The Best Inflatable Kayak UK (UPDATED)

The Best Inflatable Kayak UK (UPDATED)

The Best Inflatable Kayak UK

best-inflatable-kayak-uk intex explorer k2 Ever since their advent, inflatable kayaks have come a long way from simple toys you use on the swimming pool to serious items for hobbyists and sportspeople that expose you to a whole new world of adventure. The right inflatable kayak provides you with all the fun you get in your regular kayaking expeditions, as well as the portability that any foldable item delivers. This is what makes them such a convenient alternative to their hard-shell counterparts.
Once deflated, the inflatable kayaks can be brought on all kinds of excursions.
All you need to do is roll them up nice and place them in the trunk of your car and it gets even easier when you want to store them after use. But there are so many inflatable kayaks in the market; how do you get to choose the best deal you can find? In this guide, we ensure that your work is cut out by telling you about the features to look for, including the best 1 man inflatable kayak uk and 2 man kayaks.

Best Inflatable Kayak UK - Buyer's Guide

best-inflatable-kayak-uk-buyers-guide There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for choosing a high-performance kayak, however, it does help to have a clear idea of what you want to purchase before walking into the store. The following considerations will ensure you get the best inflatable kayak uk:


Before buying an inflatable kayak, you need to be sure of the environment you’re going to be using the kayak on. This is because there are different types of kayaks available in the market that are best suited for different kinds of adventures. These include recreational kayaks, fishing kayaks, whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks, etc.
and each category comes with unique features that make the vessel more practical and effective on the different water bodies.
Furthermore, are you planning to go out kayaking on your own or do you plan to bring a friend along? This will allow you to choose between a single-person kayak and one that can carry multiple persons.


The size of the kayak is a crucial consideration that will come in handy when you want to go kayaking as a group. While some vessels are only designed for one person, others can hold as many as three people, if not more. Furthermore, you have to factor in the amount of gear and equipment you want to carry. If you are going for a fishing excursion, it goes without saying that you’ll need a fishing line and a bucket for the bait, etc. You want to make sure that you choose a kayak that is large enough to offer ample space for these extra gear without compromising the comfort of the occupants.


In any purchasing decision, price is one of the first things that a potential buyer looks at! The same is true when it comes to choosing a kayak as these can range from very cheap to highly expensive.
While lower-priced products can be enticing, this can also mean that you’re paying for a low-quality kayak.
However, a premium-priced kayak doesn’t always mean that you’re getting the best product in the market. Ideally, you should always try to find a balance between your budget and the right features so that you not only end up with a quality kayak but also make sure that you’re spending within your means.


Several different types of advanced materials are used in the construction of an inflatable kayak. These will usually determine the ruggedness of the vessel in the face of elements and its overall durability down the line.
For instance, PVC is one of the cheapest options in the market but it doesn’t hold well when exposed to the sun or abrasions from rocks.
Meanwhile, you’ll also find harder materials such as Hypalon and Nirtylon that deliver a better level of protection against the hot sun. The only thing is that you’ll have to pay more for this. Depending on the places you’ll be kayaking in, be sure to choose a material that is best suited for the conditions.


It is worth noting that these inflatable kayaks come in all manner of designs that are meant for different purposes. For example, some kayaks sport a long and aerodynamic build whereas others are short and sturdy! The long and narrow designs deliver higher speed on the water and can be a great choice for recreational kayaking when racing against your friends. Elsewhere, the shorter and wider designs offer greater stability on the water and would be better suited for fishing excursions. Also, consider whether you’ll require tall or short sides for your vessel.
While tall-sided canoes provide more wriggling room for your legs, they also catch more wind and this means it will be more challenging to kayak through rough courses on the river.
All these are helpful features that will come in handy during your excursion by simplifying the operation and maintenance of your kayak. As such, it helps to choose a kayak that offers the right accessories for your kind of adventure!

