How to Find the Best Walking Trousers (UPDATED)

How to Find the Best Walking Trousers (UPDATED)

The Best Walking Trousers for 2022


Some people consider walking trousers to be an unnecessary luxury, but if you’ve ever gone hiking or walking through the countryside dodging stingers & thorn bushes, you'll know they're essential!

In this post, we take a look at the best walking trousers for 2020; and what you should look for in terms of warmth, fit, comfort & waterproof protection.

What to Look for in a Pair of Walking Trousers




Ordinarily, walking trousers are not designed to be fully waterproof (unlike ArcticDry Waterproof Socks), although most synthetic materials used to make them have a certain degree of water resistance. Fabrics such as Gore-Tex and nylon repel water molecules and will dry out relatively quickly when they come into contact with moisture.

Ideally, be sure to look for products that apply a water-repellent coating on the outer shell so that in case of any unexpected showers, you have nothing to worry about!

Which walking trousers are waterproof?

Not all walking trousers are made equal, and the same goes for this list too. Not all walking trousers are made with waterproof membranes or made to withstand the rain as much as other ones.

In this article we feature these Overtrousers by Mountain Warehouse which are 100% Waterproof Walking Trousers.

Does this mean you can jump into the sea with them? Errm...sorry, nope! But they are built to withstand some serious rainfall. check them out!


Generally, walking trousers are made out of tough and hard-wearing fabrics that are not easily punctured or torn. However, manufacturers try to make them as light as possible to ensure your comfort throughout the adventure.

A heavy set of trousers will weigh you down and turn into a burden on those endless expeditions.

Find a pair that is as lightweight and comfortable as normal trousers so that whether you’re trekking in the woods or running errands around town, the pants will be practical enough to suit effortlessly in both situations.


Just like any other item of clothing you wear, walking trousers should fit perfectly! This will go a long way to guarantee your comfort throughout the trek while enhancing your freedom of movement. Don’t look for pants that are too tight or too baggy as this will hamper your movement.

It also helps if you find a stretchy fabric to make sure that you won’t be restricted when you have climb over stiles and bend through the thickets.

Are there walking trousers with elasticated waist bands?

There are quite a few trousers on this list with elasticated waist bands, but you'd be surprised; some walking trousers out there come without elasticated waist bands.

This pair from Regatta features a super stretchy waist band, so perfect if you're someone looking for walking trousers for larger body shapes.


Try to look for trousers that come with an adjustable waistband. These help to improve the fit and still allow you to tuck in your shirt when you want to keep the wind or dust out. If the pair you select doesn’t have a dedicated belt, make sure that it has belt loops to enable you to choose your own. Some brands also design their trousers with a soft liner inside the waist.

This is an important feature that serves to prevent irritation and chafing of the skin in contact with the waist area when you have to tighten your belt.
Another thing to look out for is if the trousers you choose have narrow legs, then you might want to ensure that the knee joints are articulated to offer you adequate freedom when walking.

Cargo pants tend to offer a more relaxed fit. You can also consider Velcro tabs around the ankle to ensure tightness and keep draught and dust out. In the same way, you can conveniently loosen the fit when it gets hot for needed ventilation inside.


Whether you’re going for a multi-day hiking and camping trip or just taking a short walk in the nearby woods, chances are you’ll have some small items to carry.

From house keys and maps to a pack of snacks and phones, these are all important accessories that we rarely leave behind. To ensure that these are safely and securely kept, you want to look for a brand with plenty of pockets.

In the end, the choice of pockets you make is all a matter of preference and need.

Also ensure that at least two of the pockets on your trousers can be securely fastened with a zipper, buttons, or Velcro.
This will help to keep any valuables you’re carrying from falling out when you have to run or jump over mud puddles and streams.

What are the best walking trousers with zip pockets?

If you're looking for walking trousers with zip pockets, you'll want to go with a pair that are more "Cargo-style", with pockets on the side; they tend to come with more zipped areas.

This pair from Regatta comes with some of the most we've seen from any walking trouser, along with some handy zipped pocket areas too.


Given the tough conditions of the outdoors you’ll be encountering during your treks and hikes, you want a pair of walking trousers made out of rugged fabric. Many brands use rip-stop nylon and polyester-blend fabrics that are tough enough to shield against snagging and tearing too easily.

A good choice would be a pair with double or triple-stitched seams, which offer more ruggedness compared to those with a single seam.

Reinforced knees also prevent the fabric from wearing off gradually whenever you’re scrambling over rocky environments.

