The Best Folding Camping Chairs In a Bag (UPDATED)

The Best Folding Camping Chairs In a Bag (UPDATED)

The Best Folding Camping Chairs in a Bag


During a summer camping trip, there is no better feeling than sitting out in the sun on those early mornings after a successful wild camping trip. While many people tend to settle for a log or tree stump, a reliable camping chair ensures that you get the needed back support.

A folding camping chair is a crucial piece of gear that you should always include in your backpack.

As far as camping chairs go, the market is flooded with numerous brands and designs on offer.

Unfortunately, this choice variety is what puts buyers at risk of purchasing the wrong chair.

After all, every manufacturer touts their product as the best in the market, but you can never be sure of this before you put them to the test.

Therefore, you need to conduct some good ole' due diligence before deciding on a camp chair buy. In this post, we simplify the process for you by reviewing some of the best folding camping chairs that you can buy. Keep on reading to find out more!

Folding Camping Chairs in a Bag - Buyer's Guide


To ensure that you’re taking home the right camp chair, some several aspects and features should influence your decision. So, before you wrap up the deal, be sure to consider the following:

Size and Weight


Generally, the majority of foldable chairs are light and compact but the problem comes when you have to carry them in your backpack for a long time. That is when the actual weight and bulkiness start to matter.

If you’re setting out on a camping trip, chances are you’ll be carrying a lot of gear.
This means you should find a lightweight camping chair that can easily fit in a storage bulk to keep your overall load at a minimum.

Also, choose a chair with corded legs that can effortlessly be collapsed into a compact size to enhance portability, this is an important feature that most our the folding camping chairs in a bag on this list have.

You can go for tripod stools, which are the lightest and cheapest on the market but you’ll be compromising your comfort. Alternatively, you can find comfortable chairs with plush seats and a footrest but these may prove too heavy.

Comfort & Assembly

Your comfort should be a priority when searching for a folding camping chair. This will mainly be determined by the materials used to construct the chair.

You want to choose a chair with quality fabric and ample back support when you sit.
Other comfort features to consider include an armrest and footrest.

A folding camping chair is something that you’re always going to be setting up and dismantling every now and then. As such, you want to find a chair with a straightforward assembly process with very little to no complications.

This will ensure that you don’t waste too much time trying to assemble the chair.

Load Capacity

Camping chairs come with a weight limit, and this is something you should remember to look at before buying.

You don’t want to end up with a chair that will collapse under your weight and end up damaging your newly acquired asset.
While you must select a chair with high load capacity, you have to take care not to compromise its compatibility.

Back Support

Many camp chairs do not come with desirable back support while some don’t have one at all. This can be a big problem if you have back issues or if you’re going to be sitting on the chair for a long while.

This is a choice you’ll need to make carefully to ensure that you won’t be adding to your back problems when sitting on the chair.

Look for a chair that is high enough to comfortably accommodate your back and allows for the right posture. If possible, ensure that the backrest has enough padding to ease the pressure on your spine.


Typically, the seats of camping chairs are manufactured out of canvas, polyester, or nylon and foam. Most high-quality camp seats use Oxford canvas material because it is high stain-resistant and can be cleaned in a matter of seconds. This is also waterproof and considerably more durable compared to fabric-covered seats.

On the other hand, fabric-covered chairs are great at resisting temperature changes, although they are not waterproof.

The material of the frame is another important consideration as this determines the overall sturdiness of the chair.
Metallic frames are quite common since they can cope with frequent use and resist scratches and abrasions.

Some manufacturers also use plastic material on the seats and legs to keep the chair lightweight and simplify cleaning it. However, these chairs have a low weight limit and are generally not durable. They can easily break down under the weight of a heavy person.

Extra Features

several bonus features help to make camping chairs more practical and enhance your experience.

Some of these include accessory pockets where you store things like phones, keys, or even snacks when you’re relaxing.
You can also find a cup holder, footrests, and the ability to recline, which goes a long way to boost the comfortability of the chair.

The Best Folding Camping Chairs in a Bag- Reviews


Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair


This Folding Camping Chair from Trekology sits at the top of our list thanks to a wealth of practical features on its ideally compact frame. It is the kind of camp chair you want to relax on and let loose as you enjoy the exquisite atmosphere on those warm summer camping trips.

This seat is conveniently lightweight; it tips the scale at just under 1kg, which means it won’t add to your load when carrying it in your backpack.