Best Inflatable Kayak UK - Reviews

best-inflatable-kayak-uk-reviews intex explorer k2

Intex Explorer K2

_Intex-Explorer-K2-Kayak The Intex Explorer Inflatable Kayak is our number one choice for the best inflatable kayak! It sports a fun, sporty, and streamlined design that will brave the elements and take you on an adventure to remember. With enough room to carry two people, your friend can always tag along to help you with the paddling as you tackle the river waters. As far as appearance goes, you’ll be pleased by the bright neon yellow colouring, which should make you stand out from the rest. This will also come in handy for a newbie kayaker so that in case anything goes haywire, rescuers will have an easy time spotting you before things get out of hand.
The vinyl construction of the Intex Explorer K2 makes for a rugged performance while an I-beam floor enhances its rigidity.
This kayak measures 312 by 91 by 51cm and despite having enough space to comfortably hold two individuals, it still maintains a compact and lightweight design. This also means that you won’t find it difficult to transport as you move around looking for a river to explore.
Assembling it is something you can do in a matter of minutes. A high output pump has been included in the package to make light work of the setup process. Furthermore, you get two 86-inch aluminium oars that are not only lightweight and strong but also feel natural as you paddle against the current. A grab line and handle on either of the vessel also increases its practicality. A removable skeg on the vessel provides you with great control over the direction you want to move in. You also get two inflatable and adjustable seats with a 350-pound max weight capacity lush padding to offer you plenty of back support. This should keep you comfortable throughout the excursions. Pros
  1. Compact and lightweight
  2. Removable skeg for easy navigation
  3. High output pump for easy assembly
  4. Sturdy vinyl construction
  5. Can carry two people
  1. No back plug included
  2. Not suited rough whitewater rafting

Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Kayak UK

_Sevylor-Colorado-Inflatable-Kayak A common misconception in the kayaking circles is that the best inflatable kayaks are usually single-person vessels. While many people prefer to tackle the river waters alone, others tend to welcome a little bit of company when taking part in this fun sport. When it comes to two-man inflatable kayaks, the Sevylor Colorado is among the best the market has to offer! This vessel was designed for rugged tandem experiences and will be ideal for anything from fishing, extreme whitewater rides, and laid-back river expeditions. It comes fitted with Boston valves that are meant to make for easy inflation and fast deflation; you should have no qualms when it comes to assembling or disassembling it.
Another important feature is the manometer that is used for pressure control.
The two inflatable seats on the kayak adjust easily and can even be removed in case you want to go on a solo adventure.
A major selling point on this kayak is its attractive appearance. Its black and yellow colors blend in naturally and they are bright enough to make it easy for rescue missions. The Sevylor Colorado boasts a streamlined body that enhances aerodynamics when you’re paddling and remains compact for easy carrying and storing. You also get a durable polyester hull on the vessel, as well as two PVC side chambers, and a super-durable tarpaulin shell for your safety on the river. Pros
  1. Streamlined body for aerodynamics
  2. Vey rugged and stable on the water
  3. Can easily hold two kayakers
  4. Compact design
  5. Boston valves for fast assembly
  1. Doesn’t come with pump
  2. No paddles included in the package

Sevylor Riveria Inflatable Kayak

_Sevylor-Riviera-2-Person-Canadian-Inflatable-Kayak If comfort and relaxation are what you’re looking for when you go kayaking in the river, this vessel has the profile to offer you just that! This two-person kayak was not designed for competition, instead, it is pretty spacious with super-comfy seats to make for a luxurious fishing trip. The Sevylor Riveria comes with a broad shape that is excellent for stability and comfort on the water. This leaves you and your partner with enough wriggle room to keep you going on those day-long excursions without getting fatigued. The strong and sturdy build of the vessel also allows it to withstand extreme elements.
Thanks to a long-lasting PVC hull, dual PVC side chambers, and an I-beam floor construction, your safety is always assured when you’re on the water.
Furthermore, the inflatable seats are cushiony to provide maximum lumbar support and can also be adjusted or removed for your convenience.
Not to mention that you get a paddle and boat repair set in the package. The kayak measures 312 by 92cm when fully inflated and can support a maximum weight of 180kg. However, it can be collapsed to a nice packable size and a backpack system has been included to make it easy for you to carry the vessel to your destination. If you plan to go on hiking trips in the morning and kayak later in the afternoon, carrying the vessel will feel no different than carrying a normal hiking backpack. Pros
  1. Sturdy and well-balanced design
  2. Spacious and comfortable
  3. Can hold two individuals
  4. A boat repair set included
  5. Very compact when deflated
  6. Backpack carrying system comes in handy when you’re out of the water
  1. Not good for competitive kayaking
  2. Doesn’t come with a skeg

