The Best 3 Man Tents You Can Stand Up In (UPDATED)

The Best 3 Man Tents You Can Stand Up In (UPDATED)

The Top 3 Man Tents You Can Stand Up In


The Best 3 Man Tents You Can Stand Up In Rating Link
Coleman Cabin Tent 4.5/5 Buy Here
Coleman Sundome Tent 4.5/5 Buy Here
MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3 4.5/5 Buy Here
Vango Scafell 300+ Tent 4.5/5 Buy Here
MSR Elixir 3 Man Tent 4.5/5 Buy Here

Camping, especially wild camping, can be a lonely affair at the best of times. A lot of people these days are taking to the great outdoors to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, yet 3 man tents are extremely popular, so why do people use them?

Whether you're out camping with a few buddies, or whether it's just you and your girlfriend but you fancy a bit of extra space, a 3 man tent could be the best combination for your desire to hike and camp out in the wild.

Sometimes its better to camp next to a Lake in Snowdon and take a cold dip instead of using a portable ice bath.

Below is the Arcticdry buyer's guide and recommendations for best 3 man tents you can stand up in:

Buying A 3 Man Tent - Buyer’s Guide

buyers-guide With so many choices available, selecting the ideal 3-person tent can overwhelm even the most experienced campers!

Generally, what’s best for you will boil down to your specific needs and preferences. However, considering the following will go a long way to ensure you get the right product:

What is the Appropriate Size for a 3-person Tent?

Vango-Hydra-Trekking-Tent To many, size might seem like a no-brainer, but there’s so much to consider when it comes to selecting a tent that can fit a party of three. If you are setting out on a distant mountaineering expedition, then you may want to cut back on the size as this will keep you from getting weighed down on the trail.

You can find lightweight tent options with a dome design that may not accord too much floor space, but at least you can expect not to sleep with your nose against the ceiling.

Meanwhile, if you are simply going for a weekend camping trip and you can access the campsite using your vehicle, then size shouldn’t be that big of a factor. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to spread out and make the most of the space.

When considering larger tents, you want to bring the layout into question- do you prefer an open-plan tent or would you want separate compartments? However, you should keep in mind that as the size of the tent increases, so does its price!

Apart from the floor space provided, vestibules are an essential feature that provides storage room for soggy gear. These will come in handy when you have a lot of items to bring on a camping trip.

You can also look for extendable porches, which can be a great addition for those who want to relax outside the tent under a nice shade to shield you from the sun’s glare.

How Durable Should a 3 Man Tent Be?

As earlier mentioned, not all tents come with the same build! This is quite evident in as far as the conditions a tent a cope with and its durability down the line are concerned.

No one wants a tent that will fall apart on the first day of a wild camp, so depending on how you plan to use the tent and where you plan to pitch it, there are a couple of features to consider. 3-man-tent-durability For instance, if you are a 4-season camper who ventures into the outdoor trails all year round, then you can only bank on something that not only lasts a long while but also stand its ground in the face of adverse weather.

Be sure to check the quality of the rainfly and confirm that it is made out of weatherproof material. The same goes for the groundsheet, and in this case, you’ll want to know whether it comes built into the tent or you’ll have to buy one separately.

Certain fabrics can repel water and withstand strong winds better than others. Furthermore, you want to steer clear of angular tent designs.

On the other hand, if you are an occasional camper who pitches a tent just once or twice a year during the summer months, then you shouldn’t lose sleep over the durability, especially if you have an adequate sleeping mat.

Best 3 Man Tents - Reviews

The Best 3 Man Tents You Can Stand Up In (UPDATED) Rating Link
Coleman Cabin Tent 4.5/5 Buy Here
Coleman Sundome Tent 4.5/5 Buy Here
MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3 4.5/5 Buy Here
Vango Scafell 300+ Tent 4.5/5 Buy Here
MSR Elixir 3 Man Tent 4.5/5 Buy Here

Coleman Cabin Tent


The Coleman Cabin tent is marketed as a 4-person camping tent, but since it’s common for people to go one up or down depending on their size, it will pass for a practical and roomy 3-man tent.

It is the perfect choice if you’re looking for some wriggle room among the three of you. What you’ll like most about this tent is that it blocks about 90% of sunlight, so you won’t have to worry about being woken up early in the morning by those piercing rays.

