Best Mosquito Repellent UK (UPDATED)

Best Mosquito Repellent UK (UPDATED)

The Best Mosquito Repellent UK

best-mosquito-repellent-uk Whether you are spending your evenings in the backyard, hiking on mountainous trails, or camping in the middle of the woods, there's nothing worse than being bitten by mosquitos and not having a decent mosquito repellent. However, it's hard to know which product is best to use. What is the best mosquito repellent in the UK? The Best Mosquito Repellent to use in the UK will contain either DEET or a natural repellent such as essential oils and need to be applied liberally to provide full protection.
This is why you can never leave out a mosquito repellent on your list of essentials when you plan an overnight adventure in the outdoors.
However, it can be tough deciding which is the best mosquito killer in the market. Do you go for something natural or options with chemical ingredients such as DEET? If you’re having sleepless nights thinking about this; imagine how much worse it can get when you have a swarm of mosquitoes baying for your blood! Luckily, we won’t let it get to that point. In this article, we provide you with insight into the best mosquito repellent UK you can get currently.

Choosing the Best Mosquito Repellent

best-mosquito-repellent-uk-buyers-guide There are several factors to consider when selecting a mosquito repellent brand. From its effectiveness and durability to the kind of reaction it has on your skin, these are factors you cannot overlook if you are to find the appropriate product for you. Below are some of the top factors to keep in mind:


Mosquito repellent products are packed in different sizes. You want to pick a bottle that will sustain you for the period you will be outside. If you’re only going to be out for a short while, then a small bottle should be enough to keep off the mosquitoes until you’re safely back home.
However, if it’s a multiday camp trip, you should get a big enough bottle to last you the whole outing.
While doing this, remember to consider your body size, and how much product it will need for a single round of application. This is the only way to ensure the mosquito repellent doesn’t run out on you prematurely!

Chemical Vs Natural Ingredients

Some chemical mosquito repellents contain strong ingredients that may easily make you feel sick. Allergic reactions are especially common among some people and have been recorded for patients who used products like DEET mosquito sprays when applied in high doses.
On the other hand, natural products consist of essential oils as the main ingredient, helping to make them safe for your body and the environment.
These are also safe for children to use as they don’t cause skin irritation and similar allergic reactions. On the flip side, they tend to be more expensive than other brands.


The best mosquito repellent UK should be effective from the time it comes into contact with your skin! Some brands, such as DEET, perform impressively well when it comes to preventing mosquito bites whereas others like natural sprays offer a less underwhelming performance because of their low level of toxicity. This means you’ll have to keep on reapplying the repellent to make it work!


Typically, mosquito repellent sprays will remain effective for up to 8 hours after being applied. If you’re in a hot region, continuous sweating washes away the repellent, which forces you to keep on respraying the product to prevent bug bites. In such a situation, it might be wise to carry an extra bottle just in case you run out of the first one.

Is it child-friendly?

Another thing you might want to know about the product you’re about to buy is whether it’s safe for your child.
Natural repellents are the better choice for babies, they can be used on as young as 3-month infants.
But if you have to use a chemical repellent on your children, look for products with Picaridin. This has a low level of toxicity and will not harm your young one in any way!

DEET Percentage

DEET is a common ingredient in chemical mosquito sprays, which has proven to be pretty effective at keeping bug bites at bay. The compound works by blocking the human scent to prevent insects from making a meal out of you. It is used in sprays, lotions, and can still be soaked into wipes. Usually, the more DEET percentage in a mosquito repellent, the more effective it’s going to be. So, you might want to take note of this when going on an African safari, where Malaria is more prevalent. Unless applied carelessly in areas such as the eyes and on open wounds, DEET is relatively harmless. However, some people have complained that it causes skin irritation for those with sensitive bodies or dermatological conditions like eczema.

Application Method

Mosquito repellents can be applied in a variety of ways! Some are sprayed onto the skin or rolled-on whereas others are applied as a lotion or soaked onto wipes. Whichever method of application you opt for boils down to personal preference. Nevertheless, each method comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Spray bottles are the most popularly used because of their convenience. They are generally easy to apply; you simply need to spritz the bottle then follow it with a quick rub in and you’ll be good to go! On the downside, it can be tough to know how much repellent you have applied and the possibility of missing a few spots while doing it. This brings in the risk of wastage every time you apply! Roll-on mosquito repellents are good because you get to see all the places you’ve applied the product. It is, therefore, hard for you to miss a spot or waste it.
Unfortunately, they are not as readily accessible in the market as their spray counterparts, which limits your options.
Furthermore, they tend to be available in smaller volumes and this can be uneconomic for you down the line. Finally, the biggest reason you’d want to buy a lotion-style mosquito repellent is that these are typically the most economical. They are quite easy to apply and the package will usually contain extra milliliters of product for less. On the flip side, it takes a while to get it on every spot on your skin, which may not be too much for an adult but tricky if you have to bring a child on a camping adventure.