Intex Challenger K1

Intex-Challenger-Kayak Intex is a respected brand in the world of kayaking and while their product line is quite long, this is a great choice for those looking for lonesome experience on the water. The Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak is a luxury-grade inflatable kayak that is dedicated to athletes and promises you to offer you the ride of your life. Whether you’re a beginner looking to build your confidence on the water, or an experienced kayaker the solo cockpit on this vessel is just what you need for your adventure. A standout feature on this kayak is the extra room around the cockpit, providing you with the luxury to move your legs freely, even for those people with long legs.
This 9-foot canoe comes with an inflatable I-beam floor construction that goes a long way to enhance your stability while on the water.
The Challenger K1 can hold a maximum of 220 pounds, which is enough to hold a sizeable adult.
Furthermore, a cargo net has been attached to provide storage space in case you want to bring some supplies. Aside from the canoe, the package features an inflatable pump, as well as two high-grade aluminum panels for your paddling comfort. Overall, this is a high-performance vessel that any avid kayaker can always count on! Pros
  1. Short inflation time (5 to 10 minutes)
  2. Spacious leg room
  3. Extra storage space for gear
  4. Included pump and paddle
  1. Not best for rough waters
  2. The included paddles aren’t so strong

Sevylor Tahiti Plus 2+1

Sevylor-Tahiti-Plus-Inflatable-Kayak For those looking for a vessel that will comfortably accommodate their family this is one of the best inflatable kayak UK you can find in the market. For a long time, Sevylor has maintained a reputation for producing high-quality water vessels. The company’s extensive Tahiti Kayak series has excited kayaking enthusiasts and the Sevylor Tahiti Plus 2+1 is a great example of the quality you can get.
This vessel will make for exciting times on the water with your loved ones. It features a lightweight yet rugged construction that will be ideal for any advanced athlete. The Tahiti Plus has enough room to effortlessly hold two adults and a child. You also get an enhanced backpack system on the vessel that makes for easy carrying once you’re out of the water. While you can find numerous 3-person inflatable kayaks in the market, the Tahiti Plus is one of the premium brands you can find.
It can carry an amazing 200kg weight capacity at a go, which goes to show just how much quality you get.
The inflatable seat also adjustable and there is enough space so that the three of you don’t feel squeezed inside the vessel. Pros
  1. Easy to remove and adjust inflatable seats
  2. Can carry three people comfortably
  3. Comes with an enhanced backpack system for easy portability
  4. PYV hull and high walls enhance stability in the water
  1. The seats don’t offer desirable back support
  2. You’ll have to buy the skeg, paddles, and repair kit separately if you need them on your canoe

Hydro-Force 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board Sup With Kayak Set

Hydro-Force-10ft-Inflatable-kayak This amazing kayak comes with a unique design that features a standup paddle-board that transforms into a sit-down kayak. This makes for a brilliant design that doesn’t have many rivals in the market. The Hydro-force inflatable Stand Up kayak set offers an all-round performance and can be used on multiple adventures, including on the ocean kayaking and on calm rivers. Thanks to a wide rounded hull, you get to enjoy great stability while paddling on smooth, as well as turbulent waters. While inflated, the vessel has a 200-liter volume and a 4-inch thickness that allow it to support up to 120kg of user weight. Three modeled fins on the kayak ensure that you get exceptional directional stability in all kinds of weather conditions.
Whether you find yourself in raging waters with unforgiving waves or flowing river waters with a slight tide, the fins have been designed to offer you smooth sailing through the water. Meanwhile, the paddle is quite flexible and sturdy enough to come out of knocks and abrasions unscathed.
You’ll also like that the fins come pre-installed, meaning you get an easy time when setting up the boat.
The package also features a seat with backrest that will be crucial when you convert the paddleboard into a kayak. This enables you to sit down comfortably and relax your back so that you don’t end up complaining about your back after a long day of fishing. The whole package consists of everything you’d require to get you going. You get one paddleboard, a hand pump, an oar, a pressure gauge, as well as a deluxe backpack. Furthermore, a seat with backrest, leash, footrest, and repair kit have all included to leave you with a one-stop-shop for everything kayaking. The deluxe backpack will especially come in handy when you’ve deflated the vessel and need to carry it. Pros
  1. Comes with a brilliant design that switches between a paddleboard and kayak
  2. Multi-purpose functionality
  3. Great directional stability in various conditions
  4. Lightweight and portable
  5. Deluxe backpack makes for easy carrying
  6. Plenty of extra accessories
  1. Quite expensive