This feature will also come in handy during summer hikes when you want to relax inside the tent in the middle of the day.

The Dark Room technology further reduces the temperature in the tent up to 1%, which means you’re not only shielded from the light but also the heat. Setting up the Coleman Cabin tent is a relatively straight forward process thanks to preassembled poles.
You should be done in a matter of minutes, and this leaves you with a spacious and liveable interior, boasting a center height of just under five feet. Large mesh windows are incorporated to allow for free airflow while providing you with clear views of what’s happening outside.

You can, however, keep them closed if you want some privacy. Another important feature is the series of pockets to provide safe and organized storage space for other camping gear you brought along. The tent features an integrated rainfly to protect you from the elements, but there is an extra optional rainfly you can buy.

This is highly recommended if you’ll be camping under rainy conditions. While it may add a couple of pounds to your load, this shouldn’t be too big of an issue when you’re sharing the weight among the three of you. Overall, this is among the best tents for camping you can go for if you want to enjoy a laid-back summer camping trip filled with short naps and siestas! 

Buy Coleman Cabin Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

_Coleman-Sundome-3-Person-Tent The Sundome tent from Coleman is a nice all-around option that will easily accommodate 3 people or a queen size mattress. It employs an advanced WeatherTec system that uses a combination of covered seams and welded corners to keep the rain at bay.
Meanwhile, a well set up ventilation system channels out the warm air, ensuring that you remain fresh and cool throughout your stay inside the tent.
This will also prove crucial when you want to take a nap in the middle of a hot day. The tent also features a dome-shape that pairs with clip-on pole attachments to shield you against strong winds while allowing for relatively easy setup.
This is enhanced by the anti-snag continuous pole covers the tent uses, ensuring that you’ll get the structure up in just about ten minutes.
A mesh pocket provides you with safe storage for any small essential camping items you are carrying, and if you want to bring along a generator, you will find great use in the integrated E-port. All you need to is do is bring an extension cable.
The Coleman Sundome tent is decently priced, and you get a 1-year warranty when you buy it. While you’ll like the large ventilation windows, the fact that you can’t fully seal them can be a little worrying. This is because in case of a downpour during your camping adventure, your tent may end up getting wet or even flooded. Other than that, this is a reliable tent for any party of three. Just remember not to use it for mountainous camping trips where the weather can be a little wet! Buy Coleman Sundome Tent

MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3

_Msr-Mutha-Hubba-NX-3 A glance at online reviews reveals that the MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3 man tent enjoys a series of positive reviews and praises. This is evident right from the lightweight design of the tent, which makes it a popular choice for campers who like to stay on the move. The whole structure weighs only over 2.2 Kilograms, which is just outside the ultralight range of camping tents. The tent also packs down easily and allows you to save space for other camping gear you want to bring on the trip.
The inside of the tent is impressively spacious with enough wriggle for 3 adults to feel comfortable. There is enough room to change clothes without hassle and the doors are strategically placed to keep you from steeping on your roommates during a midnight run. The Mutha Hubba NX was designed for comfort, and even the name evokes a sense of calmness.
There are also a couple of extra features that enhance the performance of the tent. For instance, the rainfly is made out of pretty sturdy material to protect you from adverse elements.
The setup process is also easy and you get the chance to include a Mutha Hubba NX footprint to add to your comfort inside the tent. The only thing is that you’ll have to buy it separately, and will cost you an extra 30 -50 pounds. Buy MSR Mutha Hubba Tent.

Vango Scafell 300+ Tent

Vango-Scafell-300+-Tent Vango is a reputable brand when it comes to outdoor camping gear and their tunnel tents have for a long time been a crowd favourite. The Scafell 300+ offers unlimited space for three people to make for maximum comfort during your outdoor adventure.
It boasts stellar reviews across various online platforms, which is a testament to the amount of quality you get.
The tent is divided into a bedroom and living area to offer both privacy and an area to hang out. You still get extra room where you can safely store your gear after a day of exploring the wild.
Two doors on either side of the tent allow for easy access while inner doors help to stave off the chilly draught. The front porch further provides space where you can leave out dirty shoes to maintain the hygiene inside. Another benefit of the Scafell 300+ is its lightweight design and straightforward pitching process. Its gothic arch poles enhance the stability of the structure while offering long-lasting durability.
You also get a lightweight groundsheet that keeps the water underneath from getting inside, as well as any crawlers of the night. Thanks to a conveniently durable tent fabric, you won’t have to worry about getting uncomfortably hot.
Overall, the tent offers a great bang for the buck, considering the decent price you pay for all its quality features. It will effortlessly fit three adult people and their camping gear. Lastly, its lightweight design won’t weigh you down while walking on the trail. Lightweight design Easy to pitch Spacious bedroom and living area Breathable tent fabric 3000mm material Won’t withstand torrential rains

