-adjustments.

The universal nylon outsole allows you to mount either mountain bike or road cleats, depending on your pedal preference.

It's also made with high-quality breathable microfibre upper material to ensure you stay cool during the ride.

The nylon outsole is great for power transfer, with stainless steel hardware and moulded heel pads for durability that ensures you have a shoe that lasts and helps you achieve your goals.

  1. A great performing road cycling shoe

  2. Fast adjustability thanks to its Boa dial

  3. Comfortable feel

  4. Breathable microfibre that keeps feet cool

  1. Reported to run small, order one size up.

Adidas Women's Freerider W Track Shoe


The Adidas Women's Freerider Track Shoe utilises sued leather to ensure durability and support, which is key for those long rides. Its textile lining allows for ample airflow to keep your feet as dry as possible during your more arduous rides.

The Freerider is built for comfort as its cup sole was designed to increase structure and support while its medium flex midsole provides the flexible comfort you need to ride like the wind.

Not to mention its removable insole, which increases underfoot cushioning to reduce feet pain both during and after the ride.
  1. Comfortable fit

  2. Stylish design

  3. Breathable material

  1. Runs a bit wide

Sundried Women's Pro Road Bike Shoes


The Sundried Women's Pro Road Bike Shoes provides you with all the advanced technology you will need to increase power efficiency and improve your ride, all while it offers exceptional comfort and durability.

It has two-way edging that prevents your heel from slipping out and gives a locked-in feel while pedalling. Whether biking through the busy streets of Birmingham or on the Lakeland Loop, it's all about having the confidence that your shoe will stay locked-in, so you have one less thing to think about on the ride.

The detailing on the top of the cycling shoe provides ventilation while the breathable soft inner liner wicks moisture and keeps feet dry.
Its expert fastenings lead to improved speeds, ease of use, practicality, and precision.

It also has a dial that fastens the shoe that allows for adjustments to the fit at any time, even mid-ride, to set you up for success on even the toughest terrain.

  1. Highly Breathable Shoe

  2. Two-Way Edging

  3. Adjustable Fastening

  4. Versatile shoe for all levels of riding

  1. Can run a bit small, suggested to by a half size up

Vaude Women's Tvl Pavei Ladies Cycling Shoes


Before setting out on your next ride, you may want to consider Vaude Women's Tvl Pavei Road Biking Shoes. These comfortable ladies cycling shoes help you forget the problems of everyday life and lets you focus on the Kilometers ahead.

Their durable outer material is a combination of lace/Velcro system that provides a perfect fit and provides the ventilation you need to make stinky feet a thing of the past.

An Ortholite insole rounds off the perfect fit and is reinforced with PU hard foam on the heel and ensures optimal translation of power.
These bad girls allow you to work smarter, not harder, so you get the most out of your cycle.

The moulded toe and heel caps offer stability and additional durability, while reflective elements on the ankles provide extra visibility even in adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the removable cleated cover, the shoe is compatible with the most click systems.

  1. Lightweight ladies cycling shoe

  2. Good ventilation

  3. Optimal power transfer

  4. Reflective elements on the heel

  5. Compatible with standard click systems

  1. Color palette invites dirt, be sure to clean with a moist towel.

Muddyfox Womens MTB100 Cycling Shoes MTB Breathable


These ladies cycling shoes (specifically MTB) by Muddyfox are one of the more affordable options on the market, so it's great if you're on a budget, but luckily it doesn't sacrifice quality for the price.

Thanks to its waterproof material, you needn't fear a ride in the rain or pushing through any puddles that form on the trails.

It employs a hook and loop closing system with three touch and close fastening straps so that you can customise the shoe to your foot.

^ The above review features the mens version of Muddyfox's MTB Shoe Offering, but the same pros/cons apply to the womens.

It also comes with the reassurance that you are in for a relaxing ride thanks to its cushioned ankle collar and reinforced soleplate.
Plus, its designed to be easily cleaned, which you'll want so you can show off its beautiful design aesthetic, with a damp cloth. Pros:
  1. Waterproof

  2. Breathable

  3. Adjustable fit with three touch and close fastening straps

  4. Cushioned ankle collar

  5. Price

  1. Can run small, suggested to buy a size up

Pearl Izumi Women's W Select Road V5 Cycling Shoe


The Pearl Izumi Women's W Select Road V5 Cycling Shoe challenges the standard that beauty comes at an exorbitant price.

These wonderfully designed ladies cycling shoes are the perfect blend of cheque design and affordability that will keep you looking fabulous even while getting down and dirty on some of the toughest trails imaginable.

They are engineered to deliver a fully bonded construction for instant comfort and are built to get you to where you are going with ease and comfort.
The nylon plate increases stiffness for quick acceleration and all-day foot support for those long days exploring the wonders of nature.

Plus, its 3-Layer Seamless Composite Upper materials offer exceptional breathability and eliminate hot spots by adapting to your unique foot shape.

  1. 3-Strap Closure removes pressure and eliminates hot spots

  2. Sleek Design

  3. Affordable

  4. The heel bumper gives stability and comfort

  5. 3-bolt road cleat & SPD compatible

  1. It is a lighter color, while visually appealing, stains easily. Use a moist cloth after rides to keep them looking like new.