Despite this, it can support a maximum user weight of 159kg. This is a credit to the sturdy frame which is made out of high-strength 7075 aluminum alloys-the same material used by aircraft manufacturers. The frame is also completely rust and corrosion proof, so you can be sure to serve you for the long haul.

At the base of the chair are two interchangeable and standard Terragrip feet that keep it from sinking into the ground under your weight.

This means you can comfortably set up the chair in a sandy or loose ground without sinking.
These legs are further linked together with a shock cord that serves to enhance their stability. The seat of the YIZI GO features a durable 600D polyester fabric that’s been reinforced with double V-stitch.

The fabric is pretty flexible and machine washable. You also get a mesh fabric design at the back of the chair to enhance airflow in summer conditions.

The only problem is that the back is not that high off the floor so the seat can be a little uncomfortable for heavy-bodied individuals. Furthermore, it is not cushioned and can be a pain to people with back issues.

Generally, setting up the chair is a straight-forward process that won’t take much of your time.

The aluminium poles come with a guide system that easily connects with the frame.
The poles also slot apart easily when you want to dismantle the chair and can comfortably be folded. Another practical feature on this chair is a storage bag that attaches underneath the chair via its Pack Tight straps. This will come in handy when you have torch, keys, or a cell phone that you want to store safely. This is one of our favourites in this list of folding camping chairs in a bag for 2020. Pros
  1. Lightweight and compact

  2. Breathable mesh fabric back design

  3. Easy to wash and maintain

  4. Terragrip feet

  5. Durable frame design

  1. Low back

  2. Rather slim build

Coleman Camping Chair With Table


The Coleman Camping Chair will entice you with a perfect mix of form and comfort. It features an innovative design that includes a convertible table and side holder, which makes it stand out from the crowd. At only 3.4kg, the Coleman deck chair is pretty lightweight, which boosts its portability. Despite this, it can comfortably support a maximum of 113kg in weight.

This is because of its heavy-duty aluminum steel frames that make for a stable performance.

The sturdy frame pairs well with the grey 600D polyester oxford fabric, resulting in a seamless design.
The material is abrasion-resistant and waterproof to serve you for a long time. Your comfort when sitting in this chair is assured by the inclusion of solid padded armrests and a cushioned bike.

This means you can relax on the Coleman deck chair for hours without a pinch in your back. The foam armrests are also removable to make for easy cleaning whenever you stain your chair. With 17 inches of sitting height, the chair remains practical even for taller guys.

What separates this chair from the rest is a side table with a cup holder that will come in handy when you have to eat a meal or place a book that you’re reading.

The table locks securely into place and this makes this chair a great choice for picnics.
However, the table increases the bulkiness of the chair and makes it impossible to carry in a small bag. Luckily, the chair is foldable and allows for easy storage in the trunk of your car when you want to transport it. Pros
  1. Abrasion-resistant seat fabric

  2. Side table and cup holder

  3. Sturdy frame

  1. Bulky even when folded

Vango Kraken 2 Oversized Chair


The Vango Kraken 2 camp chair has an oversized design that will comfortably accommodate users all body sizes, and when thinking of folding camping chairs in a bag, Vango are a top brand.

The high back and extra seat space provide you with ample space to fidget in the chair when searching for the perfect resting position. Your comfort is enhanced by the wide armrests that enable you to relax your arms as you enjoy an afternoon nap.

The seat can hold a maximum load capacity of 180kg, which makes it suitable for heavy individuals. This is thanks to a 19mm steel frame that provides sheer strength and durability.

The stability of the chair is enhanced by a cross-shaped design, which keeps it from collapsing under pressure.
This chair uses a 600D weaved polyester fabric on its seat and back.

The fabric is very strong and tear-resistant for long-lasting performance.

The back is also conveniently high to offer maximum back support for people with spine issues.
Although the Vango Kraken comes with practical arms, these are made of steel and can be uncomfortable after a while. It would have been better if the manufacturer coated them with foam for more comfort.

Another useful feature is the cupholder where you can place your hot cup of coffee on those chilly camping nights. Generally, the chair can be set up pretty quickly and when you want to disassemble it, a carry bag has been conveniently included for easy portability.

  1. Sturdy construction

  2. Spacious and cushioned

  3. High load capacity

  1. Steel arms can be uncomfortable

Portal Outdoor Folding Portable Camping Armchair


The Portal Folding Camping Armchair was designed with user comfort in mind. It has a practical design that will be ideal for an easy-going day in the outdoors. The seat features a padded back and armrests to ensure that your back is adequately supported while your tired arms get to relax. Its recline function allows you to stretch out your legs to achieve the perfect comfort zone.