Best Mosquito Repellent - Reviews


Jungle Formula Maximum Mosquito Repellent Spray

Jungle-Formula-Dry-Protect-Pump-Spray This is arguably the best mosquito repellent UK currently in the market! Jungle Formula Maximum Mosquito Repellent is available in a 90ml or 75ml pump spray, 150ml or 125ml aerosol spray can, 50ml roll-on, as well as a lotion for kids. This leaves you with plenty of choices for those who prefer different methods of application. You can take advantage of the great value-for-money package offered by the manufacturer if you’re camping as a family. This consists of a 100ml Maximum Strength body spray, 50ml Bite and Sting Relief spray, and 75ml Pump Spray.
It will cover all your family and each bottle comes in a convenient size that can be carried as personal luggage in planes.
The Jungle Formula Maximum mosquito repellent contains 50% DEET, which gives out a strong smell to mosquitoes and other bugs off your hair. It is pretty effective and remains so for up to 10 hours, meaning you only need to apply it twice a day at most. If you’re vacationing in a high-risk malaria region such as the tropics, this the ideal product for you!
You won’t need to reapply the repellent even after excessive sweating; it still retains its effectiveness.
Furthermore, it is suitable for application on both adults and babies but do not use it on children under 3 years. On the downside, it can feel slightly greasy upon initial contact with the skin, which might gross out some people. However, this fades after a short while. In a nutshell, the Jungle Formula Maximum mosquito repellent offers maxim protection against bug bites thanks to its 50% DEET formulation. It is just what you need to carry when venturing into areas prevalent with Malaria! 50% DEET formulation Suitable for kids and adults Great for tropical areas Available in various packages Lasts up to 10 hours Can’t be used on infants Too smelly for comfort

Thermacell Halo Mini Mosquito and Midge Protector

Thermacell-Halo-Mini-Mosquito-and-Midge-Protector If you don’t want to get that messy stuff on your hands, the Halo Mini Mosquito and Midge Protector by Thermacell is the best way to ensure biting bugs don’t get to within striking distance. No more messy sprays and slimy lotions to deal with but the results are just as effective as any other. The solution comes in a compact cylinder with a cap at the top and bottom.
A heating element inside the container causes the mosquito-repellent element to be released into the atmosphere and this offers protection to a 20 square meter zone.
It is the perfect option to have at home when bugs and insects are wreaking havoc in your abode.
The package is conveniently lightweight and portable. You can easily move it from one area of the house to the other. It is also weather-resistant so you can be sure no bugs will get to you, whether it’s raining or shining! Any serious backpacker, hunter, hiker, or fisherman will appreciate what the Thermacell Halo Mini brings to the table. On the downside, it is quite expensive compared to its alternative, and can be difficult to economize its use when moving! Easy to use No messing your hands Lightweight and portable Expensive

Life Systems Expedition 100+

_Lifesystems-Unisex's-Expedition-100+-DEET-Insect-Repellent-Plus-100ml-Spray All other things held constant, the Life Systems Expedition 100+ is plausibly the best mosquito repellent UK! It is a hard-core solution that was designed for experienced expeditioners who venture into the depths of tropical forests. With 95% DEET composition in its formula, any bug that comes close to you will be signing their death wish.
This allows you to venture into high-risk Malaria territory without batting an eye! The Life Systems Expedition is a very powerful bug repellent.
It stays active on your skin for up to 10 hours. Despite its high DEET content, the solution is suitable for adults, as well as children of 6 years and above.
It is safe to say that using it in the UK would be overkill, but if you’re tired of the non-stop bites, maybe it’s time you give the mosquitoes a taste of their own medicine. Those who plan African safaris and expeditions into the depth of the Amazon jungle will find this solution to be a great asset in the wilderness. Overall, you’ll be hard-pressed finding a solution that repels insects as effectively as the Life Systems Expeditions 100+. On the downside, the solution can be pretty damaging if it gets to your cloths or comes close to open wounds on your skin. Very effective repellant High DEET percentage Lasts up to 10 hours Suitable for both adults and children Damaging to clothes High chemical content not good for Mother Earth

