The Best Hiking Boots UK (2022 UPDATED)

The Best Hiking Boots UK (2022 UPDATED)

Best Hiking Boots UK

best-hiking-boots-uk When planning a backpacking adventure, footwear is one of the most essential gear decisions you’ll have to make. Blisters, scrunched toes, and strained muscles can easily cut short your hiking trip and these will mainly come about if you wear ill-fitting shoes.
The best way to avoid this is to find footwear that fits you just right and offers you ultimate comfort.
Given the endless list of hiking footwear available in the market, finding the appropriate boot may not be the easiest task. Let us look at the best hiking boots available on Amazon.

Best Hiking Boots UK - Reviews

Merrell Thermo Glacier Mid Hiking Boots

merrell-thermo-glacier The Merrell Thermo Glacier Mid Hiking Boots are one of our personal favourites here at ArcticDry, and they're a top performer across the board. They come with a full grain leather upper and trademarked M Select™ DRY Waterproof Membrane which will keep your feet nice and dry. On the off-chance you're in the middle of a storm it could also be a good idea to use a pair of our waterproof socks. A fantastic feature of these hiking boots is that they come coupled with the Vibram® Arctic Grip® wet ice technology that performs so well on ice!
You can quite literally walk on ice with these boots, how amazing is that?
Coming in at a weight of just 2lbs9oz/1172g, they aren't the lightest by any means as they're full grain leather and built to withstand the elements, however that being said, they certainly aren't the heaviest on our list.

Merrell Thermo Freeze Mid Hiking Boots

merrell thermo freeze hiking boots The Merrell Thermo Freeze Mid Hiking Boots are a great alternative if you want the performance of the thermo glaciers, but in a slightly smaller boot. They come with the same M Select™ DRY impermeable membrane and Arctic Grip Technology, however instead of being full grain leather they come with a Waterproof Coated PU & Leather/Mesh Upper. A slightly different blend of materials, but with the same waterproof performance you'd expect from a boot in this price range. Coming in at a weight of 2lbs 0oz / 974g they are pretty lightweight, perhaps one of the lighter boots on this list of best hiking boots uk. They also have a 5mm lug depth and Protective rubber toe cap, which a few of the boots in this list don't have. Overall, we love the Thermo Freeze Mid Hiking Boots as they offer a similar performance at a "lighter" price shall we say. If you're looking to branch out into the world of hiking, then this boot would actually serve as a perfect beginner boot.

Merrell Legend Wilderness Hiking Boots

merrell-wilderness-legend-hiking-boots The Merrell Legend Wilderness Hiking Boots are essentially the most expensive Merrell Boots you can buy, and we'll explain why they're a fantastic investment if you're an avid hiker. There isn't another pair of boots on this list that has a Horween Leather Upper. A Horween Leather Upper is one of the highest quality leather uppers that you can currently purchase on any boot, and it also comes with a sheepskin lining...Aka: Warm! Coming in at a weight of 3lb 0oz / 1360g, they are certainly one of the heavier pairs of boots on this list, but that's to be expected from a boot of this quality. Randy Merrell put a lot of time and effort into making this his "flagship" boot for the company, and it sits at the top of the merrell hiking boot food-chain in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

Scarpa Peak Gore-Tex boots

Scarpa-Peak-Gore-Tex-Hiking-Boots These hardy trail runners mean business straight from their no-nonsense appearance. They feature a waterproof Gore-Tex with a bouncy and smooth insole that will keep your feet comfortable throughout the hike.
A hefty sole adds weight to the shoe but ensures that you have enough grip when walking in rough terrain.
The laces come with a nice intertwining design and secure your feet greatly even on uneven ground while the higher cut ankle offers extra support. At a price of £160 on Amazon, this is a great product worth the investment.

Salomon Speedcross 4

Saloman-Speedcross-4-Hiking-Boots It wouldn't be a list of best hiking boots uk without mentioning salomon. Rough terrain poses no challenge to these great trail runners. They have an aggressive lug pattern to offer optimal traction and a rubber toe cap to keep off the mud.
The Salomons are waterproof and synthetic upper materials ensure that your feet remain dry.
A synthetic inner lining keeps your feet at ease as you walk and the comfort is enhanced by high energizing cushioning. The shoe also has lace pockets where you can safely tuck them away and a gusseted tongue to block out debris. At only 2lb a pair, the Salomons are a lightweight yet sturdy option for the harsh outdoors. Buy them on Amazon for £53.63 - £421.86.