The seat is made of UV resistant material that prevents damage to the fabric when exposed to sunlight.

A coated steel frame holds the chair together and provides for stable construction.
The chair can support users as heavy as 120kg without buckling under the weight. Also, it can recline to three different positions which allow for flexibility when you want to change your sitting posture.

A padded footrest had been included to let you put your feet up and this can be unclipped from the seat when you have no use for it.

The folding frame of the chair makes for easy assembling.
It can be set up in a matter of seconds. This is, however, not true when you want to dismantle it as it can be a little hard to fold back up. The seat collapses into a compact size that you can easily carry in a backpack.

The package also comes with a storage bag to make it easier for you to carry the chair. This has carry straps that make it more practical when you are carrying the chair. On the downside, the Portal Outdoor Camping Armchair is a tad weighty compared to other camping chairs on our list. It weighs around 5kg, and this can be a burden if you’re carrying it for a long time.

  1. Cushioned seat and backrest

  2. UV protected fabric

  3. Reclining design

  4. Padded footrest for comfort

  1. Heavy build

  2. Difficult to fold back

Tresspass Tripod Stool


If you’re looking for a cheap camping seat that is devoid of complications when setting up, the Trespass Tripod Stool is one of the best options in the market and one of the best folding camping chairs in a bag you can buy.

Despite its simple design, this stool is as practical as any other camp chair even though we must confess that it comes with a few shortcomings.

One thing you’re going to like about this chair is that it is very portable.

Weighing just 900g, you can carry it for hours on end without getting fatigued.
The stool can be assembled and collapsed in the blink of an eye, unlike other camp chairs that need a manual to guide you through the process.

This chair is held up but three sturdy steel tube legs and can easily carry a person weighing up to 100kg. The stability of the chair is enhanced by an extra center support system, although the lack of a backrest means sitting on the Tresspass Tripos stool for a long time can take a toll on your back.

The chair also uses a 600D Oxford seat fabric that offers a durable performance.
The fabric is also waterproof and cleans up easily so maintaining it shouldn’t be a problem. With dimensions of 14 by 14 by 16 inches, this stool is wider than most tripod stools in the market. You also get a bonus feature in a mesh pocket where you can store your keys, phone, and other accessories.

On the flip side, this stool sits quite low on the ground and can be awkward to use if you’re tall.
Also, it can easily sink in when set up on muddy or sandy terrain. It may not be the camp chair you can get, but it can be a great compromise if you don’t want to blow your budget! Pros
  1. Waterproof seat fabric

  2. Lightweight and compact

  3. Pretty affordable

  1. Low height

  2. Sinks when used on loose ground

Costway Outdoor Folding Camping Chair


This uniquely designed chair can be used on a variety of occasions. Whether you’re going on a fishing trip or spending the weekend at the beach, the Costway folding camp chair ensures that you get the best out of your outdoor experience. You won’t have to worry about the scorching summer heat when you have this chair, and this is thanks to an included canopy.

The canopy can be tilted, lowered, and raised to 20 different angles to protect your fragile skin from the harmful UV rays. Unfortunately, the canopy cannot completely be removed, which poses a challenge when you want to store or carry it.

Nevertheless, the chair assembles pretty easily and a storage bag with a shoulder strap has been provided for easy transportation.

The chair's high back offers ample back support and the steel pipe frame makes for a stable performance. A cross-shaped structure allows the chair to carry a maximum load of 102kg. The seat also features a strong 600D polyester fabric that is both stain and water-resistant. This means that you don’t have to do much to keep the chair looking spotless.

A bonus feature you get on this chair a pair of mesh cup holders on either side to go with an accessory bag that will safely store your phone and car keys.
On the downside, all these features on the CASART camp chair tend to increase its overall weight. At 4.4kg, the chair is quite weighty, and carrying it on your back for a long time can easily end up being a burden.

Overall, this incredible compact camping chair is versatile enough to serve you in different kinds of adventures. Its also stashed with multiple bonus features that ensure you’re having the time of your life!

  1. Water and stain resistant

  2. Adjustable canopy

  3. Accessory bag and cup holders

  4. Multipurpose functionality

  1. Heavy

  2. Canopy is not removable

AmazonBasics Camping Chair


The AmazonBasics camp chair comes with a simple design yet remains very multi-functional. It not only ruggedly constructed but offers the kind of comfort you desire on those laid-back weekends at the beach. The best part of it all is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

The first thing you should know about this chair is that it is available in two versions.