MSR Elixir 3 Man Tent

_Msr-Elixir-3-V2-Tent-green-2020-tube-tent The MSR Elixir is a lightweight 3 man tent that you either find in charming green or grey design. It boasts an updated design that serves to cater to all your camping needs. Sturdy aluminium poles help to keep the tent stable when pitched under windy and rainy conditions. There is also enough space to easily fit three campers as well as their camping gear. The tent fabric boasts a waterproof design while a groundsheet offers a comfortable platform for you to step on. This weatherproof design makes the Elixir a great option to camp with when the weather conditions are less than friendly.
The tent is also easy to set up and integrates gear lofts to store your camping accessories safely whenever you are not using them. Despite being waterproof, the fabric is breathable enough to prevent condensation while ensuring that you remain comfortable when the temperatures rise. The tent also packs down easily and saves space in your rucksack for other camping gear.
Overall, you can expect value for your money when you invest in the MSR Elixir 3 man tent. It comes at a reasonable price and offers a lightweight and comfortable design that you’ll have fun with on the campsite.
The spacious interior and easy installation involved also help to maximize your comfort for a memorable experience. The only downfall, as some customers have stated, is that the package is sometimes delivered with two or three pegs missing. Lightweight construction Easy to install Decent price for the performance Waterproof and breathable fabric Packs down easily Mess ups during delivery


Going on a backpacking or camping trip with your friends can be a fun way to connect with the outdoors and catch up with those close to you. However, your day of fun can prematurely be interrupted if you fail to invest in the right gear. A camping tent is one of the most important pieces of equipment when planning a camping trip, and the above best 3 man tents you can stand up in will be an extremely important inclusion in your camping gear list!


Are There Three-Man Tents That I Can Stand In?

It’s not common to find a tent that you can stand up in; not unless you are very short. From a practical point of view, the smaller size of a tent meant for three people means it makes little sense to create a tent that allows you to stand.
This would essentially interfere with the design and usable space.
If that is what you’re looking for, then you could try a 4-person tent as this is the least level where you start to get tent designs for that kind of purpose.

What Important Features Should I Look for in a High Quality 3 Man Tent?

If you’re searching for a tent that offers the ultimate outdoor experience, then you should start at the amount of space available. It should be enough to not have you cramped up when everyone is in the tent and offer enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. Comfort is another important aspect that you should keep in mind.
The tent should have the capacity to shield you from adverse weather, which means that the fabric should have some aspect of weather-proofness.
This will ensure that you don’t get ambushed by torrential rain, which can easily mess up your adventure. Breathability is another crucial aspect, especially when hiking in an area where it constantly gets hot. This should allow you to stay comfortable and make the inside of the tent more liveable.

Why Should I Buy a Three Person Tent?

A 3-person tent tends to be an odd choice for campers since most usually look for a tent that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 young ones, which makes them opt for a 4-person tent.
The same is true when it comes to a pair of couples looking to spend some quality time in the outdoors. In most cases, the only time a three-person tent is required is when you have a young family consisting of a couple with one child.
Alternatively, you can find a couple that wants to backpack with their dog or pet for that matter, and this would make them opt for a 3 man tent. All in all, there are so many circumstances that would call for a 3 man tent. If you want to spend some quality outdoor time with two of your long lost buddies, then a three-man tent is what you’d go for!

Materials Should I Look for in the Best Tents?

The tent material is a crucial feather to consider, especially when you are planning to camp in an area where the elements are brutal. Generally, you want to invest in a tent that shields you from the hot sun, as well as torrential rains, if any. As far as the structure’s stability is concerned, you want something that will remain upright in the face of strong winds and brutal storms. Some of the best materials you can get include nylon and polyester but fibreglass will be a great choice for those who want to limit the weight of the tent. All in all, you want to choose tent fabric that protects you from the elements while ensuring that the structure remains sturdy down the line!


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