The Best Trousers for Walking - Reviews


The North Face Men's Convertible Hiking Trousers


The Convertible Hiking Trousers from North Face come with a multipurpose design that will let you conquer a variety of terrains. But aside from the open spaces, they are still practical enough to be worn on a casual weekend at home. Thanks to several useful features, this pair is one of the best walking trousers you can find in the market.

These Convertible Hiking Trousers are made out of a combination of 5% elastane and 9% nylon, resulting in a lightweight and stretchy pair of trousers with the right fit. Despite this, they are pretty rugged, durable, and able to cope with any tough terrain you can think of.

A water-repellent finish on the outer shell ensures that you’ll be shielded against fluid spills and any unexpected downpours in the middle of your adventure.

A cool feature is that lower parts of the legs can be zipped off at mid-thigh, enabling you to transform the trousers into a pair of shorts. This will come in very handy when it gets a little too hot and you want to expose your legs to some fresh air. There is also a roll-up hem feature that makes this brand a nice choice for summers and springs.

In the same way, the pair will still be suitable both in the autumn and winter when you want to step outside with enough protection from the chilly conditions.
In case you have any small items to carry, a handy stow pocket on the right has been included to make for a hands-free walk. The trousers feature a crotch gusset that helps to enhance your mobility. Features:

On the waistband, the manufacturer included a series of belt loops that allow you to wear the trousers as tight as necessary. If you are going on an intense hike that requires climbing and stumbling over rocks, you won’t be dragged down by trousers that keep on sagging.

Two hand pockets have also been included at the front where you can keep small items like keys and credit cards.

These come with a secure zip that allows for safekeeping when the items you are carrying are very important.
Overall, the North Face Convertibles are a practical pair of trousers that offer a great balance of comfort, security, and mobility for those who like to explore the outdoors.

Their universal appeal lets you take them on whatever adventure you can think of.

  1. Water-repellent

  2. Rugged construction

  3. Versatile design

  4. Zipped security pockets

  1. The fit is a bit tight

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Walking Trousers


If you have a habit of waiting for the sun to shine before you can get out to explore the open spaces, then you need a pair of pants that will keep you comfortable in the hot and humid conditions.

The Silver Ridge Convertible trousers from Columbia is made of very light material that keep you from getting too hot.

The light fabric consists of a mixture of recycled polyester and polyester mesh, which facilitate the free flow of air.
Moisture-wicking properties enable the sweat and hot air inside to be eliminated to the outside so that you remain dry and comfortable when things get intense under the hot sun.

But if you feel things are getting out of hand, the trousers conveniently convert into a pair of comfortable hiking shorts to give your legs enough breathing space.

However, the Silver Ridge walking trousers are not only reserved for the hot days.

You can still pop back the legs and step out in autumn without having to feel the chill.

Furthermore, you get plenty of pockets to ensure you have enough storage space for any accessories you have to carry during your expedition. On the downside, there is just one zipped pocket. This means if you have multiple items that require secure keeping, you’ll end up overloading the zipped pocket.

  1. Converts into a comfortable pair of shorts

  2. Moisture-wicking properties

  3. Light fabric

  4. Great for hot weather

  1. Only one security pocket

The North Face Exploration Hiking Trousers


The Exploration Hiking Trousers from North Face are available in both men’s and women’s versions.

The design of the trousers can be described as smart casual and features a Dune Beige colour as well as a few others.


Despite its everyday look, the trousers are stacked with practical outdoor-friendly features that you’d expect from a fully-fledged walking clothing gear.

Northface used a lightweight material to ensure that you’re not burdened over a long walking course.
The fabric is also stretchy and this helps to enhance the fit, as well as facilitate mobility on the trail.

The quick-dry fabric also makes it easy for you to get over accidental spills and light showers.

Northface designed these trousers with year-round utility in mind
, this is why it blends water-repellent and sun protection properties in its construction.

Come rain or shine, you can always rely on the North face Exploration Hiking trousers to protect you in the rainy UK weather.

Overall, this is a fashionable and cozy pair of walking trousers that is conveniently stretchy to add a spring in your step when you’re enjoying the open spaces.

  1. Stylish design

  2. Water-repellent

  3. Stretchy

  4. Lightweight and comfortable

  1. Logo not visible

LHHMZ Water Repellant Walking Trousers


The LHHMZ men’s walking trousers are as well-thought-out as any other leading brand in the market! They're affordably priced and perform well to keep you warm in the harsh UK weather.