Incognito Natural Anti-Mosquito Spray

incognito-Insect-Repellent Unlike most mosquito repellent products in the market, which incorporate the DEET chemical element in their formulation, the Incognito Natural spray is 100% natural and DEET Free. This makes it the perfect option for those who care about the environment and those who might have skin sensitivity issues such as eczema.
The repellent is made out of a combination of natural essential oils that are absorbed into the skin without leaving that greasy and nasty feeling on the surface.
Despite being all-natural, it still provides effective protection against biting insects like midges and mosquitoes with a high affinity for your blood.
This non-toxic solution can be used on infants without the risk of harming their sensitive skin. It also comes in a 100ml spray can, which is a handy size for those who are on the go. One spray bottle can last you up to a month when used without wastage, which should go easy on your budget. Alternatively, you can get the value for money package, which included 2 or more bottles to ensure that you never run out of the repellent while on those long backpacking expeditions.
The Incognito Natural repellent takes effect as soon as it is introduced on the skin, thanks to its blend of natural ingredients.
It can last up to 5 hours after application and its lovely and refreshing smell ensures your comfort every time you are wearing it. Overall, the Incognito Natural mosquito repellent prevents harm from mosquitoes while offering you the chance to return the favor by not harming the environment! Made out of non-toxic essential oils Safe for infants and sensitive skins Smells lovely and refreshingly Nice feeling on your skin Good for the environment Not as strong as chemical repellents

Mosi-Guard Natural Insect Repellent Spray Extra

mosi-guard-mosquito-repellent This is another chemical-free mosquito repellent for those who have a soft spot for the planet in their hearts. The Mosi-Guard Natural Insect Repellent uses plant-based ingredients in its formulation. The DEET-free solution contains 40% Citriodiol, sourced from the oil of lemon eucalyptus to provide you with protection from biting insects.
This mosquito repellent produces a notably strong smell when you first apply it but gradually fades with time.
It also offers long-lasting protection and those who have had a chance to try it say it lasts up to 10 hours. Some people even stand by its effectiveness when used in high-risk Malaria countries! Because of its natural ingredients, the Mosi-guard Natural mosquito repellent doesn’t hold well over time and loses its power when left open for more than half a year. Nevertheless, the 75ml bottle it comes in is pretty handy for people who want to travel. A single pack can comfortably last you up to two weeks when used daily, depending on the size of your body. If you are looking for a natural product to stave off the mosquitoes, the Mosi-Guard Natural Insect Spray is one of the best mosquito repellent UK you can buy for when you're out camping and just want to dive inside your camping tent.
It is ideal for sensitive skin and can be used on infants as young as 6 months old.
Finally, it does not cause staining when it gets on your clothes and the smell, unlike other products, is very much bearable! Chemical-free solution Can be used on children of 6 months Does not hurt the environment Come is a travel-friendly 75ml spray bottle Lasts up to 10 hours Bearable smell Loses effectiveness fast when left open Might not work for high-risk tropical countries

Smidge 8-Hour Waterproof Protection

Smidge-That-Midge-Insect-Repellent The Smidge 8-hour mosquito repellent is a chemical-free insect repellent that will shield you against the bugging and biting bugs. This non-toxic solution will be a great option for anyone with sensitive skin issues like eczema or those who want to protect their young ones from mosquito bites. The formula is made out picaridin, a synthetic compound that is just as effective as DEET, only that it does not harm the environment. You can count on it to work for you because picaridin is backed by the World Health Organization and it can be used on kids as young as 2 years old. You will barely notice the scent when you apply the Smidge 8-hour, unlike chemical mosquito repellents.
The formula is available as a cream and will take a little bit of rubbing before it can get on your skin properly.
It also feels less sticky than most in the market, which means you won’t feel irritated when wearing it. The manufacturer claims it stays effective for up to 8 hours, which is how the name was coined. However, you might find yourself applying a couple of times in that duration. You’ll also appreciate that the Smidge 8-hour Waterproof Protection water repellent is waterproof and sweat-resistant; it will remain effective in hot and humid conditions when you’re sweating profusely.
Whether you want to wade off mosquitoes, horse flies, midges, fleas, ticks, or sand flies, this solution is one of the best natural ways to go about it.
It can also be used on adults, children, as well as pregnant women. It is a great option to keep in the house if you don’t want the bedbugs to bite! Great DEET repellent alternative Unnoticeable scent Water and sweat-resistant Can be used on children and pregnant women Reliable protection from bugs Not suitable in high-infested mosquito zones

