Do you need Hiking Boots for Camping in the Lake District?

Do you need Hiking Boots for Camping in the Lake District?

Hiking Boots in the Lake District, Yes or No?

do-you-need-hiking-boots-for-lake-district The Lake District is one of the most popular places to visit for outdoor adventurers in the UK. Locals, as well as tourists, come in their thousands each year to get a taste of what this place has to offer. It is filled with panoramic sceneries, sweeping valleys, glistening lakes, and undulating landscapes that would make the perfect backdrop for an expedition in the open spaces.
Being one of the few places where wild camping is allowed in the UK, the Lake District is increasingly popular with those into motorcycle wild camping and regular wild camping in the uk.
However, a popular question you need hiking boots for the Lake District? This article will try to answer this question by taking a closer look at a typical Lake District excursion. Yes! Hiking boots are definitely a necessity when you plan a trip to the Lake District! You might be able to get away with a pair of trainers in good weather but the footpaths are generally rough, uneven, slippery, and muddy, especially if you venture into the farmland. Furthermore, the boots will provide you with the needed support to prevent twisted ankles.

Do you Need Hiking Boots for Lake District Camping?

keen-mens-targhee-hiking-boots The main reason why tourists visit the Lake District is to discover and explore the English countryside. Naturally, you’d want to take walks and hikes up the hilly routes to the summit of the various hills, as well as get lost in the historic villages and towns while interacting with the locals and enjoying a revitalising pint in one of the local pubs.
To make the most of your stay in the Lake District, a lot of walking is involved. There is so much to see and do in the national park, and this is all best experienced on foot.
Therefore, a pair of nice hiking boots will come in handy to ensure your adventure doesn’t turn out to be a regret.

What is the Weather Like in the Lake District?

The first thing to note is that the weather here is very unpredictable and can change anytime without warning. Also, the Lake District is among the wettest areas in England, so you can look forward to a downpour any time of the year you visit.
Even during the summer months, the sun coming out isn’t always guaranteed. For this reason, you’d be wise to bring with you a pair of waterproof hiking boots for your walks and hikes.
Nonetheless, you should always watch the weather forecast before you start your trip. This will be a reliable way to come up with an appropriate wardrobe to use during your vacation. You don’t want to waste money on clothing gear in the Lake District when you could have carried them from home. There is already so much to spend on in the national park, so any savings will count!

What are the Best Hiking Boots for the Lake District?


Salomon Men's Quest 4d 3 GTX Hiking Boots

SALOMON-Men's-Quest-4d-3-GTX-High-Rise-Hiking-Boots Here at ArcticDry we're big fans of Salomon and what they're doing as a company, especially in the field of Hiking Boots. The Salomon 4D GTX Hiking Boots perform across the board with a synthetic upper and sole, along with their quicklace system and deep lugs on the underside of the boot. Check out this review below to see more:
Synthetic Upper and Sole Lightweight Aesthetic Design Could be cheaper

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Leather Mid GTX

lightweight-boots-Merrell-Men's-Moab-2-Mid-Waterproof-Hiking-Boot The Moab 2 leather boots from Merrell are a great choice for hiking the Lake District mountainous routes. Their mid-length design keeps any debris on the ground from getting inside and a protective toe cap is included for when you run your foot into a rock or undergrowth.
A full-grain leather outer helps to deliver durable performance on demanding trails whereas the mesh upper makes for reliable ventilation throughout the hike.
Thanks to the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, the Moab 2s promise to maintain your comfort in the wet weather synonymous with the national park. You also get a simple-to-use lace-up system that allows you to achieve a snug fit.
This is reinforced by the metal hooks and molded nylon arch shank to offer more support to your feet. Overall, the Moab 2's by Merrell are solid performers across the board. GoreTEX Waterproof Membrane Synthetic Upper High Quality Production Leather upper is often desired by most hikers.

Berghaus Men's Hillmaster II Gore-Tex

Berghaus-Men's-Hillmaster-II-Gore-Tex-Walking-Boots These exciting hiking boots from Berghaus are designed to provide support and comfort when you hit the trails. This is possible thanks to an improved collar and tongue pattern with memory foam that conforms to your foot for a snug and stable fit. The flat heel design is meant to ensure stability while preventing premature fatigue as you tackle the tough terrains.
Tough leather is used on the outer shell of the boots to deliver durable and hardwearing performance, meaning you can wear them on successive excursions without easily messing up their shape.
A high-performance Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet dry and warm in the wettest weather yet remains breathable enough to let your sweaty feet breathe when it gets humid. Easy to set up Waterproof and breathable Durable build Stable heel design Snug fit Rather heavy


So, do you need hiking boots for the lake district? Yes! A trip to the Lake District any time of the year can make for unforgettable experiences and memories. This is very true for outdoor adventurers who like to sightsee and explore the countryside but you will need the right type of footwear for the fun activities on offer.


What Can I Do in the Lake District?

There are numerous fun-filled adventures to interest you in the Lake District! Whether you are a child or an adult, you can look forward to something entertaining to do.
With more than 48 routes across the park, the Lake District offers walking and hiking opportunities suitable for healthy hikers and people with limited mobility, including those in a wheelchair, the visually impaired, as well as families with pushchairs.
Furthermore, you can go for a dip in one of the many lakes in the park or hire a boat and enjoy an entertaining cruise on the glistening water.
There are boat hire companies that will take you on a guided tour of the lake passing through interesting towns like Windermere, Ullswater, Coniston, and Derwent water. If getting on the water is not your thing, how about a family-friendly cycle on the many bike paths in the park?

What Places Can I Visit in the Lake District?

what-places-can-i-visit-in-the-lake-district With so many interesting sights to see, including the Roman Remains, Historic Houses and gardens, Stones Circles, museums and galleries, as well as the Industrial Heritage, this will be the ideal photo opportunity with a chance to capture the history of England. It will also make for a fun education ride down memory lane.
The Lake District is also one of the best locations to stargaze in the UK. It is defined by pitch-dark nights with clear skies, making for the perfect moment to marvel at that perfect constellation.
You can find an isolated valley or a secluded fell top to lay down your head and stare at the stars above you. This also means it's a nice place to pitch a tent and get more up close and personal with nature.
In all this, sturdy hiking boots feel like the ideal footwear in the Lake District. Not just for wandering around the different traditional towns but also for scaling the rugged mountain routes.
Although the tracks are well marked out throughout the lakes, the terrain can be very uneven and muddy on rainy days. This suggests you will require something stable and comfortable enough to get you through your daily adventures. Considering the muddy, rainy, and snowy environment in the Lake District, you should look for hiking boots that are waterproof when you decide to camp there. These will also prove useful in preventing injuries when you decide to scale the mountains and go down the valleys.

What Should I Wear to the Lake District?

The Lake District is notorious for its wet weather. You need to dress as warm as possible if you plan to visit. Ideally, you should get a waterproof jacket to pair with waterproof over-trousers. You can always look forward to a sudden change in weather, so breathable layers will come in handy when it starts to get a little warmer. Don’t forget your waterproof hiking boots!

What is the Best Town in the Lake District?

This is a tough question to answer, considering the various interesting towns found around the national park. However, depending on what excites you the most, Hawks is a great destination for culture and charm whereas Keswick will be perfect for shoppers and museum lovers. Additionally, you should visit Cartmel for a serene environment or opt for Coniston if you like to hike on and scale scenic landscapes.

Is Windermere Worth Visiting?

Windermere is a great place for tourists to vacation. It has many lakes to see and boat hires are available where you can get on the water for a refreshing tour of the English countryside. The lakes are very popular with tourists!


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