The outer shell is made out of soft polyester material that gives the LHHMZs a tough build to cope with frequent use in the tough outdoors.
Meanwhile, its water-resistant finish will keep your legs dry and warm when there is a light shower in the middle of your adventure. Two zipped hand pockets on either side provide plenty of storage space for any accessories you might want to carry. Pros
  1. Soft fleece-lining

  2. Warm and comfortable

  3. Multiple storage pockets

  4. Good value for money

  1. Take long to dry

Mountain Warehouse Pakka Overtrousers


For women who like to discover the open spaces whenever they get a chance, the Pakka Overtrousers from Mountain Warehouse will provide you with an excellent opportunity to do this without leaving you with a dented bank account. This affordably priced pair will not disappoint you in the shocking UK weather!

The only let down is that it produces a notable noise when you walk, which can be a little irritating when it gets into your head. But if you can find a way past the sound, then this is a great choice for any woman.

The trousers have nicely taped seams that help to increase water-resistance.
This prevents leakages through the seams and joints in the fabric.

For this reason, you’ll be able to call the pair into action all around the year. Despite being waterproof, an IsoDry membrane is integrated to make them remain as breathable as possible, enabling uninterrupted perspiration to keep your legs dry and comfortable.

The membrane is waterproof up to 1500mm of moisture, so you won’t be bothered when it starts pounding.

Finally, the trousers also come with a little pack-away bag where they can be stowed away for easy transportation. In a nutshell, this is the right pair of trousers for women looking for some exciting outdoor adventure without spending an arm and a leg.

  1. Affordable

  2. IsoDry membrane

  3. Waterproof up to 1500mm

  4. Velcro ankles

  1. A little noisy when walking

Berghaus Deluge Breathable Overtrousers


If you are looking for a set of hiking trousers to keep you cool and dry as you venture into the depth of the outdoors, the Deluge Overtrousers from Berghaus has all the makings of a wonderful addition to your hiking gear.

Firstly, the trousers bring to the table exceptional weather protection. They feature a double layer Hydroshell fabric construction that is not only durable but also serves to protect you from any light and heavy rain. You get to remain dry and comfortable and this is reinforced by the DWR treatment.

Additionally, the pair has a universal functional, which features Âľ length side zips and snap fasteners.

You also get upper leg vents that help to enhance ventilation when you need to stay nice and cool as the trail gets intense and temperatures continue to rise.
An elasticated waistband makes for a customizable fit for needed comfort.

This should ensure that they stay in place all the time, no matter how aggressive the walk and climbs.

On the flip side, these are technically overtrousers, which means that you won’t find pockets on them.
Nevertheless, the side zips offer fast and easy access to the pockets of the trousers you’re wearing underneath. You won’t even tell the difference.

In conclusion, Berghaus did a commendable job designing this high-quality yet affordable pair of walking trousers for women. It can be worn all year round with consistent performance for anyone who cares to venture into the outdoors!

  1. double Hydroshell

  2. DWR treatment

  3. Breathable

  4. Adjustable waistband

  1. No hand pockets

Columbia Sportswear Saturday Trail Convertible Pant


The Columbia Convertible Pants use a rugged and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric that will make a wonderful option for women searching for a piece of garment that protects against all the “hazards” of the outdoors.

If you’re a hiker, you will appreciate the detachable zip-off, which allows you to convert the trousers into a comfortable pair of shorts when you need your legs to breathe.

When worn as trousers, there is a subtle flap that covers the zipper to prevent snagging on anything that gets in your way as you hike.

Meanwhile, a crotch gusset allows you more freedom of mobility whereas the articulated knees won’t restrict you as you climb up and down the slopes.

Zipped side pockets have been included to offer convenient security to any delicate items you want to bring along.
The legs also have a hem that cinches tightly to not only keep the elements out but also makes it easy to fit the trousers over your shoes.

Boasting a UPF 50 rating, these pants allow you to hike in the sun with no risk of getting burnt.

The fabric is also stretchy for a more adjustable fit and repels water in case of any spills. They are also quite breathable and will wick away moisture from underneath to keep you feeling cool and dry.

You can find the Saturday Trail Convertible pants from Columbia in three sizes, but you might want to know that they run small.

Be sure to try them on before you buy!

  1. Zip-off legs

  2. Water-repellent fabric

  3. Gusseted crotch

  4. Breathable

  1. Runs small

Northface Aphrodite 2.0 Capri


The North Face Aphrodite 2,0 Capri walking trousers come with oversized leg openings to enhance ventilation when the weather gets hot, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable. The two-inch-wide waistband rests comfortably against your skin and prevents chaffing no matter how tight you wear the trousers.