SheaLife Insect Repellent Balm

Shealife-Insect-Repellant-Balm The name of this insect repellent has a nice ring to it but so is the feeling when you apply it on your skin! It is an all-natural product that can be used by both adults and children, as well as people with skin sensitivity issues. The Shealife Insect repellent is made with an ingredient known as citronella and blended with a mixture of neem and lavender. This leaves you with a sweet-scented solution that is also beneficial to the health of your skin. The product comes in the form of a balm, which is pretty easy to apply.
Its 100ml package also comes in handy for those who want to travel.
On the downside, the balm melts relatively easily, especially when you use it in hot temperature conditions. This not only makes it a little bit messy to apply but also means that it can’t be effective for long. The manufacturer says that it can last up to four hours. Furthermore, it is not clearly stated how what percentage of the active ingredient, citronella is contained in the repellent, which makes it hard to determine its effectiveness. Comes in a nice 100ml container Has a nice smell Suitable for use by all Chemical-free Melts easily in hot environments Not the strongest mosquito repellent

Pyramid Trek Mosquito Repellent Spray

Pyramid-Trek-50-Insect-Mosquito-Repellent-Deet-Spray The Pyramid Trek mosquito repellent comes with a clinically proven formula that should guarantee you maximum protection from the dreaded mosquito bites. It is available in a convenient range that contains varying percentages of DEET to suit you on different adventures. From camping in high-risk Malaria regions to spending the nights in the backyard at home.
If you are going on an ordinary camping trip, where there is no much risk of Malaria, you can get Trek 20, which contains 20% DEET.
This should offer plenty of protection for both adults and children from 2 years of age. But because of its mildness, the mosquito repellent will only be effective for a maximum of 4 hours. However, if you need something stronger from the Trek range of sprays, then the Trek Ultra will be a good option for you. It contains 30% DEET for higher protection against mosquitoes but what makes it even greater is the integrated micro-encapsulation technology that not only makes it durable but also splash and sweat resistant. In other words, it can last up to 12 hours without deteriorating in power!
Each variation of Pyramid Trek repellent works impressively to keep biting bugs at bay, although the smell can be unbearable for some people.
If you can learn to live with the smell this is a great product for any adventurer out there.
It remains on your skin pretty well and remains effective after a plunge into the water or even profuse sweating. A little amount of application should be enough to cover your legs, arms, face, and neck! This means the 100ml bottle it comes in should be able to last around two weeks in a tropical nation that experiences high Malaria cases. It is also family-friendly and will work out great for a family vacation! Clinically proven to protect against mosquito bites Available in different DEET percentages for different adventures Lasts up to 12 hours Water and sweat resistant Very effective The smell can be a little too strong

THEYE Natural Powerful Mosquito Repellent

THEYE-Natural-Powerful-Mosquito-Repellent The THEYE mosquito repellent comes with a lovely citrus smell and offers great coverage against biting insects. It is a family-friendly product that you will find useful inside your home and can be used by the whole family. From the adults in the house to tots as young as 6 months old.
This is because it is a naturally produced solution that does not contain any harmful effects.
Even those with sensitive skin can count on it to protect against pesky biters without having a dreaded allergic reaction. The THEYE Natural repellent has a multipurpose function that will not only protect from mosquitoes but also other bugs like horse flies, ticks, midges, gnats, just to mention a few. All this protection you get without a heavy conscience because the repellent does not affect the Ozone layer. You can go up to 6 hours after applying the solution before it loses its property. This means you’ll need to apply it twice a day.
The bug repellent comes in a convenient 75ml bottle that is best suited for those who are traveling.
It packs down easily without taking too much of your luggage space and is below the weight limit for most airlines. On the downside, the solution has the consistency of a lotion, and this can be tedious to apply for some people. You can easily miss a spot or two. Otherwise, it offers the kind of natural defense against mosquitoes that you’d want around your loved ones all the time! Sweet smell Travel-friendly package All-natural product Environmentally friendly Can be tricky to apply


Are mosquito repellent bracelets effective?

This particular product is a bit controversial. Mosquito repellent bracelets are not very effective at repelling mosquitos. This is because the bracelet only covers a small portion of the wrist, and even if it is coated in a mosquito repellent, it does not last long, unless you spray the bracelet then re-wear the bracelet.

Plants that repel mosquitoes

There are many plants that actually repel mosquitos, including: Plants that Repel Mosquitos
  1. Lavender - Lavender works so well due to being packed with essential oils that work to repel those pesky mosquitos. The plant itself is actually very tough and resilient, and are found in common woodlands across the UK.
  2. Citronella Grass - Citronella Grass works incredibly well to repel mosquitos and is infact the main ingredient in most natural mosquito repellents.
  3. Basil & Rosemary - Basil and Rosemary aren't just useful for cooking. They are actually super effective at repelling pesky midges and mosquitos, however, not as well as Citronella or Lavender.

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