Karrimor Munro walking boots

Karrimor-Munro-walking-boots If you are looking for a budget shoe for hiking that is still as functional, this would be a great choice for under £50 on Amazon.
These shoes perform best in winter and autumn hikes, thanks to their Weathertite waterproof system that allows you to comfortably hike in a storm without getting your feet wet.
The Munros have a low-cut design that still supports the ankle while the inside features a cushiony and bouncy sole for comfort. Although it’s not the lightest shoe out there, the Munro remains a great pick at £44.99 on Amazon UK

Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator Low

Merrell-Moab-2-Ventilator-Low-Hiking-Boot These hiking boots will be a great selection for advent hikers who are trying to find a comfortable and durable shoe. They feature a nice low-cut design with synthetic cushy soles that gives them just enough traction. A combination of suede leather and upper mesh allow for free air flow that not only gives your feet a chance to breathe but also enhances durability.
A flat heel keeps you comfortable as you hike and a closed cell foam tongue ensures that no debris gets inside.
The Moab 2 Ventilator Lows can be bought on Amazon for £50.35 - £304.63.

Brasher Country Master

Brasher-Country-Master-Hiking-Boots These classic walking boots have a simple yet sturdy look with a nice brown leather exterior. The soft outer surface is waterproof and paired with tough Vibram soles that allow you to comfortably tread through rough terrain. The County Masters keep your feet warm in cold climates and ensure that there is enough air flowing in for them to breathe. They have an excellent fit with soft suede cuffs that keep your ankles and heels at ease. They sell for only £120 on Amazon.

Regatta Men's Holcombe IEP Mid High Rise

Regatta-Men's-Holcombe-IEP-Mid-High-Rise-Hiking-Boots These great trainers are designed with synthetic material on the outside and a smooth textile on the inside. A seam-sealed Isotex Membrane keeps any moisture from getting to your feet. This is emphasised by a Hydropel water-repellent technology that wicks away moisture from the shoe’s surface. The breathable synthetic it is made of allows sweat to escape as cool air from outside replaces it to keep your feet fresh. With a wider toe fit, you get enough room for your forefoot, making the shoe even more comfortable. They retail for £30.64 - £80.00 on Amazon.

Aku Alterra Gore-Tex

Aku-Alterra-Gore-Tex-Hiking-Boots These amazing Italian-made boots will catch your eye with their intricate outer design that features a nice suede and breathable fabric. They have high ankles to offer support and prevent any sprains when you are out hiking. The Alterra's are an excellent choice for the rough terrain given their Gore-Tex water-repellent and Vibram soles that provide great traction. These are one of the most breathable boots out there. They have a price tag of £199 on Amazon.

XPETI Thermador

XPETI-Thermador-Mens-Waterproof-Hiking-Boots The Thermdo’s combination of a watertight mesh upper and moisture-wicking mesh lining make them suitable for hikes through mud and wet conditions. A rubber outsole and toe cap give you the perfect grip and a TPU ankle support ensures that you’ll be stable while walking on rugged terrain. These boots remain lightweight and sturdy even when carrying some weight. A special technology has been used to protect your feet and the cushioned EVA midsole keeps the shoes comfortable and durable in any kind of weather. They are priced at £49.99 - £69.99 on Amazon.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Lowa-Renegade-GTX-Mid-Hiking-Boots The Lowa Renegade has great stability and offers good protection for a mid-high boot and is one of our favourites on this list of best hiking boots uk. The upper collar feels cushy and comfortable and a water-repellent and breathable Gore-Tex inner liner help to keep your feet dry when hiking during the day. They have a Derby-cut lacing that fits different foot sizes and padded tongues that ease pressure while protecting you from trail debris. Full-length nylon shanks provide you with great support on long hikes and their polyurethane midsoles function to absorb shock. The Lowa Renegades are selling for £150 on Amazon.

Keen Revel III

KEEN-Men's's-Revel-Iii-High-Rise-Hiking-Boots These price-friendly hiking boots provide the kind of winter grip you’d expect from more expensive options. They have super-soft inner padding that keeps your feet comfortable even on distant hikes. Three layers of heat insulating material made using charcoal bamboo protect your feet from the elements. The Revel III's also feature well-designed outer soles that offer impressive traction to keep you stable in slippery conditions. Buy them on Amazon for £90.


There we have it! Our round up of some of the best hiking boots uk edition! From Salomon to Scarpa, we hope this article has enough for you to choose from and to focus your attention on! Purchasing a good pair of hiking boots can be a wise investment. A good pair will last you many years into your hiking and walking career.

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