The first version has a seat made up of a padded nylon fabric that cushions your bottom and helps to enhance comfort.
The second version features a mesh nylon fabric that allows for free airflow to enhance the breathability of the chair. Depending on the conditions you’re camping, both versions will make a great choice for a camping seat.

The AmazonBasics camp chair is durably designed with a heavy-duty steel frame that can support up to 102kg of weight. The collapsible frame can be folded into a compact size when you want to store the chair in the trunk of your car. A carry bag has been included in the package to let you sling it over the shoulder for easy portability. The back of the chair is quite tall and offers excellent back support for taller individuals.

It is also decently cushioned to enhance your comfort when sitting on the chair.

One bonus feature you will appreciate on this chair is the insulated pouch on the side of the armrest that acts as a cooler.
It can hold up to four 354ml cans, so you can enjoy your beer cold beer slowly as you relax. Other useful features on the chair include an integrated cup holder, as well as an accessory pocket hanging from the side of the seat.

This will conveniently store your keys, sunglasses, cell phone, etc. whenever you want to free your hands. The only downside is that the chair can be tough to fold after use and may take you a while to do it. Otherwise, this is a practical chair that you can bring along on all kinds of outdoor adventures!

  1. Functional cooling pouch

  2. High and comfortable back

  3. Storage pockets

  4. Sturdy steel frame

  1. Difficult to fold back

  2. Narrow legs

Quest Children’s Monkey Camping Folding Chair


Who said that camping is a reserve for the adults?

Even children need to step out in the outdoors and experience nature in its rawest form. That is why for our last folding camp chair, we will be focusing on something more kid-friendly. So, the next time you are going on a camping family trip, the Quest Children’s Monkey chair will be a great choice for the little one!

This adventurous seat will accommodate any child between the ages of 2 and 6. It comes with an animal “monkey” design that will instantly appeal to your child and is paired with a color-coded bag for storage when not in use. The chair is conveniently lightweight but strong enough to carry the weight of a playful kid.

The steel frame has a load capacity of 45kg and comes with armrests for more comfort.
A 600D polythene-coated polyester material on the seat and back has a soft texture that is kind to the skin. The fabric is also waterproof and stain-resistant to make for easy maintenance.

There is also a safety lock that keeps the chair closed or open when clicked in place, and this ensures that there are no accidents when your child is using the seat. Furthermore, a cupholder has been integrated into the arm of the seat, making for a highly practical camping chair for kids. In terms of a kids chair, this is one of the best folding camping chairs you can buy.

  1. Safety lock to protect your child

  2. Fun design for kids

  3. Waterproof seat fabric

  1. Not the best quality materials

Camping Chairs Without Bags - Top Performer

Vango Hampton DLX Chair


This is another exquisite camping chair from Vango that will improve your experience in the outdoors. The Vango Hampton is a comfortable seat with a high back to enhance lumbar support. You can recline it to six different seating positions-from upright to completely relaxed-which allows you to find the ultimate comfort zone.

A strong steel frame has been used to offer adequate support when you’re relaxing on the chair.

This can hold a maximum weight of 140kg, which is good to hold a heavy grown-up.
The manufacturer used a 600D DuoWeave polyester fabric on the seat and backrest, which boasts a smooth touch yet delivers a resilient performance.

It also has a texturised finish that helps to give the Vango Hampton DLX a sleek look. Ample padding on the chair ensures that your back is sufficiently supported and that you can relax all day long without feeling fatigued. Furthermore, the adjustable backrest can be tuned into a headrest or folded down even further for improved lower back support.

As far as storage is concerned, this chair can be folded flat into a compact size and lifted with the frames when you’re not using it.
On the downside, the chair doesn’t come with a storage bag. Additionally, it is quite heavy at 5.8kg and its bulky design makes it a challenge to carry in your backpack. Pros
  1. Comfortable seating

  2. Adjustable backrest

  3. Can easily accommodate tall people

  4. Soft fabric

  1. Heavy


Camping trips are always fun whenever the opportunity comes. But to make the most out of your outdoor adventure, you need the necessary hiking gear, and a camping chair is one of the most overlooked camping equipment. In the above post, we tell you about the best folding camping chairs in a bag that you can find in the market. Make a point of getting one on your next camping excursion. Have fun!


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