Zol Raptor MTB and Indoor Cycling Shoes


The ZOL Raptor MTB and Indoor Cycling Shoes have a 2 Bolt cleat compatible for SPD, Crank Brothers, and all MTB shoe pedals, making it a great choice regardless of which type of bike you have.

It also comes with 3 Velcro Straps, which safely secures the foot while pedaling and provides foot stability along with its Hook & Loop closure system to ensure you get to your destination without a hassle.

Its outer layer is made of leather, gives it extra protection, and it comes in three colors: red, black, and white.
The no-stitch mesh leather not only looks cool but makes this ladies' cycling shoe more comfortable and lightweight than typical footwear.

Double injection fiberglass-injected nylon sole makes shoe rigid while pedaling and comfortable in long rides. And to ensure safety and visibility wherever you ride, it has a reflective stripe on the heel of the shoe and rubber protection on the front and heel of the shoe.

  1. Lightweight build

  2. Reflective strips for added visibility and protection

  3. Compatible with many types of bikes

  4. Three strap closure system to ensure a great fit

  1. Runs a little narrow in the toe

Pearl Izumi Womens Elite Cycling Shoes


The Pearl Izumi W Elite RD IV is a top tier ladies cycling shoe with a adapts to your foot shape to eliminate hot spots without sacrificing a watt of power transfer.

It also combines the full carbon elite power plate sole with a fully bonded seamless upper support, for a high-performance ride during each and every outing.

The fully bonded surface material helps to eliminate uncomfortable seams and hotspots that are all too common with lower quality shoes.
At the same time, an integrated BOA lace guides allow for a shallow profile the allows for exceptional pressure distribution.

They also have a bi-directional closure system that allows a custom so you can make the shoe as snug as you like. Its closure system is a Dial/Hook-and-loop system and has a power plate which provides a venting technology that keeps you fresh on the hottest summer days.

The enhanced plate stiffness and anatomic support and built-in longitudinal arch support are all you require for optimal power output and efficiency.

  1. Replaceable heel bumper for longevity

  2. Bi-directional closure system to allow for a custom fit

  3. No uncomfortable seams or hotspots

  4. Beautifully designed

  1. Runs small, so order a size larger than usual.

Pearl Izumi - Ride Women's W X-ALP Enduro IV Cycling Shoe


The X-alp Enduro offers performance & comfort with the security of a ratchet buckle system and the versatility of an anatomical buckle closure system that reduces hot spots and removes pressure from your instep.

This ladies cycling shoe is designed with low cut construction for a light, fast fit and feel that allows you to achieve traction with less resistance.

Clean up is a breeze thanks to its quick drying and highly breathable mesh/synthetic upper materials that deliver comfort and breathability, which is key to a good ride.

The foam midsole is designed for both on and off the bike cushioning and comfort, so the X-Alp Enduro is an excellent choice whether on or off the bike.
It also utilizes a carbon rubber lugged outsole for superior traction and durability.So you know you are getting a high-quality product that lasts.


  1. Easy Cleanup

  2. Highly breathable mesh material to keep feet cool

  3. The carbon rubber outsole offers superior traction and durability

  4. Ratchet buckle system for the versatility of a snug fit

  5. he low cut design offers limited resistance

  1. Runs small, advised to buy 1-2 sizes up

Erie Ladies Cycling Shoes


Another example of a quality unisex cycling shoe that is too affordable not to include, the Erie Unisex Cycling Shoe. This sporty bike shoe with a Flexitec sole made from high-quality spring steel offers peak power transmission.

It provides absolute lateral stiffness with simultaneous flexibility in the longitudinal direction.
The Erie cycling shoe also gives you premiere pedal positioning thanks to the deeper bunion area, which allows you to really dig deep on those tough days.

You can also rest in relative comfort with the knowledge that you will have arch support that helps alleviate the pain

  1. Affordable Price

  2. Peak power transmission

  3. Deep bunion area for premier positioning

  4. Sporty design

  1. Runs small, advised to buy one size up

Luck Evo Road Cycling Shoes


The Luck Evo Road cycling shoe is built with a high strength carbon sole that gives you that traction you need to reach your optimum speed. Despite its durable build, these ladies' cycling shoes are very light with only 4mm thickness, which gives you less friction to fight against.

It is constructed in one piece, without seams, constructed of high-quality microfibers that allow for breathability and adaptation to your foot. The microfiber inner lining helps to prevent sweat buildup, which can be a nuisance in a lesser quality shoe.

It also utilises 3 Velcro lock systems ensures that you will have a perfect hold on any terrain while its rubber backing offers increased heel support and stability.

Overall, the LUCK EVO Road Cycling shoe is a quality choice for your next ladies' cycling shoe.

  1. Carbon outsole, very rigid and lightweight for optimum speeds

  2. Built-in one-piece without inner seams to allow for ventilation

  3. 3 Velcro strips for perfect hold and stability

  1. Runs small, so its recommended to buy a size up.


There are plenty of high-quality options when it comes to which ladies cycling shoes to purchase.

You must remember to look for sizing, closure systems, sole material, and cleat holes so you can be sure that you are purchasing the pair that best pair of cycling shoes that suit your needs.

A common theme of our research is that cycling shoes tend to run smaller than the typical shoe
, so save yourself the time and hassle of returns by making sure to find your size equivalent before you buy.

We hope you enjoyed and found our list of some of the top tier ladies cycling shoes that you can buy informative. Be sure to try out new pair before your next ride to improve your performance on the trail.

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