The Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000 Quid (UPDATED)

The Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000 Quid (UPDATED)

The Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000 Quid


So yeah, what are the Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000 Pounds? (GBP, not weight for you Americans!)

If you’re a fan of exploring the outdoors on your bike, nothing gives you the power to make light work of the rugged terrain better than a decent gravel bike.

As the adventure bike scene becomes increasingly popular, bike manufacturers are jumping at the opportunity to produce more price-friendly models in a bid to address this rising demand. If this isn't your cup of tea, then check out our other article on The Best Electric Bikes Under 1000.

You’ll be surprised at just how long the list of options available to you is when you hit the online bike stores to shop for a gravel bike. But therein lies the danger of settling for a mediocre product, especially if you have no prior experience with these powerful bikes.


A good gravel bike should offer you the perfect balance between comfort, durability, and versatility.

In this post, we are reviewing the best gravel bikes under 1000 pounds to make sure that you don’t get duped by unscrupulous reviews online.

Choosing the Best Gravel Bikes- Buyer Guide


Selecting the right type of gravel bike based on your requirements as a rider is key to having a fulfilling experience in the outdoors.

However, it requires a great deal of due diligence as you need to balance between a range of important factors.

These will include things such as the right size, crucial components, bike material, and of course price range.

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of finding a good gravel bike.

Wheel Size


Many cyclists venturing into the world of gravel bike riding tend to ask themselves what the ideal wheel size for their bikes should be.

In many cases, they end up debating between 700c and 650b wheels. Well, the 700c bikes can be great for a road bike whereas the 650b or 27.5” bikes are mostly preferred on mountain bikes, given the solid amount of traction they provide.

700c wheels offer less rotational mass, as well as less resistance while 650b wheels allow for lower tire pressure on fatter tires with approximately the same diameter as the 700c wheels.

These tires have a width that ranges from 30mm to 48mm and will all come in handy as gravel bike tires depending on the terrain you’re riding on.
Also, tubeless tires are used as a latex sealant to avoid puncturing.


Bike geometry is another critical factor to consider as it determines how comfortable you’ll be able to remain throughout the treacherous ride in the wilderness. Normally, gravel bikes come with a longer wheelbase that is paired with high and wide handlebars for better grip and control, especially on rugged roads.

These have longer head tubes to offer cyclists a more upright and relaxed posture, although the tube may not be as long as that on a road bike.

There is also a rising trend in gravel geometry that involves the bottom bracket height, more specifically, the vertical distance from the wheel axles to the bottom bracket. In this case, high bottom brackets result in better stability while making light work of the rough, uneven terrain. Meanwhile, low bottom brackets offer safer handling and are better suited for twisting and smooth trails.


Ever since 2019, most mid to high-end gravel bikes have had 11 cogs in the back wheel, which enables more gear range to grow and fewer gears upfront to maintain a desirable overall range. Bikes that feature wide range cassettes have 1x gearing. Meanwhile, a double ring chain-set that has a super 48/32t crankset or 50/34 compact chain-set is often used on gravel bikes since it makes you work easier when ascending steep hills.

If you're truly looking for some of the best gravel bikes for under 1000 pounds, then you'll seriously need to do some research on the Gearing Systems, we'll provide all this info in the featured bikes below!


Most gravel bikes don’t come with suspensions, both in the front and back wheels, and have a fully rigid frame. However, some bike makers are starting to include rear suspensions on their products with active or passive suspension systems. Other useful aspects include things like compliant handlebars, vibration dampening seat post, slender chainstays, etc.


The sizing on gravel bicycles is no different from the ordinary road bikes.

So, if you’re riding on a 56cm bike, you’d want to maintain the same size of the frame when you decide to get a new gravel bike.
You should also note that manufacturers employ the S-M-L sizing specifications as opposed to the cm-sizing that you might have become accustomed to. This means you only have three to four sizes of frames to choose from.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t boggle your mind as the constantly changing terrain you’ll be riding on will have you switching positions to remain comfortable. In other words, it’s not of much consequence that the frame is too big or too small- you will be just fine! But if you’re between sizes, go for the bigger one on long, multi-day trips and the smaller one on short and quick jaunts.

Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000 - Reviews

Ribble CGR AL Gravel Road Bike


Our Number One Pick for Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000

The Ribble CGR AL Gravel Road Bike is an all terrain gravel bike that promises to take you anywhere with no disappointments. It is an affordably-priced workhorse that will allow exploring different kinds of rough terrains while taking on a multitude of tasks graciously.

The Ribble CGR AL Gravel Road Bike is a perfect choice for those looking to grab a low cost gravel bike, and a sure favourite in this list of best gravel bikes under 1000 quid.

The Shimano’s Tiagra 2x10 speed Groupset that the Ribble CGR AL Gravel Bike has offers top shifting performance and holds up well whether you're a commuter or just a simple leisure rider.

For the frame, you get a 6061-T6 Alloy, Heat-Treated Frame with Seamless Welds., which is pretty commendable at this price level. The gear changes are crisp on this bike and the levers move easily with reliable clunk denoting the change, it comes with Shimano Tiagra 4700 10-Speed shifters, and honestly in our opinion it's one of the best gravel bikes out there currently.


Mavic Aksium Disc, 12x100mm/12x142mm wheels have been used on the Ribble CGR AL, which is one of our favourite aesthetic features of the bike.


The rims are sturdy enough to take the punishment of riding in unforgiving trails without buckling and help to save you a lot in maintenance costs.
The Schwalbe Marathon, 700x35c, BK/Reflex Tyres are not only fast-rolling but also provide reliable traction on gravel, grass, tarmac, as well as muddy trails. ribble cgr al gravel road bike

The Ribble CGR AL Gravel Road Bike easily lives up to its go-anywhere hype and can be ridden pretty much wherever you want to take it. Overall, the ride is smooth and comfortable thanks to its stable wheels and chunky tires that work together to clear bumps and cracks on the tarmac while sweeping aside debris-laden roads. All without breaking a sweat!

Ribble CX AL Gravel Bike


Surprise surprise, another Ribble in our list of best gravel bikes. There really is no doubting the quality, durability and performance of the gravel/cyclocross bikes that Ribble create, and the CX AL is yet another top performer.

The Ribble CX AL 2020 Gravel Bike is a top contender in our list of best gravel bikes under 1000 quid for many reasons, check out the features below for a list of what has been used to complete these set up.

The Ribble CX AL comes with a 6061 T6 Heat Treated Aluminium frame which allows for fantastic handling even on tough terrains, making sure you have piece of mind that your frame is robust and sturdy.

It also uses SRAM Apex 1 HRD LH, Apex HRD RH 11 Speed shifters, which provides accurate shifting, even if you're going up the steepest of hills or gradients.


If you’re an avid adventurer who likes exploring the open spaces on a two-wheeler, then you need a bike that won’t limit you to the kind of terrains you can access. A gravel bike offers you this and even more while promising high levels of comfort and practicality.

The above models are the best gravel bikes under 1000 quid you will find on the market. Remember to prioritise them the next time you’re looking for the perfect partner to go on an adventure with.

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