There is also an adjustable waist cord that allows for a customised fit. NorthFace have used durable yet breathable fabric on this pair of trousers, allowing it to remain breathable on those intense adventures that cause a rise in body temperature.

You’ll appreciate the concealed zippered compartment found inside the hand pockets, which offers nice secure storage for silicate items like car keys and credit cards.
This features triple-stitched seams that will endure miles of rugged use without wearing down.

Overall, these walking trousers feel comfortable to wear and their outdoor-friendly features make them a perfect choice for roaming in the open spaces! The one grievance among many users is that the fit runs a little too big.

  1. Adjustable waistband

  2. Breathable and water-resistant fabric

  3. Custom fit

  4. Tough outer shell

  1. Runs big

Prana's Stretch Zion Hiking Trousers


The Prana Stretch Zion Hiking Trousers will protect you from unforeseen showers and save you the trouble of trudging through the rest of the trail drenched and uncomfortable. But you don’t have to wait for it to seem like it’s going to rain to look for the Stretch Zion, especially if you’re planning a multi-day hiking and camping trip.

You’ll find great use in these trousers when you want to keep off the morning dew on those early morning walks.

These pants are designed with stretch Zion performance material, which comes with DWR treatment on the outer shell to keep your legs dry and warm.

A UPF 50 rating makes the pants perfect for sunny conditions too, shielding you from the scorching sun. The fabric is stretchy to make for an adjustable fit but also quick-drying to make it easy for you after a spill. The manufacturer made the trousers to be quite versatile too; they feature two mesh pockets on the side that offer storage space, as well as enhance ventilation.

But you also get a dual entry cargo pocket where you can safely stow away items like wallets, keys, or smartphones.

You won’t have a problem with long expeditions that require you to carry plenty of supplies.
The pant legs also roll up to enable you to cool off even better when it gets sweaty.

Overall, these pants will be a great option for individuals who live in areas that experience a lot of precipitation or those planning to hike in wet weather. The quick-drying feature comes in very handy in such situations and you can always count on the moisture-wicking property of the fabric to cover you when it gets hot.

  1. Treated with DWR finish to resist water

  2. Prana’s Stretch Zion technology fabric

  3. UPF 50 sun protection

  4. Plenty of storage pockets

  1. Relaxed fit


There is so much fun in exploring the outdoors and discovering new open spaces. Whether you are a hiker, camper, or just an ordinary guy taking a walk down the road to town, you need to ensure that you have the right pair of walking trousers with you.

Remember that the weather can be very unpredictable sometimes, so a versatile design of trousers will come in very handy. The brands discussed above would make a great option for any adventurer looking for the best walking trousers for 2020!

Questions and Answers

What are the best walking trousers for hot weather?

This is an interesting question and it depends mainly on what material the trousers are made from. For example, Cotton and Nylon are quite "cooling", compared to other materials that are non-breathable.

What you'll want to do is focus on finding a lightweight pair of trousers. Typically, the heavier the trousers, the less cooling they will be.

What are the best budget walking trousers?

If you're strictly after the cheapest trousers / overtrousers you can possibly purchase for walking/hiking, then these overtrousers by Regatta are perfect. They're super lightweight and for only ÂŁ10, they're a steal!

What are the best dog walking trousers?

Dog walking is likely to throw all sorts of situations your way, from dogs shaking themselves off, to of course dogs doing their "business" in and around your legs. This is a problem, but to answer the question, what pair would we recommend for dog walkers?

Honestly, we would recommend the same pair as above by Regatta ^ They're simple to put over your regular hiking trousers, and you can pressure wash the mess off if necessary without fear of damaging your precious trousers.

What are the best walking trousers for winter?

This is another interesting question. In contrast to the question above, for winter you'll want to find a pair of trousers that indeed use thicker materials, and that are waterproof.

This pair by Northface is a fantastic example and one of their bestsellers, it's fully waterproof, made from synthetic materials and will keep you warm in our harsh winter weather.

Which walking trousers are waterproof?

As you can see from this list, many trousers are indeed waterproof, but not all; some are only water-repellant, the pair mentioned above by Northface is our recommendation when looking for a good pair of winter, but also waterproof walking trousers.

Now of course, if the trousers you're looking at aren't waterproof, you can always couple them with a pair of ArcticDry Waterproof Socks

Are there walking trousers that look like jeans?

There are certainly some on the market, but why would you want that? Go for a solid pair of hiking trousers from this list and you wont be disappointed.

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