Sevylor Unisex Adventure Plus

_Sevylor-Unisex-Adventure-Plus This is yet another incredible offering from Sevylor that lets you take your family adventures to the next level. This 3-person has enough space to carry you alongside your spouse and kid, making for the ultimate family weekend. The craft offers amazing rigidity to ensure that you have a stable ride even when the elements get tough on you. With high sidewalls, the Sevylor Unisex Adventure Plus will shield you against whitewater challenges and its adjustable seats allows for quick transformation into a two-person or three-person vessel just like you want it to.
While the kayak can carry three people, it is meant for two adults and a child and cannot handle three adults.
It has a maximum user weight capacity is 200kg.
You won’t Boston valves on this vessel, which is a mainstay for the best inflatable kay UK. This allows for effortless inflation or deflation and you get a manometer for easy pressure control. Despite its immense capacity, the boat maintains a compact design that is easy to transport once inflated. Its robust polyester hull and sturdy I-beam floor construction deliver a long-lasting performance that you can rely on whenever you get on the water. If you’re searching for the perfect craft for a fishing expedition with your family, the Sevylor Unisex Adventure Plus may just be the kayak of choice! Pros
  1. Extra features such as carry bag, boat repair set, and manometer included
  2. Superior stability as a result of high sides and large spray decks
  3. Can carry a small family of three
  4. Multi-purpose use in different kinds of waters
  1. Limited leg room
  2. Can’t fit three adults
  3. Paddle not included

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak – SE370P

Sea-Eagle-Inflatable-Kayak The Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak will automatically grab your attention is its charming appearance. The nice blend of white and blue will make you stand out from the crowd. This all-purpose river vessel was designed for two passengers and weighs around 14.5kg. It is pretty easy to transport once you deflate it. The complete package includes two deluxe seats, a foot pump, oars, as well as a carry bag and these have a part to play in the course of your adventure. This makes for a remarkable kit that is not easily rivaled in the market. The craft also offers great durability and maneuverability that is as good as any premium models you can find. Two skegs on the bottom of the boat ensure that you get exceptional directional stability, and this is something you don’t find on many vessels.
It also means that you’ll have an easy time paddling your way through the water, making it the perfect choice for senior citizens and persons with limited physical fitness.
The inflatable seats also feature backrests that also enhance lumbar support when you’re paddling.
Although this kayak was meant for two people, its lightweight design makes it suitable for use by one person. So, if you don’t have a pal to accompany you, it doesn’t stop you from having fun! With a weight capacity of 295kg, you’ll more than enough capacity to bring along all the equipment and gear you’ll need for the trip. The Sea Eagle is incredibly versatile. It is constructed using 38 K80 PVC, which is not only extra thick but delivers durable performance down the line. As a result, the vessel can serve in all kinds of conditions, including the open ocean and whitewater rapids. The stable construction of the kayak also ensures that you retain directional stability when the waters get rough, helping to improve the quality of your adventure. Assembling the SE370 will only take you 8 minutes, making for a user-friendly setup. Included in the package are two paddles with aluminum shafts and fibrylon blades; materials that hold up well when exposed to harsh elements. Furthermore, you’ll find a carry bag that you can conveniently use to transport the vessel once you’ve had enough fun on the water. This is manufactured using heavy-duty 404 denier nylon material, which makes it abrasion-resistant. Not to mention that there’s a puncture repair kit to get you out of any unforeseen situations. Pros
  1. Fast and easy to inflate
  2. High-quality and rugged construction
  3. Useful extra features and accessories have been included in the package
  4. Great comfort with adjustable seats with backrest
  5. Superior versatility that allows it to be used on different waters
  1. Pretty expensive compared to competing 2-person kayak models
  2. Doesn’t come with footrests

Hydro-Force Ventura – 2 pers

Hydro-Force-Ventura-Kayak- The last product on our choices for the best inflatable kayak UK is the Hydro-force Venture. This 2-person vessel was designed for people who want to spend some quality time on the water without feeling too squeezed like what you experience in conventional kayaks. It is also a great choice for enthusiasts who want to get into the kayaking world. Generally, the vessel fairs best on light adventures such as spot fishing, exploring the coastline, or even paddling down the river in your locality.
This makes for a versatile functionality that will serve you on the multiple adventures that you go on.
The canoe measures 3 meters long and comes with two adjustable seats with backrests to ensure that your spine is adequately supported during paddling. Ample room and storage compartments at the front and back provide you with the capacity to bring along all the accessories and equipment you may need for the adventure. Its 1-meter sides make for great stability on the surface, which makes it a nice choice for those are still getting their feet wet. The design of the kayak’s front is meant to limit spray while drain valves and plugs have been included to get rid of any water that manages to get inside. Pros
  1. Great stability
  2. Adjustable seats
  3. Drain plugs and valves
  4. Versatile performance
  1. Can’t handle rough waters


Depending on the kayaking adventure you’re planning, the above models will be a great choice for solo, 2-person, as well as family adventures. They come with a variety of high-quality features that not only enhance their performance on the water but also ensure that you have a memorable time on the water. So, if you’re looking for the best inflatable kayak UK, don’t hesitate to choose from any of the models above. Happy Kayaking!


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